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Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery - HTC Desire Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Innocell Extended Life Battery is designed for the customer who needs extra life, but doesn't want to add any thickness to their device
  • Mobile Fun ID 24215

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 3.2 stars from 38 customers

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Good, long life battery
Drop-in replacement for the original htc desire battery, but significantly more powerful so noticeably longer battery life once it has been recharged a few times.
Seems to last much longer than the original.
Seems to last much longer than the original and seems to get better over time.
Extended life battery
The extended battery life is not a lot greater than the original, this is not the dealers fault but HTC phone. Other than that got product in less than 24 hours and thats good thats why i will give it the 5.
made a big difference
After a few complete charges, overnight, this battery surprised me at how long it lasts. Recent 8 hour long haul flight no worries. Of course phone was on flight mode so no wifi or dom access, however I was using it as mp3 player and hammering angry birds throughout the flight. No need for bigger cover and I charged up my original as a spare for easy swapping. Highly recommended product.
14% increase in battery life
The original battery is rated at 1400mAh, this at 1600mAh - you therefore get a 14% increase in battery life.

While I wouldn't buy this for that alone, if I was getting a replacement battery anyway every little helps!

Therefore, if 3* means no better or worse, 3.42/5 stars!
Does extend battery life-but only for a couple of
As owners of the HTC Desire will appreciate, the original battery does not last long. I found that even with moderate use, 8 hours was pushing it. I wanted a more powerful primary battery, keeping the original as a spare. I did not want to to use the phone with a larger back cover to accommodate a physically larger battery.
I have been using the battery for approx. 2 weeks, and find this extended life battery easily lasting 10-12hours of moderate use. I was careful to follow the initial charge/discharge instructions supplied with it. I have found it to be totally compatible with the phone with no problems at all. My only slight criticism is the price.
Works fine
Only used it a few times so far, but seems to work fine. Get a bit juice out of it than the standard HTC battery - just about a noticeable difference
Definitely lasts longer
Unlike so many things offered on the web this does actually make a difference and the battery does last longer. Of course longer in the case of these sorts of phones is a relative concept.
Extended Life Battery for HTC Desire - impressed!
I've been using the battery for about a week now and overall I'm really pleased with its performance. The first couple of days were only slightly better than the original battery supplied with the Desire, but I allowed the battery to run down each time and then charged fully. This, plus careful management of the Desire's apps through the Power Widget, has meant I was able to go from Weds morning to Fri night without having to charge the device. Indeed, on Friday evening, I was deliberately trying to run down the battery as I wanted to charge it overnight.
Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery - HTC Desir
Had it a week now and it doesn't really make any difference.
Happy with this Battery
Ordered the Battery and was quick to receive it. The one came with the my Desire was faulty so cant really compare this Seidio Innocell battery to the HTC battery I had. All I can say is that it works great, have had no problems and and very happy with my purchase.
Works just like the other one
I've had my battery a couple of weeks now, and I've not noticed any difference in the power than the standard HTC battery - I'd really like there to be but I've not noticed it at all, with everyday use it lasts a day just like the HTC.

If you are buying it because it's supposedly better I wouldn't bother, but as a straight compare - you can't complain!
This is a good battery, I suggest, buy (not advertising). Good communication and quick delivery
Works great
Had this battery several weeks now.
Phone was taken off charge 5.30 saturday morning, I then went on a night out, was using the net and sat nav etc, left the phone on all night, woke up, used the sat nav again for 30 minutes, and browsed the net on the two trains home and still had a charge at 10am. NO way would the original battery have done that, so definitely worth the money
Extended? Battery
Works as a battery should but no noticeable increase in usable time, therefore probably not worth the extra money.
Do not waste your money on this battery
This battery unfortunately operates to a lower capacity than the standard battery. The claim of longer life is completely false as I have found out. If you made the mistake of buying the Seidio as a primary power source it will end up being an expensive backup battery.
Not "Extended Life"" at all."
It turns out that this Seidio battery is sold on a false pretence as it does not offer any more battery life than a standard HTC Desire battery and is far too expensive for what it offers hence the low rating.
Extended life battery
To be perfectly honest I have not found any difference in the life of the 1600mah battery and the 1400mah. I could have saved myself money if I had just purchased a another 1400mah>
Doesn't live up to specification
Although the specification shows 1,600 mAh capacity compared with 1,200 for the original HTC, the battery appears to last for only 5 hrs heavy use compared with 6 for the proprietary one and runs down particularly fast under 20% and from 100%. Consequently, I don't feel it is good value for money.
not much difference
Only had the battery a short while but does not seem to be better than stock battery time will tell.
Not as good as original one
I got this for my HTC desire and I'm a heavy user. My HTC battery gives me about 12hr of use however this one was getting me 9hrs at a push
Extended life battery for the htc desire
This battery does not appear to be any better than the original,I have downloaded some Apps since changing to the new battery, but when I go to use them the battery status seems to drop at an alarming rate,so much that I have to recharge after about two hours,

