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SoundWave II Bluetooth Speaker Phone - Silver / Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The SoundWave II Bluetooth Speaker Phone packs improved sound quality in a contemporary package which allows you to enjoy your calls or music hands free.
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$35.01 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 78 customers

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Good things come in small packages
This SoundWave II Bluetooth Speaker Phone Black was a gift to my 14 year old grand daughter who was just about to return to her home in Goa India. Its compact size and great sound quality exceeded all expectations and the added extra of being a speaker phone came as an extra which although not the primary need is a very useful feature to mute the music when a call comes in. A very useful addition to your music.
Spot on !
After getting tired of panicking over how much a decent docking system would cost, I discovered this little gem. What a sound it blasts out with great quality. Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garden. No matter where, it's just a superb little device and exactly what is expected. Magic sounds at a magic price!!
Soundwave SW100 Bluetooth Speaker
Great little speaker for music on my ipod. It has a good range & reasonable sound for the size. The battery seems to last well before it needs recharging. Very happy with the quality for the price.
Brilliant Speaker
Brought this for my mum and she loves it very easy to use and very good sound. Worth every penny.
I first bought one about six weeks ago and it has been fantastic. It has got an excellent sound which you wouldn't believe comes from such a small device. One of my friends heard it playing and asked where I got it. Hence I had to order him this one. He is also made up with it.
Music on the go
Great little product with a nice sound
great little speaker
this thing is so cool.. it's tiny and cheap, but creates great noise. we use it in the kitchen, in the garage, out on the porch, and with the kids at bath time. it's very portable and compact and sounds great. one amazing thing is that it came fully charged and we've been using it for a week and have not had to recharge it! if you're looking for a compact-affordable-wireless-rechargeable speaker, look no further, this is it!
Ordered on Sunday, dispatched on Monday, arrived on Tuesday. Fantastic delivery service.
The speaker itself is cracking, the volume the base, value for money at its best. Easily connected to both my nexus tablet and Samsung mobile. Very happy customer!
Great service and a fantastic little speaker I would recommend this to all my friends.
top quality
Top quality sound & design- easy to install - Excellent all round I am one very happy customer
Good Sound not great speacker phone
Love this thing. sounds good at my desk as speaker for pod casts and music. Not great as speaker phone. for some reason the other person sounds bad. not sure how I sound.

Wish I could get siri to work by pressing button. but hey this thing is great for listening
Perfect speaker fits any place!!
The right kind of speaker that I always wanted for my car and fits everywhere... worthy product
Just what I was looking for
Thank you mobile fun for you recommendation.
and you fast and efficient service. I Receive my sound wave on time as you promise. Bought this speaker after reading the reviews on the web site. about the sound, its lived up to the expectations. disappointed by the distance between the speaker and phone. defeats the object since the phone needs to be in close proximity.
Extremely useful to have with you where ever you go. Amazing Base at the cost of the treble unfortunately, but still very usable and enjoyable
Great little speaker with a big sound. just need a travelling case now, because I'm off on holiday now and I'll be taking my sound wave with me.
This little speaker is so good I got 2.
significant difference
Just like to say that this little well constructed device, (small enough to pop in your pocket) produces very good sound. It's very easy to use, (direct or Bluetooth). It's far better then the tiny built in speakers of the phone or pad. The video demo sold the idea to me.
So much sound, such a small package !!!
Nicely put together, looks great and the sound quality is outstanding
Great sound
Great little speaker with sufficient volume for a small room. Plus a good price.
not what was expected
the sound wave II bluetooth speaker phone was nothing as loud as i thought it would be after seeing the demo of the product. when i tried it out on hands free in the car i could hardly here the person I called and they struggled to hear me . for me personally it was a waste of money . shame because everything else i have bought from mobile fun has been really good.
great wonderful marvelous I could go on but it would get boring try it yourself
Feels Like Quality
I opened the package to find a very sturdy Perspex see-through box, rather than some flexible plastic or a cardboard box, which was an interesting/pleasant surprise.
It took a few seconds to open the package and get my hands on the speaker. which is smaller and lighter than other reviews had suggested, about the size of a small apple and probably about the same weight.
The speaker feels very solid and I would be quite happy just to throw this into my laptop bag.

Connecting it to my phone was as easy as you would expect, switch it on, hold the 'multifunctional' (only) button down for 6 seconds and it's in pairing mode. find it on your phone select connect.

