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SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The SmallTalk Mini is world’s smallest Bluetooth Headset.
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 4.4 stars from 159 customers

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Cheap & cheerfull
I bought this, as it seems other did, based on the mostly good reviews it had. As far as the device itself is concerned, so far, it has been just fine. BUT, the ear hook is useless! It broke after just one week. I have sent a message to mobilefun asking for a replacement ear hook but so far, no response! I'm not overly concerned as it was extremely cheap. I think I will opt for a more expensive one next time and hope that it doesn't fall apart after the first week!
does the job
small but very efective, my 1st headset so cant compare it to anything else. brilliant little set easily pared with my mobile and is so clear and comfy. you just got to love it.
Just Perfect
This little bluethoot is too good and cheap for its value.I just cnt stop buying them.it pares 2phones @ d same time and u hardly notice u ar wearing it !This probably make it too easy to loose.I loose them all d time and replaces them all d time !
ear piece
I just received mine yesterday and love it already haven't had any problems besides the ear hook already broke would like it if there was a sturdy replacement
Great item
Fast service and great little item; the ear clip has broken but my fault.
Great Product
This wee headset is great. The sound quality is very clear though I havw found it is a little to clear as people complain of background traffic noises if I am walking along the street whn using this. In th car which is where I mainly use it is great.
SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset
Fantastic little ear piece, clear reception, easy to tune in, now automatically pairs when i turnb it on, comfortable to wearm and service was great arrived really quickly, and the cost is great value for money
Very small and easy to use
I got this for my wife as she has a very large phone and it is very difficult to hold to your ear when making a call. She does not like bluetooth headsets normally as she thinks they look silly, but with this it is so small it is not very visible. It is easy to pair and can connect to two phones. Ideal product for us.
Just what the Doctor Ordered
It was a gift for my Blind friend. She is over the moon with it. She can set off with her guide-dog or take the bus. No one will see her using the iPhone. As it is hidden in a pouch under her coat. She can answer calls or make calls by talking to "Siri". She was always scared her phone would be snatched out of her hand and stolen. She said " I hope it did not cost a lot of money" I told her it was a "gift" at that price as it was as "Cheap as Chips".
Not that good...
After 10 minutes of opening the packaging and getting the item out, the ear piece broke off. I purchased this item specifically because of the ear piece as i have small ears and require an outer ear piece to hold the item in my ear. Also, bluetooth headset would not connect up to my phone, tried several times but no joy. A very disappointing purchase.
MobileFun Reply
We are very sorry to hear that this product has not met your standards. Typically it has received favourable reviews and although small, it should be built to last. Our customer service team will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a replacement / r
Small Talk Mini Bluetooth Headset
I purchased a small talk mini bluetooth headset for my husband. He never got to use it we liked it so much that I have been using it ever since. I ended up buying another one for my husband. Great product, easy to use and fits just right in the ear. The clarity is awesome, all around excellent product. Try one you won't be sorry. Thank You.
Bit Fiddley
The item is hard to use as it is so fiddley and very stiff to turn on & off. Reception is good
Great little blue tooth head set very light and so comfortable you can wear it all day easy to use pairing very easy sound quality very clear and well priced would recommend
Small but perfectly formed ;)
Only had the headset for 2 days but it is performing to expectation.It is so small and light you really don`t know you are wearing it.Sound quality is fine too
Excellent Receiver< BUT
Bought this Bluetooth headset a couple of weeks ago and had no trouble pairing it with my iPhone, it had good clarity regarding speaking and receiving and sat in the ear nice and tightly.
However the wire that fits over the ear is very flimsy hence after only wearing it a couple of times the wire snapped at the bottom seam. I have just sent it back and I'm awaiting the outcome.
one of the best
i have finaly found the perfect blue tooth head set.. it is ideal for connecting to two phones at the sametime, Essential in my line of business.
Great little headset
I bought this headset because it was small and cheap. It is brilliant and works perfectly. It paired with my iPhone in no time and all the features are easy to use.
The sound quality is great.
Definitely recommended.
Small & cute
Nice little devise, It's so light you hardly know it's there until someone calls. good value for the price & does what it says on the tin.
