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Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Set music free with a Bluetooth speaker that looks as good as it sounds.
  • Mobile Fun ID 17144

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 4.5 stars from 73 customers

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Very disappointed in the battery life of item mbs-200,fully portable yeh rite!
Very pleased, well worth the money.
Nice sound, nice size, nice price. Can't go wrong.
For its size this is great
The sound quality is not the best possible you could get and especially with very loud sound level you will get a lot of distortion.

However for the size of this thing I think this is excellent!
Also looks pretty cool
Cracking Product and Value
Didn't know what to expect from this but was pleasantly surprised. Would definately recomend......
Sny Erisson MBS-200
This is a great product with clear sound even when played loud, and works great with my ipod and samsung phone. I can recommend this to anyone looking for a small compact speaker for summer use.
sony ericsson MBS-200
Hi I bought two sony ericsson speaker
the only problem you can only use one speaker at one time which I would of wanted to know before I bought them other than that it works fine.
Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
As an avid lover of SE Mobile phones I chose this item to be compatable to my handset. Thinking ahead with handset upgrades in mind, it can be used with any handset of any make which has bluetooth.
The speaker's operation is simple and easy to use and pairs automatically. The volumn can be controlled either from the speaker or your phone. You can also output the sound to other speaker through a 3.5 stereo jack. It's powered from re-chargeable batteries within the speaker, so you can either have it plugged into the mains or use it as a stand-alone.
AS far as I'm concerned, it was a good choice and excellent value from MobileFun.
lightweight and powerful!
Did exectly what it said it would very easily. Great product at a fantastic price.
Much better than the MBS-100
Having bluetooth stereo speakers this size usually means poor quality, but these are excellent for their size.Much better sound and volume than the mbs-100.Great value for the price (£30 the pair).
amazing sound!
wanted a wireless speaker for my phone and the Sony Ericsson MBS-200 is just what i wanted,amazing sound without your phone having to be attached!
Just the job!
Considering the price and size this speaker gives a good sound quality - I mainly use to have music in the bathroom from my phone - battery life is also good - will last a weeks worth of bathroom use between charges....
Brilliant gadget. So useful, I bought another one
Small, light and useful. One of those things that you show friends and you can hear their brains thinking 'I could use one of those'

Even just adding it to a hifi system as an input, allowing you to bluetooth music to your stereo is immensely useful. The range isn't great at about 10ft in direct line of sight, but for the price I paid (£15) something like that can easily be overlooked.

As a stand-alone speaker, it's powerful with a nice rich sound. At higher volumes there can be a little distortion, but if you keep your expectations realistic, you won't be disappointed.

Want a down side? The self adhesive cover on the plastic was too 'sticky' and took a minute to wipe off with a soft cloth. If that's the only downside I could find, then I think that says a lot.
Just the job
I recently purchased this speaker and use it for my Ipad and Samsung galaxy S mobile phone it is just the job connects very easily and the sound qaulity is great you can operate the volume control via your device. It looks great and sounds great highly reccomended.
A perfect partner
My children bought my wife a Sony MP3 player for her birthday, but she has a problem using earphones. I bought a Sony bluetooth transmitter and coupled it with this speaker. It was so easy to set up and the sound is excellent. She used it in the garden the other day and was really pleased with it - the neghbours were impressed as well (but you can adjust the volume).
Excellent product
Hooked this up with multiple devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy tablet with no problems at all.

Have used it both indoors and outdoors - sound quality/level is great for indoors, but could only really be used as background music when outdoors.

Haven't timed battery time, but it lasted easily for a couple of hours outside during a recent barbeque...with battery still remaining.

Overall a great product.
Brilliant Speaker!
1 point deducted for short battery length - though understandable as the sound volume and quality is amazing for such a small light device. Highly recommended.
Very, Very Poor!
I bought this to replace a x11 Mini wired mini speaker. I am very disappointed.


Firstly its 5 times the size of the x11 mini. I wont fit in your laptop bag let alone your jacket pocket. This is not a truely portable size.

Secondly the battery life on bluetooth is very poor. And because you have to use the proprietary Sony charger you'll have to carrry that around too (unlike the x11 mini which had USB charging and could charge fromm your laptop).

Thirdly the Bluetooth is very poor - the connection drops when someone passes in between the speaker and your device. I compared this with the bluetooth signal on my jabra car kit which didn't drop.

Lastly the sound is very poor. Missing bass tones and in general very tinny. I'm not an audiophile but this just isn't up to scratch.

I have never been so truely disappointed with a purchase as I am with this!