I wanted the speaker to use as a speaker phone as the one built into my phone isn't quite good enough to use as a conference phone if there are 3 or 4 of you using it.
The speaker is easily loud and clear enough for a few people sat around a desk to hear.
I'm not too sure about the microphone as the one person I called thought it was a bit quiet

Minor down side to the entire experience was that I ordered the speaker around April 20th and received it today May 31st...
but that's not the speakers fault.
Great for the car
My car doesn't let me connect my iPhone to the stereo so this little speaker is just what I need so that I can hear voice guidance from my GPS apps. Unlike most other speakers, it also works with Siri and phone calls. Sound quality for music is good for a speaker this size but I don't use it for that.

Negative points: the sound quality for Siri and calls is not as good as it is for navigation and music. The built-in mic doesn't pick up my voice too well and Siri sometimes has trouble understanding me. That said, the only place it will fit in my car is the cup holder.

Overall a good piece of tech, especially if you want speakerphone and siri support. Ideal for casual use in the car.
Not as good as the SW50
I got the SW100 thinking it would be better than the SW50.
To my surprise the SW50 sounds far better. The volume level and bass is far exceeded by the SW50.

So disapponted I gave it away and sticking with my SW50

Good point to mention though is that is far more robust than the SW50 due to the aluminium finish and the sound is fairly good.
Great Sounding little speaker
I got the Soundwave II at the same time as the Veho 360 to see what was the better speaker to own. After listening to them I have chosen tp keep the Soundwave and return the Veho. The sw has much more bass than the veho and is gives a fuller sound. There is not much difference in how loud they are but the quality of the sw is in my opinion noticeably better than the veho. I really enjoy listening to the SW. I would definitely recommend this great little speaker.
Present for me
Switched it on at a car boot and hid it on table left I pad in car every one was surprised when I showed them as it was so small with such a good loud sound , have also done this at work same reaction love it . Will have to be carefull the wife keeps looking at it think she will want to borrow it but won't let her
Best Value
This is a bluetooth speaker that has also has a mic for just £20.

For the money this is an excellent item as the sound quality is pretty good... It can certainly kick out a decent amount of bass compared to other similar items. I would say that the high end treble frequencies are not brilliant but for the price I have no co complaints.

I have used this as a speaker phone and also connected it to my pc for VOIP comms and it works very well.

Overall this is a versatile product at great price. I would highly recommend if you need a bluetooth speaker phone but dont want to spend alot of money.
Great sound - but with issues!
Sound-wise, the SW100 is astounding. BUT... I ordered the 'black' which, though labelled accordingly, is more electric blue in its anodised surround. Not the end of the world... but nothing like the sales imagery.

More 'end of the world' (for me) is that there is no Bluetooth volume functionality with the BlackBarry Z10 smartphone. It pairs fine, and plays - but you cannot adjust the volume level unless you connect the phone and speaker with the 3.5mm jack/cable.

