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Sim Free HTC Desire X - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A new budget friendly phone with 1GHz processor, 4\" touchscreen, 5MP camera and Ice Cream Sandwich in white.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36157
$304.42 inc VAT
 4 stars from 2 customers

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A refreshingly fast replacement for my Dell Streak
My phone contract came up for renewal in early December and rather than get a new handset under contract I decided to buy a SIM free phone. After doing a good amount of review hunting online I settled on the HTC Desire X. Although this phone is considered a mid-range Android device I found it a breath of fresh air coming from a two year old Dell Streak. The dual core makes the phone fast and responsive with ICS and although some criticism was levelled in reviews at removing the back of the phone for access I found it to be a relatively easy task, as was inserting both my SIM card and 32GB micro SD card, although it is true that the back when off feels a bit flimsy. Having a Google account meant that syncing all of my contacts and email was a superbly simple task. The screen is very good too I have found it to be sharper by comparison to my old handset. The only thing missing from this phone that I would have liked is a digital compass, none of the reviews listed this lack in the tech specs. Having said that, for the price, I am very happy with this handset and do not see this lack as a deal breaker.
Good mid level phone
I am a moderate user with little Android experience having freshly come from iOS. I am using a Google account to sync calendar, contacts and email. This phone and HTC's Sense UI make that very simple. The handset is light and slim with a 4 inch screen, the rear is slightly rubberised making it wonderfully tactile and unlikely to slip from your grip. I cannot quote screen res but it is a excellent screen, comparable to my recent iOS handset. This handset will take a micro SD card I am using a 16 GB one with no issues. One is NOT supplied with the handset, it is also not accessible without taking the back off. Taking the back off is easy but not something I would guess you would want to do often as the rear case once off is quite fragile, the volume rocker looks easily broken for example. However once back on the phone it is robust. The build quality is good but it is not as bullet proof as the HTC Desire's predecessor. Also to note is that it takes a full sized sim card, although I am using a micro sim with an adaptor. It comes with ICS which is fast and easy to use. You can have only 5 home screens but with an excellent range of widgets. Battery life is good but not great. I get one day really heavy use or two days normal use, this is about normal for most of the recent handsets I've had. It does 3G and the HSPA data and of course wifi, although oddly enabling the wifi does affect battery life a little. I also dimmed the screen to extend battery life which is not a problem as the screen is so good. Touch sensitively of the screen is good, I have stuck with the standard keyboard without a problem.
I like this phone, quick, easy to use and robust ( for a modern 4' screen smart phone) with a good screen.
I would like a bigger battery and slightly quicker processor however this is a mid range phone and what's on offer here is really good for the price and that probably sums up this phone- a very good mid range phone.

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