In short - very cheap, yet still not worth the money. Dont buy.
Sony Ericcson MBS-200
This is a great little speaker for the price. Pairs OK with my Nokia 5800, although doesn't show track details. Also works well with my pocket TV. Big sound improvement on both with more than adequate volume for personal listening. Good battery life before recharge needed.If getting an audio output lead, though, be careful to get a right angled plug - not really enough room for a straight plug. Very pleased with purchase.
Great Value & Good Sound
Marvelous little bit of kit ! - Cracking value for miney - and Good Quality Sound from it !
Excelent Product
This is a superb product and for its size excelent sound output so impressed have today ordered a second one for stereo output!!using mine for outside when having bbq's at the bottom of my garden
WOW what a corking bit of kit,easy to pair,sound is of very good quality,may buy another to get stereo..well worth the money.
Summer brezze
Excellent for outside use great for background music. I used it with an ipad worked well. Kepted the BBQ rolling until the early hours of the evening. Build quality superb
Great value for the money
What can you get for £15 now days this good if your staying in a hotel or having a BBQ and want to share your music,.
Buy this its amazing! So easy to use and the sound is great! Great value too definatly buying another one!
good little gadget
Wanted a small battery operated speaker that can easily be carried about which this is. Good quality sound for a small speaker. Needs to be charged quite often, but can be used plugged in. Easy Bluetooth operation. All in all it does the job well.
I liked it so much I ordered another one,
it's easy to use and sounds good.
Very happy - but....
I originally bought the MBS100 version which was good, but lacked volume and volume controls and had a non-standard, charging socket / lead. The MBS200 is a big improvement: looks better, is louder and has a built in volume control and display, but it still has a (another different) non- standing chargin lead and socket. This limits portability a bit in that you need to carry the charger. If it only had a mini usb charging socket it would be perfect.
Firstly,the price.one third the price of the same model on another site.secondly ,delivery was 2/3 days from order to reciiept.three .pairing .brilliant,first time every time.four.sound quality,equal to a much larger system,and that's only with 1 speaker.all in all faultless.
Worth it!
Sounds pretty good, although the range with my phone (HTC Desire) is only about 3 meters. For the price though its easily forgivable. Was very handy at a recent BBQ. Battery life is not bad considering it how loud it goes. It's main use is as a replacement for my bathroom radio that broke. It's perfect for the bathroom. Usual top service from Mobilefun.
Brilliant Portable Speaker
The Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the best I have owned so far. Don't bother with the cheap and nasty mini speakers as this Sony speaker will blow you away. And if you feel flush you can have a second sony speaker and have a mega loud stereo with quality sound.
Amazing Price
Was looking for a Bluetooth Receiver so I could play my Phone content on my stero. Came across this speaker and for £14 I purchased.
Great for such a small speaker, the best thing it has Audio Out so can be used as a receiver for main Stero and it sounds GREAT. Cheapest receiver only I could find was £18.
great speaker
The sony bluetooth speaker has great sound and easy set-up and the low price is a very good buy. I can recommend this product.
Sony MBS-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Great for somewhere like the bathroom. Sound is ok and not worth making them Stereo.

Due to Apple's bluetooth connectivity limitations you won't get the track playing on the display.

For a simple speaker for the odd occasion for short term use it's fine.

Rechargeable from a standard Sony phone charger is helpful.
excellent ;)
This speaker is the best, excellent sound for something so small and compact. Very cheap,would highly recommend it ;)ordered it at 5. 30 and it came the next morning.
Surprisingly good sound
Bought this on a bit of a whim but was pleasantly surprised with the depth of the sound produced. It's not the easiest shape to pack but it's light and easy to set-up. Haven't tested the charge duration yet but hopefully it'll last a few hours.
Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
For the price this is and was a steal, excellent.
It makes a modern smart phone a true portable music player anywhere, I'll be using in the garden etc come the sunshine.
Clear sound from a small box
Does an excellent job amplifying sound files on my android phone. Fine for speech in a medium-sized room or for bedside music, without entangling cables.

Looks good and makes an impression.

Good value for money
Very good
I use this as a speaker for my iPhone. It works very well. I use it mainly for listening to podcasts and it's great for spoken word but music sounds pretty good too.

I would really, really like a USB charger because I use this when travelling.

Be careful picking it up, it's almost spherical and very smooth so you might end up juggling with it. Or worse.

For the price it's great.
Sony Ericsson Portable Bluetooth speaker
I would say that for the bargin price this is the best value product you will get. The sound is good and fills a room well the battery lasts for the most used it now was 5.5 hrs at 70% volume. The build quality is excellent and I have even dropped it and caused it no damage.
Very good for music,but wish it would work with phone conversations. Good price.
Very Nice
As I am writing this, I am sitting listening to the sound quality which I must say is pretty good.

This is the first Bluetooth speaker I have used before and was not sure how loud and what the quality was like, but I am happy to say it is adequate for the size and the price is very good for just £14 at http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/sony-ericsson-mbs-200-p17144.htm

If you want to ‘BLAST’ out music and think this will do the job, then forget it and go buy a proper sound system as these speakers are not designed to be used in that way.