So... you won't be able to enjoy the marvellous sound of this great little speaker via Bluetooth if you have a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone!!!
Soundwave II
It took several tries to pair this device with the satnav, and when it was eventually working the sound quality was dreadful. I do not need hi-fi for navigation instructions so I will keep it, but it would be useless for music.
Great little speaker
What can I say? Prompt delivery and does exactly what it says... This is a great little speaker and connected in no time to my iPad 2. Great sound quality, great construction and looks good as well as discrete. Going to order another couple...
Great sound poor distance
Bought this speaker after reading the reviews on the site about the sound and it lived up to the expectations sound wise but disappointingly the distance between the speaker and phone deteriorates the signal after a few feet so using in the bathroom defeats the object since the phone needs to be in close proximity.have tried a dbest bluetooth speaker and sound wise its the same but the dbest holds a signal over 15 feet away but it did not have a call answer function...they do one with the feature but it cost a lot more so for the price this is a good speaker just let down by the range of signal
No sound
I received the item very quickly, so great service by mobile fun. However, unfortunately the item seems faulty. It pairs with all the devices I tried, however no sound comes out of the speaker. No sound came out even when plugged in via the 3.5mm jack, so that to me says it is definitely faulty. A shame as I really wanted it for the weekend just passed. I have just returned it so hopefully will receive a replacement very soon and can hopefully change my review!
I bought this about the same time I got the Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker. Whilst the sound is subtly different from that of the Veho, this Soundwave II also far exceeded my expectations of such a small device. One difference is that the Soundwave has a tacky base to help it stay put. This is absolutely necessary! Even when placed on a non-slippy surface, if you don't peel off the protective base cover, it jigs around, especially with rock music. Maybe, with a microfibre pad, it would polish the surface it's on too! The sound is excellent and it manages to simulate bass notes remarkably well. Recommended.
Packs a punch
I was amazed at how good the sound quality was for something so small. Very simple to set up and use. Ideal for taking on holiday with you for your music needs as it takes up so little space. So impressed with it that I bought a second one.
So handy
Wonderful ....... straight out of the box and working in seconds. Lovely design and the sound........ you'd be very surprised, it's excellent both for the size and value for money. Will be buying more as it will make superb birthday / xmas presents.
Handy Tool
Extremely useful to have with you where ever you go.
Amazing Base at the cost of the treble unfortunately, but still very usable and enjoyable
Excellent piece of kit.
This little speaker has remarkable sound quality. Having poor hearing it's crucial that any sound is crisp and clear. I currently use it to listen to audio books in my workshop as well as being able to answer calls without having to change what I am doing. The downside is that my son seems to have taken a fancy to it and hijacks it for use in his poker sessions as entertainment. probably the buy of the year as far as I am concerned, I just have to get another one.
Great little monster
I bought this to play music via my samsung galaxy,I was so impressed I bought a second for my mates birthday,what a monster sound from Sutch a small speaker,well impressed,once again mobilefun delivers a great product
Excellent hands free and enhancement for voice reproduction
The Soundwave SW100 came as a pleasant surprise. It's very well made, reassuringly weighty and the grippy underside is a nice touch. As far as sound quality is concerned, given that it is only a 5cm drive unit, the voice quality is very good and, providing you don't turn the volume up too high, very clean. It works extremely well as a hands-free and pairs without any problem each time you switch it on. You shouldn't expect too much of it as a music device because it's simply too small to reproduce decent bass or music at high level. But within it's constraints, highly recommended. Note to manufacturer: a stereo version would be a nice idea. Bluetooth receiver in one unit, 3.5mm cable connection to the second unit
I received the sound wave Bluetooth speaker yesterday.
I work in a woodwork shop which is very noisy. I got this item so I could hear my phone ringing. I started to listen to my music and I was shocked to hear how loud and clear the speaker was. The music switched off when my phone took a telephone call. The speaker can be used as an extension to your phone as you can answer your phone using the speaker. This is one of the best speakers I have heard and the price is unbelievable. Thanks to mobile fun.
Bluetooth Range
Product gave good sound but unfortunately bluetooth range using HTC smartphone was only a few inches before cutting out. Range longer using more powerful laptop, about 2 meters. HTC phone range was ok with another MobileFun product purchased, SD10 bluetooth headphones. Product returned.
I am very happy with MobileFun service overall.
well built to last and speedy delivery
After receiving a email from mobile fun advertising the speaker i was looking at a review video on you tube for it while sitting on my stairs at about 3pm(dont ask). i thought it looked good so i ordered it proptly.
the very next day it arrived wow such a fast and speedy delivery.
The speaker it self is very weighty and made of brushed aluminium not plasticy as a lot of things are today so i was very impressed.

it came with a rubber pad which i was not sure was for but i went to pair the speaker and it paired proptly with my nexus 4 with a confident sounding beep.

sound from my phone then all came from the speaker.
i did not expect too much for a £19.99 item but wow was i pleasantly surprised, it has such a rich bass tone and is unbelievably loud, i cant wait for the summer to show it off when i go to bbq's.

i tested its range and fair enough as advertised its a good 10m range and when you enter the range again the speaker automatically resumes also you only have to pair it once as soon as you put Bluetooth on your phone and put the speaker on it pairs automatically.

that evening i placed the speaker on my coffee table to show my daughter and realized why the rubber pad could be important as the heavy base made the whole table vibrate :), i really cant stress how happy i am with mobile funs great, professional prompt service and this amazing little speaker :)

on a side note if mobile fun have any jobs going or ever want me to try out any of their products let me know :)

