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SD Ultra Thin TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 whilst keeping the slender curves of your device with this black TPU Case
  • Mobile Fun ID 35778
$13.52 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 10 customers

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useless and flimsy
The case is hard and thin as paper, makes no any protection for the phone.. Also it doesn't provide any more grip than the phone has itself. Moreover it cracked at the first time I was trying to put it on the phone..

Anyway, if somebody sees any benefit of this flimsy plastic peace, it should cost 20 times less.
Very pleased
This is in my opinion the best case of its type and price for the S3, offering an excellent fit with a matt finish to enhance grip with every cutout perfectly positioned. It doesn't add any bulk and is an improvement over the S3's standard glossy black back.
Although 'sold out' I suggest that the Ultra Thin Case in Transperant Black, Ref: 35707 could be identical and Mobile FUN may confirm this.
As usual, delivery was next day.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nigel,

Yes, you are correct to a certain extent that these 2 cases are similar.

"SD Ultra Thin TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Black" is made of a silicone material, whilst "Galaxy S3 Ultra Thin Case - Transparent Black" is a hard plastic shell.
Nice little case
Bought this to protect the slippery bar of soap that is the galaxy s3. It is very thin but will provide some protection for the edges of the phone and the ultra flimsy back. It fits perfectly and snaps easily into place, all the orifices lining up perfectly with the cutouts. Only the front bottom edge is left naked, but then how else would you fit it on. The side buttons are now flush with the case making them a tiny bit harder to reach, but then, they're now protected, hurrah !
it was the only colour blue that actually matched my phone. perfect
Do NOT get the CLEAR case !
I have the pebble blue sgs3.
I ordered the "clear" case - which was a big mistake.
"Because of the way the case touches the phone" - the back looks like it has trapped water between the case and the phone.
This is VERY unsightly.

Apart from this, the case is rigid.
I was expecting it to be flexible/rubbery.
It also had a hard time fitting "perfectly". I'd say it is about a millimeter or two too "small", as it never fully wrapped around my phone to stay on (securely).

All in all, I would not buy this again, and I certainly will never by a clear/transparent case ever again.

I placed this case in a drawer - I will not use it.
My sgs3 will remain naked until I find a better case for it.
Decent cover
Nice product and like the previous person said its probably best suited for the white phone not the blue. Not entirely clear but enough to see the Samsung logo (to which I'm still looking for a soft case that is fully clear). Very very thin, but have to question how much protection can this case give. If anything its an anti-scratch case more than clumsy drop one.
Cheaper than cheap..
Extremely disappointed with this case, it screams cheap and sub par.. Tissue paper thin, cheap plastic rubbish. Not worth anywhere close to the asking price. Shame on you mobilefun.
Not a good look on the blue S3!
Probably looks good on the white S3 but doesn't do the blue one justice as it's opaque and clings to the back cover in places, which shows as dark patches & makes the phone look damaged. The case itself looks OK, fits well & is fairly robust tho'.

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