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Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case Samsung Galaxy S3 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 protected for damage with the slim and stylish carbon fibre style flip case. In white.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35596
$16.22 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 81 customers

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All good
Good case
Nice cover, fits great
Nice cover, fits great. Only drawback is you have to have it open to charge to phone.
Nice cover, fits great
Nice cover, fits great. Only drawback is you have to have it open to charge to phone.
Great product
Great product, perfect fit for my Galaxy 3.
Great product
Great product, perfect fit for my Galaxy 3.
Great purchase
I've bought from this company before and never had any problems. The case arrived in very good time, fits perfectly and looks good. Very pleased with the purchase. Would recommend.
Could be so much better
It looks good and the reviews are good.....but
The case holds very well to the phone and gives good protection.
You cannot see the blue indicator light with the case closed.
You cannot charge the phone with the case closed as the material hinge covers the socket
If you have the case folded back so you can see the blue indicator light it masks the speaker so you have difficulty hearing your phone ring.
The material hinge is already cracking...will only be a short time before it is only a rear cover.
Looked like good value at when ordering but only lasted a few months!
Fast delivery and perfect fit.
Samsung s3 case
This case will protect the handset adequately but is not what I expected. I know it said carbon fibre style but I still expected it to be more rigid than it turned out to be.
Superb product
I purchased this case to replace a pro-Tec Executive Leather Style Flip case which ended up in the bin after 3 weeks due to the fact that it did not live up to it's reviews and started to break up within 2 weeks of purchase.

This item however cannot be faulted. Fits like a glove with easy access to control buttons. Feels solid and sturdy to the touch. May not be as luxurious to look at as the item which it replaced but it definitely is of better quality. Highly recommended.
Good product
Good product, good service, does the job and looks good. Slimmer than my last one but but phone fits very snug and securely. Very pleased. Will use again.
Case is a very tight fit around the phone, giving a better grip but when in a closed position it highlights the tight fit by a more pronounced small gap down one side. but dose the job i wanted it to do
the ease of using the phone to the ear as the open type cases seems to be more clumsy to use in the same position
Useful case
Black flip case for Galaxy S3 cell phone allows camera to be used while fitted.
Not very pretty but strong & useful if you put your phone in your pocket
Cover protection
The old flip case bought when purchasing the phone served me pretty well. But two years down the road it was looking pretty tatty and starting to leave marks all over the phone itself.

So having used MobileFun before with no complaints, I ordered up some screen protectors and the Flip Case. The delivery was fine and quick, no drama, and I had it all assembled and working in no time.

The best thing about an item such as this is being able to forget that you've got it: it simply works and there is no need to think about it at all.

I'd have no hesitation in buying from them again and would recommend them to anyone: a top class firm.
Fairly good design
The case is strong and sturdy and fits the phone well but the gap at the top of the case where the 2 sides join is too large, I thought the gap would be just big enough to fit the other bit but it is much longer and makes me think that this would compromise protection if dropped
Cheap looking
I purchased the Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case Samsung Galaxy S3 - White in June 2014. The case is very cheap looking and the magnetic clasp does not fit over the top very well. I will not use this case for my cell phone due to the look and the fear of it coming unclasped.
brilliant case
Sturdy case, well made doesn't make the phone big and bulky lie some case's
Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case
I would like to thank you for the very good service! Look forward for previous orders...
Really good value
This case works beautifully with my Samsung Galaxy 3 - it clips in tightly and the case has a leather-like, padded quality to it. Much better value and quality, I thought, than the other hard, plastic cases I've seen on sale for 3 times the price I paid.
Good phone cover
Cover is well made. Holds the phone firmly on the sides with enough round the corner to stop the phone sliding out and to give some protection to the corners. Accurate cut-outs for earphones & switches etc, but cover must be open to use the usb charging/connection slot. Front clips over the top neatly and stays shut. Easy to pull open. Solid back and soft feel front make it comfortable to use, and does not add much bulk or weight.
Perfect for the job
usual no fuss no hassle service, prompt delivery, exactly as the description says. This is my second case, not that there was anything wrong with the first but after a year of heavy traffic it started to wear a bit but at the price i paid i don't mind buying one every year...
My partner bought this case several months ago and is really pleased with it. So now I bought one for myself and guess what - I think it is great too. Smart, easy to use and durable.
Flip case
Absolutely superb and really good value for the money. Affords the phone all the protection needed for everyday use. To be thoroughly recommended.
Excellent cover
An excellent cover,looks good and protects the phone,well made and worth the extra over cheaper covers
Great Value and Fit
Very pleased with fit and quality - bought a similiar one from Carphone Warehouse for my other S3 - more expensive and less robust.
Great product, great price, great service. If you've got an S3 and need a practical, good looking protective cover, simply get this one, and from MobileFun.
First class - has become part of the phone
I purchased the Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I have to say it was an excellent purchase. I cannot imagine using the phone without the case - it has just become a part of the phone for me. I would suggest that it is made available in colours other than white, as it can become a little grubby, but it is easy to spray any colour you want yourself. The protection it gives the phone is superb, and it makes the phone easy and secure to hold. Highly recommended to all S3 owners.
Fits good
It fits good and the price was OK. I´m satisfied.
just what i wanted
i have done business with this company plenty of times i can fault
them they have done every thing i ask them todo and plenty more