Little gem
Very pleased with my purchase, easy to set up and use. I did find it uncomfortable at first but changed to the other ear and it's fine.
Small but mighty!
Wow, really impressed with this little headset - ordered one for my husband as well. So easy to set up and so easy to use. The price is also amazing. Just what I needed.
Good value
Neat little headset, very comfortable to wear. The buttons are a bit fiddly (because it is so small) and the audio is a little quiet in both directions. Good price.
Brilliant piece of kit
Never used one of these before but for the price and for the size, had to try one. Have since bought one for the wife to so no more scrabbling around in her handbag looking for that thing ringing inside somewhere and then finding it just as it stops. And guess what, it's brilliant. I can hear the caller and they can hear me no problems. Recommended to anyone. Full marks.
awesome little gadget
I bought this bluetooth gadget for my Husband for his birthday. From the minute I opened the web page I noted how easy it was to find out if it was compatible with his mbile phone. The reviews were great and the price was fab too. So, I ordered it and to my surprised it was delivered within no time......very swift!! Obviously I had to wait for my Husband to open his gift and he was very pleased with it. It is a very small gadget but it sits perfectly around and in the ear. It wont get in the way of anything and can't be dropped. It was very easy for it to be paired up with the mobile. It has a volume wheel which gives out a good sound when in noisy areas.
I'm pleased I bought this for my Husband, it clearly is the best little gadget bluetooth headset in the world, I may even buy myself one to replace my old big lumpy one.
So my overall opinion: Mobile Fun website - Fab, Delivery - Fab and product - Fab!!! :)
Headset for humans!
No longer do you have to look like a time warped Mr.Spock with nerdy tendencies!... you can now wear and use a bluetooth headset without shame or fear of a good beating on the street!
This little gem is small.... and size really DOES matter here. No need to skulk away into the shadoows... this mimi marvel is inconspicuous. One button turns it on and off and pairs it effortlessly, another deals with the volume. Easy peasy... no whistles, no circus tricks. I LOVE it! For the price of 40 cigs, you get the coolest headset on the block. NOT for Vulcans but mere earthlings with some street cred and a little pride!!!!
Bluetooth Headset
Brilliant little thing, gave it to my wife, no she spends even longer on the phone, as she has both hands free to do everything else!
Just right.
I wanted a blu-tooth headset that 1)worked 2)was inexpensive 3)wasn't ostentatious 4)was comfortable on top of my spectacles. My mini headset is wonderful and meets all these criteria.
SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset
Great little product which paired easily with my samsung galaxy and was really hoping I could attach to my hearing aid for us, but alas not. Great quality sound but unfortunately won't be able to use. Shame they don't make a loop equivalent to connect via bluetooth with hearing aids.
Reasonable for price
Delivery excellent as always.
Nice little earpiece which I bought to use under ear defenders as i am forever missing calls. Fit under the defender (not too uncomfortable) and as previously mentioned callers say I am very quiet and sounds tinny.
No difference when used normally both in car and out of car.
Incoming sound quality is good for such a small unit and it is comfy to wear.
Don't know how long it will be before i lose it as it is so small, perhaps a lanyard loop could be fitted to later models.
Volume control is fiddly due to size of unit and it is easy to disconnect call when adjusting volume but all in all good value and it appears to be what i wanted.
Good product, comfortable to wear, easy to setup. Person on other end sometimes struggles to hear, perfect for user.
Perfect choice
An ideal christmas present, exactly what was required practical, useful and appreciated!
Just the job!!!
Does what it says on the box, exactly what I was looking for at a good price, linked to my Android phone with ease
Just too quiet
Great little headset, easy to wear, easy to pair, easy to answer calls - but the first 4 people I spoke to said the volume was too low and I sounded distant. Sadly being returned but will get another from mobilefun.
The smalltalk mini is an excellent bit of kit, small, loud enough and comfortable, infact so comfortable I went to bed with mine in my ear (forgot it was there). Brilliant, I would reccomend it to anyone.
small, easy set up,
First time I had used or brought a bluetooth headset. Read the easy instructions, after a time I forgot I was wearing it.
