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Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S / arc Wood Design Hard Case - Dark Wood Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A unique wood effect case for the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S / arc. With a stylish dark wood design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29827

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$1.34 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 22 customers

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Just so cool
I just love the look of this - it's so cool walking around with this on my ear.
Not durable
I've had this phone cover for less than three months and it is already broken.

I have not given the case a hard life, my phone resides in my pocket (alone, with no keys/change etc) most of the day and is very rarely bumped and has never been dropped.

The "wood" effect began to rub off after a few weeks and the thin section surrounding the volume keys and data port has decided to disintegrate; in more detail, the harder plastic that makes up the body of the case is falling to bits inside the rubbery outer coating.

This is definitely not worth £13.00.

It looks nice, and is different from the usual silicone jacket but I couldn't recommend this to anyone at this price.
Nice case, will definitely get another
looks awesome on phone - gives its a retro 70s wood speaker box look that really suits the black plastic on face. Slightly rubberised finish nice in hands.

Adds a bit of bulk to phone, but the arc is so slim any cover will do that.

One small criticism is the holes for the headphone jack/charge usb may not allow certain headphone/charge plugs a snug fit as they are not quite big enough, but it works for me anyway.
This grew on me...
When I first opened the parcel I wasn't very impressed - the plastic seemed average quality and when fitted to my phone there was a tiny gap at the junction around the charging point. However, I couldn't be bothered to return this as it was relatively cheap so stuck with it. When the first fall came - not too long into use - then I realised that it was exactly what I wanted. There was no damage to my phone and the case was also fine. The case feels smooth to hold and has a matt finish so does look fairly realistic - it's never going to be real wood is it! Overall I'm more than happy with this product and think it represents good value for money.
Nice bit of kit
Needed to protect my new Arc and this caught my eye. Its fresh and different to the usual jelly or crystal cases, much classier. The moulding is a bit uneven in places and it does make the volume buttons on the side a little more difficult to operate but this is a minor issue (and probably my due to my big fingers) for the level of protection it offers. Buy it if you want something different to everyone else. Reasonable to good vfm.
hard wood effec
protects phone well - easy to find in bag now!
I am really happy with my purchase. The case is far better looking in reality-looks amazing-and feels very hard wearing and expensive. I won't be using my silicon cases after getting this!
p. S thanks mobilefun for your swift delivery-as usual!.
Just what I needed!
So exited how it is absolutly perfect fit to phone. And also great material been made from!
This case looks amazing on the arc, it fits perfect and still allows access to all buttons. The mix of wood effect and the chrome band on the phone looks stunning. And as always a first class service from mobilefun. Highly recommended.

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