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Spider Stick Anti-Slip Dashboard Mat Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Spider Stick Anti-Slip Dashboard Mat sits on your car's dashboard to provide a firm and secure hold to rest your mobile phone and other objects without slips or messy residue.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40486
$9.07 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 8 customers

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At first sceptical
After using for the first time I really was amazed it held my device firmly in place I even tried it in the car when the wife was driving and my phone still didn't fly all over the dash.i wonder if you can get a much larger one for the dog ............now thers a thought lol
A little disappointed
Read the reviews and thought this would be great to use in the car .... not really!! The spider sticks to the phone rather than the car dashboard.

Now use it to stop my keys from rolling around on the dashboard ... which it does, but didnt need another 'gadget' to make that happen
No good
I am afraid it just doesn't work. Moves and slips from the dashboard. Don't waste your money.
sticky spider mat
The spider mat works great. I initially tried it on the fridge and it held the phone fine. When I tried it in the car, I couldn't find anywhere on the dash to stick it so that the phone was visible to me, but the mat sticks to the smooth plastic in the car too. So far, very happy with it. Tried it with my Google tablet but it is a bit too heavy. May try it using two mats.

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