Great little product. I wanted a lightweight bluetooth headset;as I wear glasses it needed to fit over my ear comfortably & this does just that. It was easy to set up and works perfectly. The speed of delivery was excellent.
Thank you Mobile Fun.
Perfect fit for my needs
Small lightweight and great quality sound. The only down side is it is delicate but take care & all will be ok. Great quality sound with no problems talking or hearing. Suits my needs perfectly.
Micro techno
Why are some headsets four times the size of this? has all the functions you really need, charges quickly and offers good call quality. The ear hook holds the headset more securely to your ear but I found that because it wasn't fully in my ear, I couldn't hear properly. Without the ear hook and the headset inserted fully into my ear, I can hear everything fine. You're then left with the problem of it slowly working it's way out of your lughole and falling into your footwell. It works best when on and paired, sat on the dash and put in when you receive/make a call. For occasional use you can't beat this little gem. If you're on the road all day and take/make alot of calls, you might want to look elsewhere. Top vfm.
Good clear sound, light & very compact but...
Pros: Very light & easy to operate, clear audible sound. Very quick delivery.
Cons: Can't hear the audible on/off sound very clearly & the unit seems to turn itself off without warning. Battery not lasting the week yet, but still new & battery probably not at full capacity yet.
Communiction Made Simple
Charged my SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset- switched on my mobile and paired instantly. Perfect parteners who are always together!!
SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset
It may be small but it does the job. Set up was easy just as other people have said. Reception is very clear although callers have said I sound a little distant though clear. It fits into the ear well - you don't know it's there. The clip seems a bit fragile but it would hold without the clip, I think. A good piece of kit for the price.
Bought this bluetooth headset on Saturday and it was all up and running by Tuesday lunchtime.
Great service and great little device
A little stunner!
Perfect little device - now handling calls from my work and personal mobiles. Dead easy to set up and use and it's so light you don't know you're wearing it. The perfect gift - including to yourself!
Great simple gadget
Small, comfortable & easy to use.
Did the job perfectlt
Being a bluetooth newbee I needed a headset that would work with skype on a ipad2 I asked mobile fun for their recomendations an I picked the smalltalk mini bluetooth headset. It worked seamlessly with the ipad and skype and is small enough to travel with. Couldn't be more satisfied.
small & functional
Easy to set up, easy to use & good value.
smaller and lighter
It is realy smaller land lighter blur tooth and easy to configar with mobile phone. Also can be recharge from laptop or desktop.
mini bluetooth headset
It is tiny and looks quite frail but so far has worked perfectly. Simple to use and once it's on it is so small and light you can hardly feel it. A great little inexpensive product.
Mini Bluetooth Headset
As usual any thing i buy from mobile fun is always of very good quality and prompt next day delivery. The mini Bluetooth Headset is the same. I will always use Mobile fun for any thing i need. Thanx very much.
size is not important
Such an easy and fast purchase which has lived up to all my expectations. If you are after one of these then I urge you not to be put off by it being so cheap.
Works well and very easy to set up on my HTC windows phone. Connects every time. I am very impressed with the whole service/product.
Birthday Present
Nice little headset, comes with it own USB charger lead, but you need a PC or plug adpter for changing, we have charged it with the Nokia phone charger without any problems
SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset
Works fine, fast delivery, good price so cannot fault in any way
great little headset
Great little headset, very light
,do not know you are wearing it , sound good ,very clear. Great for the price. Great servie as well ordered at 4pm on monday, delivered by 2pm tuesday.
good 4 the price.
Very easy 2 use, connects quickly. Comes with car charging kit. Will not fit inside my ear though. Over all A good buy
good 4 the price.
Very easy 2 use, connects quickly. Comes with car charging kit. Will not fit inside my ear though. Over all A good buy
Perfect for the car/lorry.
This ear piece is tiny but it is loud enough to have a proper two way conversation on the motorway (which has high ambient noise). Also , being tiny, it doesn't look as though you have a slug crawling out of your ear when you are using it. It's a pity they don't make ear pieces out of a flesh colour; it would disappear all together!