If on the other hand you want something much loader than the built in speaker in an Iphone for instance then get this you will not be disappointed.

Make sure you charge the little fella for 4 hours before use then run the battery down until it switches off then charge for another four hours that way you will get the most from your battery.

The display is supposed to display the song being played etc, but this does not work on the Iphone 3g in my case but it does with a Sony Ericsson phone (now there’s a surprise).

As the user guide states your mobile device (your phone) must support the following profiles:
A2DP – Advance Audio Distribution Profile
AVRCP – Audio/Video Remote Control Profile

Paring is easy as pressing the Bluetooth button and holding it in for a few seconds until the display shows to swirling arrows etc, once it is at this state then do a search on your Bluetooth enabled phone/Iphone etc and it should pick up the MBS-200. The pass code is 0000 if needed.

The colour of the speaker is a kind of matt silver and not as impressive looking as the pictures you see on the Sony Ericsson site and other sites, although it’s not horrible would have looked better in a gloss I think.

There are line-in and line-out sockets on the bottom of the speaker to enable you to connect another speaker to this one if one was not enough for you. For some strange reason they do not include the cable to connect from speaker to speaker or laptop to speaker etc??

Volume control on the back of the speaker speaks for itself.

The rubber strip on the bottom gives grip obviously but it is also quite good at not transferring the vibrations onto the surface on which it sits.
Extremely disappointing
I recently purchased a pair of these speakers. I have always been delighted and very satisfied with all the products purchased from Mobilefun however my speakers arrived and the cables which should have been included for linking more than one speaker were missing, even although the packaging states they were included. The facility for showing which track was playing was also not working. Now I understand why they were being sold off cheaply. Not of the standard expected from this usually reliable company.
MobileFun Reply
The track display feature is not compatible with all handsets. In addition, we do not state on the site that this product comes with the connecting cable, so we apologise for this confusion.
I've bought portable speakers before and been disappointed so was a bit dubious with this one but I pleasantly surprised with its power and quality of sound. OK, it's not HiFi stereo but, blimey, for its size it's pretty impressive, clear and sharp with a decent bass response.
Bluetooth means no wires at all once it's charged up. I have a samsung phone and got it connected up in seconds.
A great product, worth the money.
Wow! This really works!!
Over recent years i have trawled the low to mid price portable speaker market and always been left feeling a bit flat with my purchases. But this speaker really works well! Totally portable, wireless freedom with a superb sound for its size, it also looks superb sat on my desk when not in use. Pairing to my galaxy s is a breeze and the built in rechargeable battery life is very good. This speaker easily fills the bathroom with sound when in the shower, my primary use, but also works great outside. I am purchasing another one to go stereo and could see these giving my creative desktop speakers a serious run for there money! For the price, you can't argue this item isn't cheap as chips, and a lot tastier! Buy, and be happy!
Compact with quite powerful sound
Surprisingly good sound from such a small speaker. Ideal for portable use (on the beach, in a hotel room, etc). Paired with my Nokia phone instantly, works a treat!
Great Speaker
Sound Is good considering the size of the speaker. Very easy to connect phone to. The little display to show the name of the track playing is a nice touch.
Highly recommended!!
Great, does what it says on the box,
Easy 2use,paired with nokia,laptop and iphone,great little speaker.
portable bluetooth soeaker
Just bought my second Sony Ericsson bluetooth Speaker from mobile Fun.The sound is fantastic and pairs instantly as soon as you switch on.Take it anywhere and it will work with any bluetooth device.value for money once more.
Blow up your mind
This speaker is amazing wOW !!!!
Amazing bass and loud , music quality is pretty good as well .
I;m getting another one soon .!
The volume is perfect and loud, music quality is not bad 4/5 .If you need a bluetooth speaker for your phone you should try this 1 !!
Excellent and versatile
Great sound quality from such a small speaker with little or no loss when used with blue-tooth. Easy to use with both conventional 3.5mm and blue-tooth connectivity. As usual blue-tooth pairing is a simple process. Overall a very neat little speaker.
Excellent for the office
Well i'm impressed, I ordered two of these at 17:30 and they arrived at 11:30 the next day, 18 hours. As for the speakers, not a bad sound for their size, easily connected for stereo and only needed to bluetooth the one to get connected. At £20 each I would say that they are great value for the money.
Good price and quick delivery, the speaker works well without distortion unless you want very high volume.
Perfect poolside!
Fabulous power and sound from such a small unit. Perfect wireless system used poolside, on the beach - absolutely made my holiday!
Excellent Product
Good sound quality. Good charge life. Easy to use. Hassel free (NO WIRES).
good sound low price
This speaker is well worth the money sound is clear and resonable loud works well with any bluetooth device especial Sony Ericcson phones,where you can control all the fuctions volume,track skip and fast foward ect from the handset
if you intend to use an MP3 player plugged in to the 3.5 jack socket you need to use a cable with a 90 degree plug as space is a bit limited
battery life is good after it's been charged up a few times
All in all a great little speaker
And the service and delivery time from MobileFun was as all ways first class
The Crystal Ball of Music !!!!
When this item arrived I couldn't wait to get it charged and 'bluetoothed' to my Samsung Galaxy.
Easy - very easy - to pair with ANY compatable bluetooth device.
What a sound!! Amazing clear volume from such a small speaker AND surprisigly good bass from such a light speaker!!!!
Great item - small enough to be well transportable.
Thank you for one of the best accessories I have ever bought !!!
Just what I always wanted
If you dont like earphones in your ear,or cant bare the feel, this bluetooth wireless speaker is the answer to your prayers.can pair with any bluetooth device in a second. Absolutely brilliant.
Amazing bit of kit!
This speaker produces great sound quality. It paired up with my iPhone 4 in seconds and I was listening to streaming radio in no time. The design is very pleasing to the eye and will be used a lot outside come the warmer weather. I would recommend this device to anyone.
Ideal for use in the car!
I bought this to use in the car with my iPhone 4 running my sat nav, as the phone's volume wasn't loud enough (I don't have a bluetooth radio).
Works a treat. However it only comes with a mains charger, but I've since found out that my Ericsson K750i USB lead fits ( after Sony Ericsson told me it wouldn't!! ), so I can now keep it topped up in the car.
The speaker (almost) to die for!
Since I bought a 4th Gen i-Touch I've been looking for an easy to use wireless mobile speaker - This totally fits the bill. Easy to use, small and superb. So good I gave it to my daughter and treated myself to the stereo version
Sounds great
I got this speaker because I was disappointed with the audio quality on my new Sony Ericsson X10 compared to the previous W995. I have to say the sound quality is superb.

