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Sony SmartWatch Android Watch Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Check out Facebook posts, catch up on tweets, texts and Email. See who's calling. Or escape with some tunes. Discover SmartWatch.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33781
$103.77 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 26 customers

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works very well
No problems with motoG2 4g 5 inch phone, does exactly what the watch is supposed to do, brilliant.
Duely impressed
I found the watch very easy to set up. All that had to be done was turn on the Bluetooth and scan. it is important to not that I have linked the smart watch with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

I found the battery life to me around 24 hours, and the charge time appeared to be around 3 hours.

There is a good measure of apps available through the app store at google play. However you do have to be careful that the app is suitable for this watch.

Summary: The watch has a clear display and very easy to link with the phone. I do feel whilst is well designed, clear display and functional there are missed opportunities by Sony. However overall I do feel it is a good enhancement to mobile phone usuage.
Great Move.
I bought the item as an inexpensive and affordable alternative to the Galaxy Gear smart watch. This is the best thing I could have done. The watch is brilliant. It does exactly what it says on the box. I love the way it tells me I've received a text or phone call, and that I can answer the call with, or read the text on the watch. Facebook statuses are the same, which is fantastic. I can control the media players on my phone too via the watch too. I don't think there are any features on the Gear watch that I haven't got on my Sony smart watch, and this is just the best news and discovery I've made. You could have told me I'd won the lottery and I wouldn't be happier...well, nearly anyway! But even if I did win the lottery, I would still buy this Sony version of a smart watch, it works so well. It charges really quickly, no messing there, and over all I'm absolutely delighted. The features I wanted are all there, and work flawlessly. And - icing on the cake - it tells me the time too.
Reliable service
Iwas apprehensive about purchasing from this site because I hadn't heard about them before. But after investigating the origin of MobileFun I found they serve tons of people all over the world and get great reviews. I ordered a smart watch and with the cheapest shipping you don't get to track your order so it could take a week or two. But the watch was delivered after just a week and I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
Smart watch
The product works great, it took it alittle time to get to me but costumer service was great in getting back to me, I will buy again from them.
The best, for now.
The SONY Smartwatch (MN2SW) is an excellent value for money, especially for MobileFun's price. Nearly everything works on my Samsung Tab 2 7.0 tablet - the exception being I can't turn on the display with a double-tap.
This really is just what I wanted.
I got the watch in Early October. After installing the bits and pieces on to my phone, I have had the best experience with this watch. I am so pleased with the way it works, I have only had to charge it up 3 times. It holds the charge well. If you use the smaller watch display then this does drain the battery, but I use the large display. Every thing works as it should. The best thing to do is not switch the watch off, as it can take a long time to reconnect you watch to the phone, but I learn quick and have not done so since the 1st time. I can view FB posts, miss calls if I don't want to answer,even check on the weather. The best thing is at work I have to silence my phone and if we are caught using the phone could get a warning etc. With the Sony watch, I can see everything I need to see and know I am not being caught out. It really is the "Muts Nuts" to coin a phrase.
Have had this for a couple of weeks now and couldn't be without! Works perfectly and is such a help! Would recommend to anyone great item battery lasts for 3/4 days (turning of at night)
10 out of 10
smart smartwatch
Hi guys
Bought Sony android smartwatch a few days back and I must admit its really a smart smartwatch. Pairing with my Sony Xperia via bluetooth is relatively easy and apart from time this touchpad watch can be paired for your Facebook, missed calls, messages, emails among others.
Its really a smart 'gizmo'.
Only negative thing is daily charging once but I advice all you Sony fans ; Just go for it, it gives you a special James bond feeling. Life is fun, njoy with Sony smartwatch.
Nice style, shame about the substance.
This lookes really good on the wrist, the clock was clear and faultless in operation. Setting up with the phone was straight forward. I have to keep my phone on silent at work as I run a computer based examination centre.I expected the device to warn me of incoming calls, texts etc. So far it has failed to do so, despite setting it up again several times. When you watch it you can see the dial icons indicate a call/text, but it doesn't vibrate enough to make me notice. I will keep on trying but so far....limited use.
Great Little addiation
This product is a great little addition to any android user it adds a whole new meaning to hands free, all my notifications, phone calls, calender events come strait to my watch giving you an informed option to ignore it or open on phone so it's there ready when you turn the screen on. Calls can be answered from it if you couple it with a headset or headphones, it shows who's calling so no more blind answering. Add your phone book and call from it, control your music player switch modes the possibilities are endless. If your like me and have a habit of walking away from your device without realising it this will give you a nudge to let you know your more than 10 metres away from your device in the shape of 3 short vibrations. The watch itself is very nicely crafted light but don't feel cheap because of it. The strap itself is of good quality rubber although a little short for large wrists, however it dose come with a plate that's designed to allow you to use any watch straps you like, I added a nice metal bracelet strap and it sets the device of very nicely fantastic bit of kit.
Lovely bit of kit
I received my device today and have played with it for several hours now, it looks well made and feels it considering its weight. The device itself works very well the black strap supplied is of good quality all be it too small for a large rest. There is a plate that allows you to use any watch straps you like and I shall be taking full advantage of that. It is amazingly easy to set up and use, the taskbar shortcut comes in very handy at initial set up as it gives quick access to all the settings including app settings. Pairing is easy and have not even needed to read the instructions. I have not had chance yet to check the battery life of the device itself but I have noticed the phones battery drains quicker, but a spare battery will solve that problem there not hard to secrete on your person. So far the only thing I found disliking is the charger cable, a micro usb would have been preferable to keep the cables you need to carry to a minimum.
Nifty but not up to the hype created
Nice little item, sad that it can't really be a "Watch" as it name suggested. without an android phone this device is non functional. the number of apps for it are limited that those that have grown into the playstore since release have been far from useful. It causes weight against battery life of the phone due to the need of a constant connection to the phone. On the upside it is handy for answering a call, dialing a call, keeping up to date on my social network interests, although the gmail notifier really needs a snippet of the mail like the social apps do not just what account got a mail and howmany. if you don't want to drop over £200 for the I'mWatch then this is the next best thing! Battery life is more then the 2 days estimated avg by sony so small win there
not very stable with the sensation XE on gingerbread but got ICS update so may try it again with that for now it sits on my Note

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