The battery may be suffering from a memory problem.
seidio extended life battery
Expensive and considerably worse than the standard HTC battery. Not recommended.
great buy
So pleased I bought this battery, it has extended the life of my HTC desire by several hours
HTC Battery 1400mah vrs Seido 1600mah
This probably won't get printed but here goes.

The HTC stock battery is 'Cheaper' and lasts nearly as long as the Seidio battery and here is why.

HTC Battery charges to approx 90 - 95% of full capacity.

The Seidio charges to 80 - 85% full capacity even tho 200mah stronger.

See the usage table below against typical power percentage charge and make your own mind up!

Standard battery (95% capacity) vs Seido battery (85% capacity)
Seido will last 2% longer

Standard battery (95% capacity) vs Seido battery (80% capacity)
Standard battery will run 3% longer

Standard battery (90% capacity) vs Seido battery (80% capacity)
Seido will last 1% longer

Is the extra 3% worth £10 extra? You tell me???
Correction for TB
The original HTC battery I received with my Desire is 1400mAh and as far as I can see so does the Nexus1.
Seidio Innocell Ext Life Battery
Just a quick update ,returned battery last Thursday and ordered a replacement arrived Saturday .It was completely dead ,thought here we go again ! Anyway 1st charge i got 2 days 17 hrs ,which was quite impressive i thought ! 2nd charge lasted 2 days 3 hrs ,which is ok i guess ? Will update again when its had a few more charges !
Seidio extended battery.
I can't honestly notice any difference. Certainly not worth the money. Buy an extra standard battery and save your money.

Not very pleased, was expensive
anyone know the link to the measurement article of this battery's capacity. i read it a week ago but not finding it anymore.. anyway, Desire stock battery offers slightly better performance than this.
Battery arrived in 1st Class post. Small packaging so easy for postman to stick through letter box. Bought as an extended battery replacement for my Nexus One. Fitted easily and same size as original battery. Takes one or 2 charges to start getting the full potential. Now getting 2 good days worth of usage. A recommended purchase.
This does not last as long as my battery that came with my Desire. Very disappointed
Please ignore that bizarre and misleading information posted by "TB". The standard battery is DEFINITELY 1400 mAh, as correctly stated by MobileFun in the official product description. I've just taken my Desire out and checked it. So you do only get a supposed 200 extra mAh.

Apologies for not leaving a review. However I did Google a bit to see if anyone had noticed any significant benefit from this battery. I recommend you do the same.

I came across a review where someone had done some hardcore technical testing (benchmarking I think they call it) and surprisingly this "extended" battery came out a tiny bit worse than the standard one. He compared it with a Mugen battery as well.

Based on that review, I decided not to bother yet. For the price of this one you could buy nearly two standard HTC Desire batteries.

I'm waiting until a proper 3000 or so mAh battery comes out.
Seideo Innocell Extended Life Battery ?????????
I bought this nearly 3 wks ago and tried different ways of charging it ,i.e waited til battery died or charging all night. At best i got 1day 8hrs out of it ,but only lasting 1 day now ? I was getting 2days out of the standard battery (which is 1400mAh by the way ) without changing phone settings.Will be returning battery and get a standard battery £10 cheaper !
sorry but the battery in the htc desire is 1400 not 1200.plus its 95% efficent.this battery does have a higher capicity but is not as efficent does give a very small increase in time.maybe htc will bring out a better battery as the most brilliant phone cant tell you how good it is but the battery sucks.and sitting with baited breath waiting for the 2.2 froyo update.
Correction to your information
The standard battery that comes with the Desire is 1200 not 1400 as stated, therefore the one youre offering is 400 better.
Battery life
Does give an extended life but obviously not very significant. Still think it is worth the money as that extra few hours can make all the difference!

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