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Sonivo Fusion Case for Motorola Moto G - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the back and sides your Motorola Moto G with this incredibly durable and crystal clear backed Fusion Case by Sonivo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43025
$16.22 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 3 customers

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Great value for money!
Case protects the phone well, providing protection to the edges and the back. Not easily noticed as it has a sleek fit.

Back clear plastic scratches when left in pocket with certain objects eg. Keys, Coins and plastic ID cards.

"I promise anyone this means its good"
My son is 12 and in his first year at senior school.
He has pretty much always had a tasteful opinion and knows what he prefers, Things in life can accumulate to a lot of money when buying items for the whole family and when he pointed out this case for his new phone I was hoping it would not be the first in a long line of them with excuses of how it was not what it should been.
HOWEVER its not! ….He loves it and he thinks its 'cool', its been several weeks now and he doesn't want another one, I promise anyone this means its good!…Happy son,…..Happy Dad…: )

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