Size doesn't matter
Absolutely brilliant. Small, compact but with excellent sound and speech quality.Easy to set up and use. Would definately recommend.
a lovely piece of kit
I would really like to say how great my headset is. Its compact and you hardly feel like your wearing it
great sound and great service

Thank you
head set
Good service head set I bought seams to work well very easy on the ear thanks.
Good buy
Have had this headset for a couple of weeks now and found it very good - so light that you almost forget that it is on your ear! Happy with this purchase
Smalltalk mini
It's ideal if you have two phones, it works very well, although the talk time is very short it's very good handy, all in all its worth the money yuou pay for it.
Small talk Mini bluetooth headset
Very poor reception when outdoors. 2nd phone option would not work. Volume also very low on max setting.
It good and small I willl recmond it to my friends.
tTalk n drive
Really small and light I one a few years ago, and could'nt wait to take it off. The smalltalk mini bluetooth headset, you do'nt even know that you are wearing it, and better still it does everything that it' supposed to.
neat and small
I like the small neat ear piece, which is much better price than the larger ones. Only problem so far is that it did not give any warning when the battery was low. first I knew was when I could not be heard by a caller.
Not too shabby
Very small and compact,ear loop could be a little more comfortable. Clarity is very good and people seem to hear me well. Seem to have aproblem staying connected to my htc but works well with my works nokia.
Small Talk Mini bluetooth headset
Wonderfully light. Sadly the clip seems the most vulnerable - would easily break off definitely needs a look into. Otherwise a good receptor.
tiny but terrific!!
Cant believe just how small this headset is - and just how great it works! Sound is absolutely perfect not a bit tinny like I thought it might be. Those I have spoken to using it have all thought that I'm just speaking in my 'phone as normal. Really is great value for money and just, well, terrific!
Ordered at 4.30p.m. arrived the next morning. The headset is very small very powerful and does run on two phones at the same time. Best headset I have ever used. Thanks.
V Good !!
Very good !! works well :)
perfect item
Perfect for the job it is intended for!!! ear fitting could be better shape though and my in-car charger adapter did not work but had a mains adapter so not too much of a problem for me hence only 4/5.
Happy with purchase
I am so happy with the purchase of the SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset. I bought it for my son as I was afraid he would get stopped for using his phone while driving. This Headset has eased my mind, and he loves it because it is small and inconspicuous. The purchase arrived the day after purchase and it was in good working order. Thank you.
Superb !!
Product ordered , product delivered fast !!

thankyou mobile fun.
Perfect companion
I purchased this headset for my husband, who drives alot during his job. He thinks it is great, compact and comfy to wear. At the price, I thought it was great that you also get two chargers with it, some of the more expensive headset's don't even have a charger with them. I could hear him really clearly talking on it and you don't get any interference whilst using it. I might just have to get myself one too. Thanks for a pleasant and rewarding service.
Mrs Struthers
Excelent value for money
I didn't know weather to buy this because its my 1st hands-free device I have had. It was easy to pair with my phone easy to use. I could listen to my callers quite clearly and they could hear me quite clearly. The only thing about this it don't fit into you ear very good. Except for that I give it a 10/10 for this product.
just what I needed
Easy to use and compact.
Found this little ear piece to be fabulous. Its clear and so easy to use. No probs with it and would recomend to everyone.
This is so small, so good , so easy, so reasonabl
A good quality bluetooth headset that is reasonably priced and very compact in size. I found it easy to set up and use and am very pleased with purchase and service from mobile fun.
Great size but hoped for greater useability
Great for phone calls but really wanted it to pick up satnav instructions when on my motorbike. No A2DP streaming unfortunately.
Speech a little weak according to the other person on the line so you have to shout but other than that can recommend if you want something this small.
Great little hands free set
This bluetooth set is great value, better than other sets of similar price. It connects easily to 2 phones at the same time and answers whichever one rings - brilliant for the price.
Great little Bluetooth
I have had other bluetooth headsets but none of them come close to this mini bluetooth headset. When I paired the smalltalk mini bluetooth to my phone the clarity of the bluetooth headset was excellent even with noise going on in the background and it stays connected to the other bluetooth headsets I have had , which always disconnected. I could never do without it and always carry it around with me even when it is not in use,I would recommend this little bluetooth headset to anyone to use and at a price was worth it.
