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SoundWave KONG Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Soundwave KONG Bluetooth Speaker Phone lets you enjoy punchy sound quality in a stylish brushed metal design which also allows you to take calls hands-free.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39324
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 7 customers

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Chunky Mini Boombox
Great Little boombox with really good sound for it's size. Easy bluetooth connection and good life after charging. Well worth the money. :-)
Would have been excellent if a charger cable came with it.
The King Kong was an excellent speaker. Unfortunately after Two emails in Four days and a phone call I received a power cable,not the correct one.
Five stars for the King Kong
One star for the service.
I had high expectations of this speaker however, there is one major fault (i have used many other portable speaker and never experienced this). The speaker does not have the capability of playing echoed sounds like you get when using earphones, where the sound flicks between each side. Also there is a buzzing sound when no music is playing or music is playing on a low volume (with full battery). Also this speaker is quite heavy compared to others i have used. Apart from issues the sound quality is good (not the best though) that is about it for positives though
Great little tub!
It is a solid chunky bit of kit - good for bass notes from such a tiny unit.
Simplicity itself to pair and to work. Wakes up the iPhone well. Sound quality good (mono of course) and very clever the way that pressing on the rim operates the control functions.
Just what I have been looking for.
I have wanted a small portable speaker for some time and this is just perfect. The volume and clarity are superb. As I am hard of hearing and wear hearing aids, I can use this when in the bath or shower to listen to music on my Nokia C2 and hear it clearly.
very loud, but with interferences
its great looking, good to handle, nice materials, easy to connect, led status light to know
if your connected or not, loud speaker, solid bass (for size of it), but if i listen music to quietly, i hear some interferences so thats only bad side of it..
MobileFun Reply
Interference is normally a sign the battery needs charging

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