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Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 safe from harm with the slim and stylish carbon fibre style flip case in black.
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$17.58 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 15 customers

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Overall a nice case which protects the corners and edges of the phone well. Easy to hold and grip with a slight cushioning. Major drawback I suspect will be its durability. The clip is very tight and I have already damaged the covering when opening the cover. Also the hinge point looks flimsy so may break after limited use.
Ticks the boxes.
The case is and easy to fit,flips from the bottom which is great.

only problem is the charger insert supplied by Samsung is thicker than
previous ands tends to slip out when used with the case
Good Quality Semi-soft Case
The title say it all really....

I haven't "tested" it yet (read dropped the phone!) but it seems to offer good wraparound protection, and I much prefer the bottom flip to a side flip when using the phone.

Easy to get the phone in, not quite so easy to get it out, however it looses a star because its difficult to use the headphone and micro-usb sockets when the phone is cased...
Best case and best value
I had one of these cases for my S2 and as it worked so well for over 2 years I had to have the same case for my S4. The case clips around the 'phone snugly but is easy enough to remove if required; just ease out one edge (the left is easier) to release. The cut outs for the connections, side buttons and camera etc. are just right and having a padded cover that totally protects the screen is invaluable even with virtually indestructable glass. In my opinion it adds very little weight or size to the device and, most importantly, it flips vertically that to me offers a comfortable way of using the phone with the case in-situ (better I believe than a side flip). These cases wear well; my S2 version showing little sign of use. This is an excellent case for the S4 and at the price it cannot be bettered.
fits perfectly
Provides excellent protection and looks good
Delivery first class as usual

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