Excellent service from Mobile Fun
A very small device which suits my wife's ears. The first device had a charging issue but was promptly replaced without any quibble whatsoever by mobile fun. Sound quality is excellent. Device is easy to use and there is no problem with reception either in or out of the car. A very good product at a very reasonable price,and the customer service is second to none. Thanks.
Just what I needed
I have had other bluetooth headsets and they have always disconnected from my mobile. When I bought the SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset and paired it to my mobile talking to someone using this Icould hear very clearly without any noise just what I needed, and don`t know I`m wearing it because of it being small and compact worth every penny that I would recommend it to anyone looking for a bluetooth headset.
SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset.
The only thing wrong with it is, it have a click when you move your head but you soon get used to it.
It was just what i needed.
Apart from the click is a great piece of kit.
The delivery time was exceptional.
ordered late Thursday and it arrived first post the following day.
Thank you very much.
just the job
To me its a godsend small light and fits great. Clarity fine and easy to use.
I wish it did more.....
I really wanted a headset that would also link to my music in one ear so I could use my desk-phone at work at the same time as listening to music from my mobile. This one only works for phonecalls and is quite uncomfortable if you wear it for a long car journey. I did 2.5 hours and it was painful in the end
Great little piece of kit!
Easy to use, compact and good value.

The only downside is that it doesn't include a mains charger so you have to charge it from either your USB port on your computer or your 12V cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle.
It does what it says on the tin
Comfortable,easy to use and cuts out background noise. The only weak point is the ear gel( the bit that goes over the ear) which can break fairly easily.
SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset.
Good value for money, lightweight and holds its charge well. Only issue is no matter which ear you locate it on, the bottom of the ear piece partly covers the microphone. If travelling at motorway speeds a raised voice level is required when speaking. Otherwise it does what it says on the box.
Not bad for the price
SmallTalk Mini bluetooth headset:
Good things: Very easy to sync with your phone; easy operation of receiving/ending calls-just press once for each function; clarity is good, though some said I sounded like I was in a big hall; voice control- ok; looks - ok.
Bad things: doesn't fit well in the ear - should have had various sizes ear buds - I had the feeling it was gonna fall off any minute, the ear hook helped to keep it in place though;
Voice control could not understand my commands several times, maybe I was not clear enough?
All in all, not a bad piece of kit for the price. I'm quite happy with my purchase.
I like to product but was very disappointed when after the first time I used the headset the earclip broke.
Other than this I cannot fault the product it does what is says on the box.
Would like a new earpiece but have not had the time to look for one.
Am only rating this item 2 stars as the earpiece broke after one use.
Blue Next Bluetooth headset
It is good because it is very small the sound quality is very good fits in the ear perfectly better then the more expensive models excellent price also good service from the company I recommend this because the piece and quality is excellent
Good Report
Small, light, well priced & comfortable plus it works well too.
excellent product
I like this bluetooth headset because it is small and discreet..unlike some other bluetooths that look like airline pilot headsets!!
Good price too
Great, really works well!
This is a great little device, brilliant value. Works really well with two phones connected.
Works a treat
I have have had no problems with this headset it works great with my blackberry curve,crystal clear.
nice little gaget
Once it get to full power which takes 3 or 4 charges it is a nice little gaget, the sound is clear and people can hear you clearly. I'm a lorry driver and they can hear me clearly over the noise of the engine.
easy to use, even for a tecno-numpty
I was reaally pleased to get a piece of kit for a good price, which did what it said it would and was easy to set up and use.
nice little ear pease
The small talk headset is very comfortable and nice and clear sound. The ear holder is good with glasses, my old one used to knock my glasses off.
The item is small and very easy to wear but the piece that holds it on your ear broke after only 3 wears ! Luckily mobile fun were great and replaced it promptly and the new one is ok so far !
This is the first bit of kit I've bought for a mobile phone that acctually works straight away. Bought it for a non techi man and even he was able to understand and use it with no probs at all. I would recomend it to anyone, cos it's so easy.
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