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Spigen Flex Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Full Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Safeguarding every part of your S6 Edge's screen, including the smooth curvature. The Spigen Flex screen protectors provide flexible, yet durable thermoplastic HD protection.
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$27.05 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 33 customers

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Good Quality product
Good Quality product for Samsung galaxy s6 edge used you before excellent service and will use again
Design Flaw
Now that I have fitted one of the two front screen covers there is one major design flaw with these covers.

when on calls the screen goes black when no where near your face not allowing you to use any call features for example end call or loud speaker unless you press home button every time

After doing some research into this on forums many have mentioned even though the screen protector cover is clear it still interferes with the sensors so I removed it to see if the resolved the problem which it did.

As I want a screen protector I had to cut a section allowing the sensors to be free from any cover and works fine now but has left the protector not looking to nice now.

These screen protectors should have wholes already cut out for the sensors to prevent this

I will put this on your reviews page to make everyone aware of this in case they have had the same issues and not knowing why
Great item
Fast Delivery.Great item.Just great.Thanks
one of the better ones
I have tried two screen protectors on my phone. The previous was a tempered glass protector. It never clung on to the screen properly and over a period dust started to accumulate in the gap. So i tried this one. I already have a Spigen case so i had higher hopes. And it worked. Touches are smoother and no dust problems. Easy to fit with the included spray. Comes in two pairs so you have a spare for later. Worth every penny.
Good protection
I like that it came with two for the front like they knew i was gonna screw up the first time. Screen on back was about 0,5cm to narrow but height was perfect. Holds well on edges despite not being bent but more like a sticker. Overall good but not perfect.
Excellent Full Screen Protection For Galaxy S6 Edge
Getting screen protection for the S6 Edge was always going to be difficult due to the nature of the curved edges. Well the Spigen Flex protector works a treat! Simply take time and follow the basic instructions and you get a bubble free protector that sticks firmly. Indeed,once fitted you wouldn't know it was there!and it doesn't hinder performance! Brilliant!
Decent product, questionable condition
The screen protector was untouched and the quality of the product was great. The front protector curves around the curved screen of my s6 perfectly. The back protector doesn't completely cover the backside, but the back of my phone is never exposed anyway. Overall, I think it was a decent purchase. The screen is very vulnerable and this product does do a good job of protecting it from scratches.
great, easy to fit does the job.
great, easy to fit does the job.
Love it!
What I love about this product is that it was easy to apply, I followed the instructions to the letter.There is an HD effect to it which is apparent when I look at my main home screen.

The down side is that you only get two screen protector for the price
Really Good
It is really easy to put on, the bubbles disappear after a day, scratches also disappear after a day, i would recomend this especially if you have children.
The best screen protector for the Galaxy S6 Edge
I've tried several protectors, and this one is the best by far, completely clear, easy to install and doesn't peel off like some others, and on top it cover the screen from edge to edge.
does the job
At first I thought this was terrible but after a few days the smudges disappeared and now the film is almost invisible. Recommended
Terrible Screen Protector
OK...yes the application is easier than most.....but the method can be used on any film...I used to install shop window decals and we used soapy water to apply the window film.
Onto the actual quality of the protector, and I honestly cant see why others rate it so well. As soon as you have the protector on you can clearly see the orange peel effect...you go front a pin sharp display to a non pin sharp display !
The other disadvantage is the protector is so soft that any sharp object, like a finger nail, leaves an impression in the film, so now I have a orange peel and loads of knicks on my screen....im thinking a scratch on the actual screen would be less visable.!
All in all i would not recommend this product.
Pricey but well worth it :-)
Most screen protectors are a total nightmare to get on without causing bubbles. Made sure i got one that was designed for the curved screen.and with this being a wet application its very forgiven and makes it easy to get spot on if u dont get it first time. Just use the squeegee provided to push bubbles and excess liquid out and then it drys. U struggle to notice it even has a screen protector its so good. Pricey but well worth it :-)
Full screen protector for galaxy6s edge
Excellent screen protector fits perfect & easy to install would definitely recommend
Bought this for my brand new phone and it is perfect. Fitted so easily with easy to follow instructions
Highly Recommended
I reckon this is the best screen protector in the market, went out to a few mobile shops and they blatantly advised that they don't have screen protector for S6 Edge which is successful owing to the curved design of the phone.
Hands down the easiest installation process, all you need to do is spray the film and your hands lightly and use the squeeze to get rid of the bubbles, 24 hours later any liquid bubbles disappear.
Does not work for me
Does not work for me ... very difficult to install not good view after apply that
Surprisingly simple application
surprisingly simple application, does cover the whole screen which is very good,
Not as easy
Just installed this cover, not as easy as it looks in the video. Makes me think how many takes it took to make it look that easy. However, I prefer this type of wet installation to a dry sticky one, a few smudges left over but nothing is perfect. As long as it protects this beautiful screen, I'm happy
Great Screen Protector
I have tried many different screen protectors for different devices. This is the first one I have managed to fit with no air bubbles showing after fitting. It is offering good protection and easy to clean after every day use. I would recommend to anyone who has trouble normally fitting screen protectors
Excellent Screen Protector
This piece of kit does the job perfectly. If you have the 6 Edge clear view cover on your phone, you will know that a design fault cause the surface of the phone to be damaged with minute dust particles trapped between the cover and the phone's glass surface. This extra protector completes the protection and it's easy to apply. Definitely recommend this product.
best screen protector iv had
I always hate fitting a new screen protector I can never get them on right 1st time then have to peal it off & then I get something stuck to it ends up in the bin.
But this is great. use the spray or water put it on slide it into place push out the excess water with the applicator perfect couldn't be simpler & it fits the galaxy S6 edge perfect

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