The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because according to the documentation the current song name is meant to be displayed on the unit's small screen. It doesn't work for me, and this is using the supplied SE software on my handset. Given both the speaker and phone are the same make, they should be compatible. Also the sound does occasionally drop out for about a second, not sure if its a fault with the phone or the speaker.
Sounds good to me!
What a little powerhouse of a speaker!
What a great idea well executed. Simple to connect - about 30 secs.
I connected to my HTC Desire HD for those of you interested and the sound is amazing considering its wireless.
I rarely give 5 stars as i always think there is room for improvement on any product but hey if you are in doubt let me tell you i love this and may even get another.
Small but powerful!
This is a great little speaker with a surprisingly good sound. Bought it as a portable speaker to use with my iPhone 3GS - great for holidays!
Briliant product
Amazing sound quality I work as handyman cables seems thing of the past and this speaker is the answer bluetooth is 2011.Don't forget delivery was next day with the postman no waiting wondering where your parcel is it was just going to your nearest shop.
NO.1 For portable speakers!!
Excellent buy, couldn't complain, really loud and clear without any distortion. Easy to use and very handy as you can take them with you, they also look nice and modern.
excellent piece of kit
I bought this for my self as is so cheap, bluetooth work well, highly recommended. I bought same unit 18 months ago for my family it cost £40.
Excellent product
I purchased this because I wanted something to connect with my iPhone3GS. I have the TomTom app and the volume from the phone alone is not quite good enough.

I tried a cheaper version, but the volume was about the same as the phone. This product has quite a "punch" and I do not need to use it at full volume (it distorts if I turn it up too much). Although the audio quality for music etc. is better than the iPhone, I would not recommend it if you need quality reproduction.

The charging levels seem to be as advertised (5 hours). I recently did a journey 90 minutes either way, turning it off at the destination, and there was plenty left when I got home again.
Just what i wanted
The Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is very clear and loud for its size connecting
via bluetooth was easy plus you
can connect via cable, The MBS 200
realy enhances mobile devices. And
i recommend anyone to buy it.
Would've given it 5 stars if I had bought two of these at the same time and linked them up... however just taken care of that and purchased another!!! Good sound quality for the size, best thing is the portability and how many devices can be paired with it... have the phone, desktop and laptop all sorted and will be coming on all those holidays i plan next year as well as into the bathroom on a daily basis!!! Great value so just do it... you won't regret it in the morning!!! 5 stars now...
Very impressed
I bought this as a gift, it was easy to set up, good build quality, place it anywhere in a room and get great sound wirelessly. Am thinking of getting another.
Set up of this WiFi link was the easiest I've had,set up laptop, mobile & a bluetooth dongle with no trouble at all,very loud clear sound ir required
Has good sound quality,high volume for its size,easy to set up,mines paired with my mobile and laptop.

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