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Sony PS4 Game Control Mount GCM10 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Create an authentic gaming experience in any room on your Sony smartphone or tablet with the PS4 Game Control Mount GCM10.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48729
$33.81 inc VAT
 5 stars from 22 customers

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Posted quickly over XMAS period, arrived in perfect condition.
Great product.
Was a Christmas present for my husband and he loves it.
His phone, Z5, fits perfectly and is secure.
The app runs seamlessly.
No complaints at all.
As described
The product did arrive in a week or so, although I could not track it at all. Works great.
Great product
I got the ps4 controller mount for my phone works great fits like it should. Holds phone no problem. Mobil Fun got it to me fast as well.
As expected, great quality, genuine product
Got the item around around a week after ordering which is not the fastest but acceptable. Item is genuine and is exactly as it is stated on website. Can't go wrong with item. No issues with shipping either. Great site.
If you have a PS4 and an Xperia Smartphone you need this. Clips on to the controller without damaging it and feels well built and solid. The suction pad is the best I have ever seen.
Couldn't ask for anything more.
Excellent product
I bought this game controller cradle to be able to play PlayStation 4 games on my Sony Xperia Z3 and it works brilliantly. It is the genuine Sony controller bracket and works exactly as described.
It was good to see an online company that sells genuine licensed products. The postage from the UK was fast taking only just over a week via regular Airmail.
I liked
Just perfect
I got this controller mount so I could play PS4 games remotely on my Sony Xperia Z3 phone. It works perfectly, holds the phone to the controller and you can adjust the angle easily. It's absolutely amazing that I can play my PS4 on my phone. The future is now.
Game Controller Mount
Item came super fast and in perfect condition. Happy wife and happy gaming for me now. No more choosing between ps4 or tv. Win and win. Thanks!
Great Product
Don't know why it was so difficult to find a site selling this, but it works great. Highly recommend. Package came fast well.
Excellent Mount for Limelight GameStreaming and PS4 RemotePlay
I use this mount with my Nexus 7 2013 and the DualShock 4 from my PS4. Using the paid version of SixAxis Controller on Android, I can connect to the DS4 over Bluetooth and assign its buttons as a native Android GamePad. This works very well with LimeLight for GameStreaming and PS4 RemotePlay. I would highly recommend it as it's a quality mount and sticks well to a Nexus 7 case. Balancing a 7-inch tablet is also just about the sweet spot and the upper limit for weight.
Sony GCM10
Product works great, easy to use and helps alot. Fits the controller nicely and the way it mounts the phone is pure genius.
Overall Excellent Product!
Great product
After the product became available the shipment was quick and the product is great. It was worth the waiting
controller mount
Best controller mount I've ever purchased. Very satisfied. Works well with my Sony Xperia 8" tablet
good product, works as advertised
Works well with my PS4 controller, and attaches my Z3v easily without any issues. Good purchase, would reorder.
It is a awsome product, you can have your phone connected at the same time you play your games. So if you need a walk through you can read it while you play your game at the same time.
Great product
Great product. Did take a while to receive but well worth the wait. Thanks.
controller mount
I've owned several different types of controller mounts but this one is by far the best one I've ever purchased
Sony GCM10 Awesome!!*
Very hard to get my hands on and took a bit of fiddling around getting it to work but otherwise a fantastic product. I say 'Awesome!!*' as there are a few steps to get this working well:

1) A decent Wireless AC router
(Wireless N just doesn't cut it)
2) PS4 to be connected to the router through Gigabit Ethernet
(Wireless N just doesn't cut it)
3) Turn off all other running mobile apps.
eg. GPS, mobile data, 3rd party software, etc.

For everyone complaining about the product, they simply don't know how to set it up properly. Have been playing Little Big Planet 3 & GTAV pretty seamlessly using the standard video quality.

There is a slight lag of a few frames behind the TV but hardly noticeable. Have tried played on high resolution video mode but a little too much lag then.
Sony PS4 Game Control Mount GCM10
Waited some time for the mount, but absolutely the best mount for the PS4. MobileFun made good with my order. Thank you!
Very Hard to find in stock Product,Works Perfect with my Z3 tablet compact and with my z2 phone,solid mount fitting is easy,and when it's all connected it works great with the tablet,phone fits also perfect,but on the tablet the gaming experience it's much more better and fun> vERY FAST DELIVERY 5 OUT OF5

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