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Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Sony Bluetooth headset SBH50 enables wireless handsfree calling with amazing sound quality and beautiful, sleek design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39965
$74.41 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 10 customers

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Decent but with one critical flaw
I dont know why but it seems as though if i play music through spotify and dont use the device to for example skip a song once in a while it will just stop playing until i then hit the centre circle then after it's voice control timer runs out it continues playing. Bit of an annoyance for those of us who dont constantly skip songs.
Really good sound. Can be used with any headphones. Mine came without instructions but I found instructions on the Internet. Not difficult once you have the instructions. The headphones would of been better value with a little pouch to keep them clean and safe. The wires do tangle up a little but they are not too long so 2 mins to de-tangle. They seemed to crackle a little bit when my phone was in it's case but ok when I took my phone case off. I am using mine with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. All that said I would absolutely recommend for the sound and convenience of use. Looks nice too. No more wires from your pocket or hand bag to the phone. :) Thumbs up.
Ideal solution for a fussy wife
My wife's headphones recently gave up the ghost, so I went shopping for a new pair and stumbled across these beauties.
Nice looking item, easily charged and paired with your Bluetooth device, and has worked flawlessly both with the phone and our ipad.
The sound quality is really good: the bass is surprisingly deep, and gives my full size cans a good run for the money.
Her indoors also loves the little screen, which is nice and sharp and shows just the right amount of detail.
All in all, a good buy: not just a good product, but an easy way to please the mrs.
NFC connect is great but it is missing the most needed and useful feature. There is no dial/voice search. The most basic feature of a BT handsfree device is missing.
Supported To Nokia Lumia 920
Hi This products support to Nokia Lumia 920 with (screen and text to speech) who calling ?
Great item in a small package.
This is a great, compact item.It does what it says on the box.You need the SBH50 app from the Play store to add the functions you need to personalize what you want and to customize it.It is very basic and easy to follow.The ear plugs fit well and come with three different sized buds to fit varying ear sizes.The sound is amazing and clear and talking/listening on the device is also very clear.The display is clear and easy to read. Maneuvering to different options/folders is a bit fiddly if you have big fingers.One gripe was no instruction or set up guide, but its pretty self explanatory if you've had something similar to this before and a guide can easily be found online.Can be used with other Bluetooth enabled devices and I've found the distance between the two devices is very generous. This is a great piece of hardware.
very portable
Well designed and portable no cable to phone great piece of kit

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