Since ordered a pair of bluetooth headphones and hoping they are just as good, im looking forward to tommorrows post ;)
Good Value
This is a small but solid speaker,nice brushed steel finish.Volume controlled from phone etc.
Easy to connect and nice clear sound.
Easy to connect oh and for the reviewer who had trouble connecting a second device because it kept redialing last number....TURN OFF THE 1st DEVICE BLUETOOTH Einstein!!!!!
I read the reviews and went ahead with my purchase. The sound quality of this speaker can only be appreciated after you have got yours home. I am still astounded by the tone and volume that come out of this tiny speaker. Do buy one. You will not be disappointed. I found, quite logically, with hindsight, that after trying the speaker with first my galaxy s2 and then my nexus7 that the galaxy s2 would not reconnect..... You must remember to have only one Bluetooth device live at a time! I am so pleased with my purchase I actually pushed myself to write this review.
I have just finished ordering another one!! The bass, the sound quality and the look of the speaker is amazing! I can't believe that such a small speaker could produce all of that and more.It is simple and easy to pair and answering the phone is effortless....my grandmother could use it!.....hence the second order!!!!
Amazing gaget
Bought one of these as a stocking filler for my eldest son. It turned out to be "THE" present of Christmas 2012. Brilliant sound from such a small unit.Lots of base and you even get a pad to sit it on so that it does't leap off the table when you turn the volume up, no cables re-chargeable totally portable blue tooth device. Have since bought two more.
SoundWave II Bluetooth Speaker Phone
This is an excellent speaker ideal for leisure use and great for taking a business conference call. Small enough to fit in a brief case, but with battery life that lasts the whole working day.
Sound defies size
Cracking little unit.
Based the on cost of this speaker you cant ask for any more. The build quality is akin to units more than twice the price. The sound quality is surprising good across the range, even when driven hard. Battery life seems to go on and on. Its not only a good looker for the desktop but it also makes for a handy portable device. Used it in the garden on the table with a few friends round, they were well impressed. Great for the park and beach.
Easy good connectivity/range.
It usually sits on my desk so the hands free phone connection is a bonus.
If i had some spare cash i would buy everyone one for Christmas!
Fantastic speakers
These speakers were so good I bought 2! The sound was loud and clear with good bass, and the it was easy to connect the speaker to my iphone.
I am a regular customer of "mobile fun" and very often they come out with some great gadgets and this one is no exception. I bought one and tried it out in the home and the car, it was great. I have since bought two more and given them to people as presents for Christmas. I know they're just going to love them as much as I do.
Love it
This kit has brilliant sound quality.
Easy to set up and use.
Wife and I just looked at each other "stunned"at the rich base and clear sound. It literally filled the room with sound.

I have speakers costing 10 x the price of this unit that sound no better.


this is the first problem i have with MOBIL FUN
i could NOT PAIR either of my phones with this product so i am sending it back
Recently bought the SW100 and I am very impressed at the speaker and the price. There is one problem however which I cannot solve. I originally paired the speaker with my iphone4 with no problem but now I am trying to also pair with my ipod but the procedure to make the speaker recognisable so it can pair up is the same as dialing the last phone number dialed on the speaker and it chooses to dial rather than make itself visable for pairing.
Any suggestions how I can get it to pair with a second source.
A few flaws but overall a good product
To make it easier.to read, I will list everything in bullet points
1) Excellent build quality- the design looks quite good too
2) Very good sound quality, has good bass and mid and is quite loud for its size
3) Battery life- although I don't always use it for long durations (e.g. 3hrs, 4hrs), I usually use for about 1hr so to me the battery lasts
4) Portable- very light weight and gives you freedom to move around with your phone without being ristricted by the length of wire (since it is wireless).

1) No battery level indicator- although the LED does go off when the battery is full it would be nice if it indicated the remaining charge using different colours/flash patterns.
2) Volume Control- although its not a big deal, absence of volume buttons makes the device less userfriendly.

