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Snap Remote Camera Shutter and Stand for Apple & Android Devices Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Used in conjunction with the free 'Snap Remote' app this shutter remote lets you take group shots with you in the frame.
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 4.3 stars from 31 customers

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Great Gadget
Fantastic product, very easy to use with the Snap app.
I just wish it could work with the phones camera. Otherwise its perfect for selfies, group shots ect as you can sit your phone on a phone stand & click when ready, better than using a cameras self timer, as sometimes it will take the photo & still you may not be ready & then you need to get up & set the timer again. With the Snap remote you can click to take the photo straight away over & over again. Love this product
Snap remote
Well another review has been pending for a while. And this one will be loved by many - and those who loves selfies, for those who has kids and love there smartphones and for all of you who loves to party and take selfies with your friends.
This is a remote for smartphones, that you don’t have to extend the other hand to snap the picture. Just one hand a time. And be included in the picture.

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Very good
I have had a lot of fun using this with my family and my grandson loves to press the button to take pics
It's brilliant easy and very simple to use and setup
So glad I bought it
I bought this to take selfies..its amazing i showed it to my friends and since then we carry it a long for all our adventures. we can't get enough of it....
Snap Remote
Good little device which you can keep in your wallet. Small and could be lost if not careful. Especially useful for selfies when you need a bit more than an arms length. The stand could be a bit better but overall 4 stars.
Greatest birthday gift
The coolest birthday gift I ever have. Simple to use, works perfectly all the time. It woks on my iP5 and Samsung Note3 at the same time. Took me only 3 min from setup to snap: Download the APP by snapping QR code at the back of the box, run "Snap Remote" APP, and ready to use! For my Samsung Note3 I search "Snap Remote" from Google play and download. REALLY SIMPLE!
Snap shot
Bought as holiday gifts and a pretty big hit. Easy to use. Only one of five was not working
Brilliant wee gadget…eventually
On 24th December, when I received this gadget, I immediately headed to the app store, downloaded the 'obvious' app which was named 'snap remote' and drove to join the family Christmas party in York, I took out my new feature, set it up and it didn't work! In the hubbub that ensued, I got fed up trying and only when home, looked at reviews to find some kind individual had listed the correct app 'iSnapxRemote'. This really does work but I wish I had known….Why isn't it mentioned on the box?
The stand is rather inadequate.
(drop 1 star for the stand and another for not mentioning the app which is integral to the use of the snapremote.)
Stand Needs Some Serious Improvement
Interesting little gadget that would be much better if the stand didn't force your phone to do completely the opposite.
Every time I try to connect it to the phone in portrait mode, it just topples over.
Apart from this annoying glitch, the device is easy to use with the downloadable app.
take great pics
If you want to take selfies or be included in the pics you take this is for you. Includes a small stand, iPhone iPod and Android phones work with this. It's a fantastic bit of kit for all photo buffs and anyone else who like to take great pics
Everybody wants one
I bought the Snap Remote, showed it to the family...now they all want one! If I happen to win the £20, you'll get it back, as I need to order my 4th Snap Remote!...Where's it all going to end?

Snap up the Snap Remote I say!
Comes in handy.
Small enough to carry around. Very easy to set up and use. You have to be careful attaching the stand if you use a screen protector as it can lift the cover. Only used it a couple of times but should get some good use of it over Xmas.
Yeh, it is a great we treasure.
Just does what it says on the box.
Just wondering is the flash suppose to work with it ?
I only have it a short time, but any time I have tried it out the flash did not work. I downloaded the App and I am using a Samsung Gal. S.2. Phone
Anyhow it is very good.
Great fun
I love it, my 6 year old grandson rates it too. Zapping a picture of himself was 'awesome '.
It is a great item, but since my phone is big & not heavy, the stand cannot take portrait shots, it is good for landscape shots though.

Overall the connectivity, it is user friendly & easy to use. Highly recommended especially if you don't have a big phone :)
just what i could use
your company is always on time with my order, & always on time
works fine but stand absolutely useless!!
Works great (once you figure out which app you need to use it) but the stand is no use at all - in fact, as it is a fairly integral part of the device, it gets in the way! Doesn't matter how/where you try to clip it onto your phone, it just pops off! I have had to buy a separate stick on stand which works better, but honestly the only way to use it is to prop it up against something. You have to set up the shot first - without you in it - then join your group or get into position for your 'selfie'!
Very useful little object
It's a charmer. Works flawlessly and is very, very usefull
Simply works!!!
Great little gadget! Easy to use, set up in minutes works really well, even from a distance, I am impressed for such a small cost!
easy & compact
Ever had the problem of not being in your own pictures with family or friends? Well this little gadget will allow you to be in all your pictures!
It is so small, light and easily fits in your pocket or camera bag ready for use. Its easy to use and I was so please with it I have bought one for every member of the family for Christmas to use with their IPhones and androids -GET ONE NOW!!
Fantastic gadget
This is a fantastic gadget for taking photos without someone behind the camera, so to speak!No more trying to hold the phone or ipad at arms length, just sit it up and use the remote button. One of the best buys I've had from Mobile Fun and I've had a few!!! Would highly recommend!
Excellent Device
The Snap Remote Camera Shutter is Excellent but forget about the stand as this part of the device is useless as no matter were on the iphone or the ipad mini you put the stand it falls over. Don't let this put you off the fob as this part works very well.
what a great bit of kit.
Bought the camera snap remote. Had my doubts but have had stuff from mobile fun before so went for it.
Abs brills. So easy to use ,working in seconds, g8 pics everything it says. So simple yet g8. As it states now i can be in the pics as well. Also placed order Fri pm was here sat morn post. Wish they sold golf clubs!!
You really wont be dissapointed.
Snap camera remote
Not as good as I had hoped... the jury is out as ot whether it is really worth the money.
Awesome and soooo simple!
Out of the box and working within 5 mins! This does exactly what it says on the tin. Finally, I can be in the family shots instead of behind the lens. Ordered 2pm arrived following morning!
this makes it easy
loaded first time.easy to us and saves a stiff neck..
useful taking pictures when alone
This item doesn't support an iPhone very well and needs extra help before it stands steady. (Perhaps two support stands would solve the problem.)
Once this is done it works well.
"Buy one"
Was not sure what to expect with this product ,but having bought from Mobile fun in the past and had always been happy with my purchases .....
I found it easy to use and a very useful piece of equipment especially if used in conjunction with a free photo app( photoToaster) it is great fun and adds a new dimension to my I Pad. The stand is useless with the I Pad but that is not important. I imagine it would be useful with iPod touch or iPhone .
The only difficulty I found was trying to establish which app the snap remote was to be used with, as there are several in the App Store. This is not identified in the packaging you have to guess. For the record it is (iSnapxRemote).

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