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Sony Smartphone Car Holder SPA-CK20M Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your phone secure while you're driving with this effective and versatile car holder from Sony.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40928
$54.11 inc VAT
 4 stars from 7 customers

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Excellent Quality but fundamentally flawed
I bought this so it was the same manufacturer as my xperia z3 compact.

The dock is excellent ans securely mounts.

The only down sides are that the range of motion doesn't allow for windscreen mounting so you have to stick a disk on the dashboard.

But once done the device fits securely in place, This leads on to my second comment the charging port on a xperia phone isn't a design feature for this dock (magnet Charger)

So you have to use micro usb and this is unfortunately under a flap on the xperia phone, If sony address this issue this review would go to 5 stars.

For any other phone awesome!
well built device
This is a well built device, solid and we'll made as you would expect from a sony branded device. I have a good few devices that attach to the windscreen. This works as as sat navigation system used along side apporiate software such as copilot live
Rock Solid
If you're looking for a secure and stable phone cradle you can't beat this one.This cradle is "rock solid" and perfect to hold my valuable Sony Z2 phone with confidence.
Very poor, lost suction on third use
For the price that Sony charge for this holder, this was a product not fit for purpose. As described above lost suction shortly after use & my phone fell off the dashboard twice.

I imagine Sony know about this problem as it comes with two pieces of string that you are supposed to thread in the defrost vent ( on the far end of the dashboard ) to prevent it from falling on the floor when it loses suction.

MobileFun has been great & returned it immediately with a full refund. I'll be using my Samsung mount with my Sony phone as its one year old but still works very well
The best there is
I have had a number of in car phone cradles over recent times. Most are problematic in that they do not 'stick' to the glass window, break after time, won't hold the phone firmly, rattle, jiggle about, fall off when you press the phone when at lights (stopped of course).

I was concerned about paying so much for a phone holder but let me say apart from the amazing delivery time this unit has to be THE BEST on window holder BAR NONE.

Sticks like it will never come off with a unique over centre lock device. Has a VERY sticky plate and a special cover plate to keep dirt off if you remove the device. It has complete adjustment in width AND can extend the arms vertically as well which most can't do and you can spread the arms so it is not over the off switch or sits on the down volume so you never hear it ring. It also feels solid and I mean its a solid piece of plastic that does not look like it will fall apart easily. It tilts and yaw in all directions up down sideways and rotates. VERY happy buyer here.
good quality if quite pricey
Item delivered very quickly, very well made and very strong suction, mechanism to hold phone strongly spring loaded so care needed when mounting Phone, only real criticism it's high price but good quality product

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