Excellent product, even though it has rooms for improvement, the quality of the device and what it has to offer is worth the price tag in my opinion. Actually I was thinking of getting another one for my sister but it was out of stock :(
good solid product
I have just taken delivery of this speaker and on opening the package, I was met by a very solid metal cased speaker. The setup is easy, just pair up or plug in the line in cable and go for it. Charging the device is easy too. The one touch button makes using the speaker a breeze. I got the speaker out of the box and was up and running inside two minutes. No kidding folks, really that easy! The frequency response is amazing given the size of the driver used. I wouldn't be without it now.
3 X SW100 and Christmas is sorted!!!
Another on of these has found it's way to one of my gadget loving adult children. 'where did you find this FANTASTIC speaker? Why did I not find this?
So here I am ordering a 3rd one which I shall keep for myself.
However, I shall tell all and sundrie about this MUST LITTlE SPEAKER.
Thank you mobile fun for bringing this to my attention
This is very good - accidentally ordered two but like ot so much have given the other one to wife. Excellent!!!
Great little speaker
I travel a bit and like my music, not always in my ears. This is great little speaker, good bass, very portable, plays for hours on a charge. Bluetooth means that the phone is to hand and there is no fumbling with leads. Buy one you will love it!
Great speaker
I ordered this speaker on Friday and did not order next day delivery but to my surprise it arrived the very next day. I have had several bluetooth speakers both large and small but this really is a little guy with a big sound. The product was so much better than described. No one in my house can keep their hands off it. Overall great service, great product. Well done Mobile Fun.
Mobile speaker
This product does exactly what it says on the tin. I am delighted with it and it meets all my requirements.
Fantastic little speaker
I purchased one of these excellent little speakers to try on my Galaxy SII smartphone.
As soon as I started to use it my brother commented on how much clearer the audio sounded when I called him, he is a truck driver so he works in a noisy environment.
The audio from his phone also sounds 10 times better on this little speaker.
So much so that he immediately asked me to purchase one for him and one for his partner so we all now own one of these amazing little speakers, well worth the price.
Great Speaker
Good product
Easy to set up reliable and sounds good. work well for the many conference calls I make and join.
What a fab bit of kit.
I got this last week and promptly lost it again to my daughter as a birthday present. The sound is amazing for such a little thing. I listen through my phone to my Dutch native radio and in the car. However on trying to get another one for myself i found it sold out and I pray new ones are brought in soon but at the original price of £19.99 would be nice instead of the upped one of £25
Great little gadget
Good sound, great volume, easy to sync on iPhone Bluetooth . Very impressed great value for money. Save on space and weight for travel speakers.
Superb little gadget.
The device looked great on the website but it is quite fabulous to look at it in hand. My S3 found it in seconds and the sound quality for its size is amazing.I am more than pleased.I have not tried it yet with phone calls but I do not expect any problems.Plus the added bonus of ordering it yesterday (Mon) at 4.0 pm, here today (Tues) 10am.Excellent. Many thanks.
WOW! Soundwave 2
Just received delivery of this speaker today. Had it all set up in less than 5mins and WOW! What great sound from such a small speaker. I connected it to my HTC One X without beats turned on at first and what a great sound, then turned on beats audio... The bass was unbelievable and with no distortion even with volume up full. This was so loud that my 3 year old came running in and told me to turn it down because it was to loud. Over all very pleased with my purchase and once again another great experience buying from Mobile Fun... as always.. Keep up the good work.
Space Age Sound!
I purchased this speaker as a speaker I could take on trips when I travel.

First up the build quality is fantastic the metal finish is very space age and looks like something NASA has made!

The speaker is solid and very sturdy - the sturdy build quality adds to the sound quality of the speaker. I have have had more plasticky speakers before and because of the build quality the sound has been very tinny.

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and it is a steal at the asking price as it punches well above its weight!
I wasn't expecting much from this device because of the low selling price but boy was i impressed!!!

A nice looking bluetooth speaker finished in a brushed metal/aluminium finish which delivers good sound quality for the size of the unit.

The speaker arrived next day and nicely gift boxed, pairing the speaker with my iPhone was also a breeze. Another point worth noting is with my iPhone is that you can see how much battery the speaker has left, this is indicated on the top right of your iPhone's display.

All in all, a great product at great price, would recommend to anyone looking for something similiar.

Well done Mobile Fun.
Excellent piece of kit
This worked so well and the quality of the sound far exceeded my expectations so much so I ordered another for my wife who was also very impressed by the quality of the sound from such a small unit.
Bluetooth Speaker
I ordered the SW100 bluetooth speaker to enhance the speakers on my iPad3 and iPhone when I am in a hotel room listening to music. I could use my earphones I hear you thinking, but now my wife and I can enjoy my music together using this device.
A good purchase, and one I will use.

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