Great item
Fits snugly, very happy with purchase
The case is nice and light, with a sort of clip that holds it closed. The material to the face of the phone is soft and would not damage or scratch the screen. The sides of the phone would be protected in a drop. One has to remove the flimsy back from the phone first for it to fit. I prefer the "hinge" at the bottom, as it hangs down out of the way whilst making a call. OK, so you have to undo it to charge the phone up, not a problem.
surprisingly good
Needed a case with a screen cover, this was better value then anything similar in the shops. Despite no actual catch/button to keep the cover closed, it stays closed in my bag which is great. Phone fits perfectly. Delivery was quick, great service all round.
Near perfect!
This case is near perfect! It offers great protection as it covers the front, back and sides of the phone but has all of the necessary cut outs for the camera etc. The case does need to be open for charging the phone but this is easy enough as the case folds right round to the back of the phone which means the cover is also out of the way for calls etc. Only one slight negative is that this case cannot be used with the Samsung Smartphone Vehicle Dock (which I also love) as it is too bulky when the front is folded back to be held securely, so I have to take the case off the phone to use it in the car, but that is easy to do. I have the pebble blue phone so I waited a little longer for the blue case to be in stock and it looks great!
phone cover
arrived quick, good value good quality
Flip Case
Case does everything it says on the tin! Slimline profile and protects well. Just one minor quibble though - with the case I bought the phone comes slightly loose on one corner but not enough to dislike the case though!!
Turned out very good
I admit I thought the case had a slot at the bottom to allow it to fit into a charging cradle or to a micro USB cable. It didn't, but I was able to cut one satisfactorily, and it now functions as required. So - with that done, it protects the Galaxy well, looks suitable (not jazzy) and the fit is firm (i.e. the Galaxy won't slip out). Good product.
Great Fit !
Just received this case for my new phone.... its a cracker ! Exactly as described, super slim and lightweight so you hardly know its on the phone. Great carbon fibre look is smart too....
white flip cover
I am very pleased with the case for my samsung galaxy 3 .It does exactly what it is intended to do - that is protect the phone from scratches etc. It holds the phone much better than my previous case.
good product , bad customer services
case fits the phone very well, and easy to use and also looks good on the phone. Delivery very very very delayed. I had to chase many times - most of the times no one even bothered to reply or tell me when they would actually deliver.
Nice leather design, fit perfectly!
When I bought this I was not sure if it will be up to my expectations (nice design and good protection of my device), I am more than happy now. I will recommend you if you want something which is nice, fit tightly your device with maximum protection in a low cost: go for this one!
Not what i expected
The case is good but the cuts outs was badly cut especially were the audio goes was to far down cut and the cuts for the camera, mic, and led flash was also badly cut. I over all Good.
Functional ... BUT ...
OK new Samsung S3 and want a case that will protect the device whilst not adding too much weight or size.

Well this case does all of that. Nice edge protection, which I notice some cases don't have and seems to offer good protection without bulk.

And the BUT? Well two so far ...

1) Not sure what the material is but it really picks up discolouration very quickly and easily ... no longer white case!

2) No sure how long the hinge will last - no complaints yet ... Will let you know!

So, in summary, functionally very good case - protection, fit, size/weight ... but discolouration and robustness may be an issue.

Hope this helps?
Not too bad
I like the looks, feels, and full protection it provides. However, it's not very user friendly for a one hand operation. It's a great cover if you don't use your phone too often and don't mind using it with both hands. Otherwise, it's a real pita when you need to access your phone quickly.
This case is a winner
I bought the Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3.
I bought it as the similar Samsung branded flip case was unavailable. Having now seen both I would say that, both in terms of looks and protection, this is the preferable case. The case is good quality plastic and the carbon fibre effect works well. The phone fits snugly into the back plate and the padded front clips over at the top. The fit covers the sides of the phone and the majority of the top and bottom are also protected. I keep mine in my pocket with keys etc and it does not get scratched. I have already dropped it and no harm done. Compared to other cases it adds virtually nothing to the overall size of the phone. I would wholeheartedly recommend it.
s3 cover
A great cover for my s3,it fits really well and secure and looks good as well
Excellent Value and Style
excellent value for money case with a good quality feel and look for the money , great protection for the phone and keeps the slim line of the phone feel in your pocket
Waiting for the next one out
Nice white cover - does the job. Would like one with a wrist strap and real leather rather than faux. Met the description though so top marks.
Review of Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3
The "Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3" is strong, durable and covers not only the top and bottom but corners also, which many other cases do not. It offers all round total protection to your galaxy s3 without adding much weight or thickness to your phone.

However, the fact that it flips down instead of up means you cannot have it closed while charging, as the hinge covers the power/usb socket you must have it flat out on the table. Also using this with one hand is almost impossible, due to the way you open the case and the fact that most people use the base of the handset to rest on their paml to stop it from dropping, but without tucking the cover under the phone (near impossible with one hand), this is simply impossible.

If you are using this with 2 hands, it's a good smart, light and very protective case.
If you use your phone with one hand, get a different case.

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