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Sim Free Nokia 6310i Black & Gold - Grade A Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Nokia 6310i phone is ideal for the business user on the move.
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 5 stars from 6 customers

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Marvellous phone
I am a lady of later years but still keen to use technology, this is the 3rd phone of this type that I have had. It is sturdy and safe, big enough but not too big and easy for me to operate and understand. I do not have a land line and soley rely on this phone so it has to be reliable - which I have found it to be. I will continue to buy it when neccessary as long as Nokia make it.
Received by 9am this morning. Very prompt and effective service. I am so attached to this type that when I lost my old one it was vital that had an identical replacement and you produced the goods
Still got it
Mine is an old work phone that I unlocked and use it abroad with local SIM cards.
I still wish somebody would make a phone that you could call the natural heir to this one.. The E51 has too many gadgets and therefore bad battery life, (and crashes..)
Nokia 6310i
I have had the privilege of owning a Nokia 6310i for the last 7 years.
If you want a phone which just performs that one function, you will be unable to match the performance, durability, ease of use or the reliability of this phone. Trust me. I have tried to better this model.
It isn’t a pda (although it will remind you of birthdays and events) it doesn’t have a camera or a flashy colour screen.
What it does have is a stand-by time of circa 12 - 17 days and a very forgiving nature so if you drop it – in my case about 40 feet onto a hard floor – you would only be looking at replacing the battery. Everything else worked fine.
world's sexiest phone
hello every budy.i tell u that it is the world's most poppuler phone. you bought it & use it .it is a really best experience to allof you.it is exellent.
thank you,
Amazing sturdy inexpensive handset
I must have had this handset all of 6 years and has given trouble free first class service.
It has been and still is in daily use, being easy to handle and see, previously as a Taxi Driver with it plugged into my old type hands free in car set, even now being retired, I can still use it in my hands free in car kit.
Another reason, other than its absolute reliability for keeping this handset, is that the connection to the hands free car kit is no longer supplied with the latest models.
Why change a perfectly functioning piece of equipment for the unknown?
It must be said that the handset has been dropped on a number of occasions with no ill affects
Incidently the battery is still the original item.
During my taxi driving days I had two 6310i handsets the second one for a back-up facility, but was never needed as such.

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