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Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK32 for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Dock and charge your Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with the hassle-free DK32 magnetic charging dock by Sony.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43101

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 3.8 stars from 18 customers

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Very pleased with this product and the price
My two and a half year old Z1 compact wouldn't charge, the charging port has broken down, so I bought the charging dock from MobileZap that charges the phone from a different place on the side of the phone and I'm glad I did as the phone now charges again. Very pleased with this product and the price. Also MobileZap for fast delivery.
OK when not in sleeve
Unfortunately the slot for phone is too narrow to allow sleeve to remain on phone. Tedious taking off/on.
Product Works well
The Sony wireless charger works as expected, and recharges my Sony Xperia 1 Compact as advertised.

It was smaller than I expected and more expensive than I would have liked, but glad I have a genuine product.
Purchase of Sony Dock
Very Good original item was faulty.Returned same. The replacement item was dispatched reasonably quick. Opted for a different Model
Good and not so good
The Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK32 for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact works well on my phone WITHOUT any cover, but even with the adaptors provided it does not work with my cover ON . . and the cover I have is a very thin one
Effective product
The dock is small and lightweight and means I don't need to constantly open the microUSB port cover for charging. I use a standard wall charger with it and am going to buy another one for use at work.
get one!
pricey.. But cheaper here than elsewhere
saves the waterproof seals on your phone from wear and makes your phone work as a great clock. Among other things..
A must have for any xperia owner
get one!
pricey.. But cheaper here than elsewhere
saves the waterproof seals on your phone from wear and makes your phone work as a great clock. Among other things..
A must have for any xperia owner
I am extremely disappointed with this product. I have tried several slim and regular cases with the charging dock, but none of them fit. The difference in size between the inserts is not enough to accommodate any of the cases I have managed to find.
Does what it says on the tin
Works perfectly at what it is advertised to do. The magnetic catch makes it easy to centre the phone on the charging pins with no problems. The base is non-slip as well which is nice.
Don't buy for computer use...
I love the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, it is every bit as much the device I was hoping it would be, and like my Nexus 7 tablet, is a joy to use. Sadly the same cannot be said for this charging dock accessory.

It's been built in such a way that means it requires more power than a standard USB port on a computer can provide, rendering it useless for use with either a laptop OR a desktop PC. Which raises the question as to why is has a mini-style USB connector on the back to begin with.

It's not that it will charge the phone slower connected to a PC, it just won't charge AT ALL. In all fairness, the instructions do warn you of this though.

It comes with no charging cable, so you must use the one Sony provide with the phone itself, and the adapter also supplied with the phone to charge your device. This seems somewhat cheap on Sony's part considering how much they are selling this for.

The two supplied inserts are both too thick to use with any of the cases you are likely to use with it (The Flexishield and CruzerLite cases being two such examples), and you can't use it without any insert as the weight of the phone will cause it to come loose from the magnetic charging contacts on the phone with one of those types of case on.

The charging cable supplied with the phone itself isn't long enough to hang down behind a desk to a low lying wall socket, or extension multi-socket, so the dock is only really useful in rooms where you may have wall sockets halfway up the wall (like the kitchen or bedroom).

Finally, the price being charged for what is essentially a magnetic charging adapter is steep. Much cheaper magnetic charging USB cables that DO work with your PC can be found online at much cheaper prices.

Sony have dropped the ball with this charging stand unfortunately. It's well made, but too limiting in the functionality it provides.
Nice product... Delivery on time
I just received the product 2 days back. So no problems faced and charging nicely considering its an official sony product. Does as expected.
magnetic dock for Z1 compact
It is nice and exactly what I wanted for my Z1 compact, but u have to place it properly in the dock
d32 dock z1compact
I am very happy with the doc and also it is delivered within the said time thanks mobile fun
Bad connection
Lauded as an easy to use, magnetic connection for re-charging, this unit does not do its job well. If your Z1 compact has not case, it can take several attempts to get the connection and start charging. If you have the standard Sony case, change the supplied insert. Having done that, it is almost impossible to make a connection. After several hundred attempts, going to great lengths to ensure the correct left-right alignment, I managed to make a connect twice (yes, two times in 100's of attempts). Not good at all.
Charging Dock
Product works well but care must be taken in choosing your case otherwise you will need to remove phone to charge it. The dock is not very wide at the widest setting.

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