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Sonivo Fusion Case for the Google Nexus 5 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the back and sides your Google Nexus 5 with this incredibly durable and crystal clear backed with a white surround Fusion Case by Sonivo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41948
$19.44 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 5 customers

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Solid case
I bought this Nexus 5 case from Sonivo because it looked so good. The product itself is great, the sides are from rubber, so it will provide good protection. The back is from transparent plastic, and it allows you to see the great Nexus logo on your phone. The case won't add much bulk to your phone.

There are two problems, however:
1. the plastic back scratches very quickly, sooner or later the case will look ugly
2. the on/off and volume buttons are hard to find and hard to press.
Worth the extra money for lip size
I also bought the FlexiShield which is cheaper but the Sonivo wins due to its reasonable lip size around the bumper. When I place the phone face down the screen doesn't touch the table. I like the clear backing, I can place a business card in there. This was worth the price. Misses out on 1 star due to:
- the slight flexibility of the lip that grips the phone (which could wear and become loose from repeated removal - just keep the case on),
- the not quite big enough headphone jack hole for studio grade headphones (all other holes are fine and standard iBud style earbuds fit fine), and
- the barely raised part on the sleep/off button that makes it hard to feel with finger without looking at it.
Would need to pay more for all of these points to be addressed by a cover, so still happy with the case.

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