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SD TabletWear Stand and Type iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Case - Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Use your iPad 4 / 3 / 2 at a comfortable angle and protect your iPad 4 / 3 / 2 at the same time in this green case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28897
$21.58 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 32 customers

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great colour!
bought the case for fathers day. the colour is great and how it looked on the website. thought it would make a change from the usual grey/black. dadso is delighted.
Great service
Great purchase
Needed a cover and this is a great cover and stand. The speed it was delivered was impressive and the info received from MobileFun was second to none.
Great bit of kit!!
The item arrived the next day and I was amazed by the quality of the case!
Great colour, very well made and all of the ports are still easily accessible!

I would recommend this website and case to anyone who wants to keep there ipad in top condition!
Great quality product at a very reasonable price
I'd searched around many sites looking for a case for my new iPad when I came across this one.

The pictures on the site don't do it justice!

Firstly the colour is a very nice lime green, not like a hideous Lamborghini green but a mild lime green which is very attractive to the eye.
Secondly the finishing and stitching on this cover is second to non! Along with the suade interior of the case it genuinely feels like it should have cost a lot more!
Lastly the Velcro strap keeps the iPad firmly in place so that it doesn't fall out.

In conclusion a great quality product at a very reasonable price, just as the title says. Now what are you waiting for? You won't be disappointed!
very pleased with the product
my order came through the next
day as promised, just what i
needed, very satisfied with
the product Thanks and happy new
Beautiful item
This cover is absolutely a stunning lime green colour. The leather is good quailty and everyone comments on where did I get such a gorgeous cpver from.
Just loved the iPad case both color and fit were perfect, even using it as a stand was just right. Well impressed with your quality of service and speed of delivery which was next day. Shall recommend you all family and look forward to shopping with you again.
It's green and exactly what I needed.
I had serched mobile fun site and although the dispatch date was estimated at over 2 weeks I still ordered it. I was then surprised that it arrived in a week and it was just as described. The green was as good as it looked on my pc.
It's green and exactly what I needed.
I had serched mobile fun site and although the dispatch date was estimated at over 2 weeks I still ordered it. I was then surprised that it arrived in a week and it was just as described. The green was as good as it looked on my pc.
just what i wanted
this item does everything i need,holds my ipad ,stands it up and keeps it from dirt and stuff,all at a good price.
SD TabletWear Stand and Type iPad 3 / iPad 2 Case - Green.
Very impressed, love the colour and the style.
This is a fantastic product at a fantastic price. Have looked at others more expensive and they just don't compare to this. Very sturdy, and a full range of colours not just black. You will not be dissapointed. So what you waiting for?
Couldn't be happier with this! Great quality, Ipad fits nice and snug and all holes are in the right place for charging in the case, headphones etc. Lovely quality, the stand is great for typing and secure and the case is great protection for carrying ipad in a packed bag. Lovely colour, an excellent buy!
Just brilliant
I am so pleased with this product it protects my iPad from bumps and knocks, great for on the move, so stylish and neat it looks like real leather, just flip open the lid and your iPad is ready for use shut the lid and it goes to sleep, no more hassle having to struggle holding your iPad with one hand as the lid flips back as a stand,,all this and in my favourite colour excellent ..
Atlast i found the best!
I bought my tablet a month ago and the store where i purchased it was offering me a 50% off on the covers that i will choose.i was not convinced as i think it won't provide full protection to the rather expensive technology i bought.i've been searching the net and i saw this cover from one of my patient.i asked her as to where she purchased it and gave me the website.i didn't hesitate to order as i already liked it when i first saw it.i loved the color and recomended it to my friends aswell..
Absolutely Perfect
I had been looking for a cover for my iPad 2. The 'official' one from Apple seemed quite expensive for something that only protects the front.
This is ideal. All round protection and looks fantastic when used as a viewing stand and just the right angle for typing at the lower angle.
And of course... Its green. I like green!!!
Perfect Christmas gift
My partner had treated herself to an Ipad whilst overseas ( saving loads of money) but complained that she needed a 'case for it'. Found this product via search engine and was delighted to find it came in green as it's her favourite colour. She loves it at findsbeing able to have the ipad tilted is fantastic for typing. ( I also like it standing up when streaming Spotify music as it improves the sound quality). Lovely piece of kit at a really good price.
Great bit of kit!
Very impressed with this covering it looks more expensive than the reasonable cost! The design has been very well thought out and is made from very good quality materials and has great stitching. All the cut outs are in the right place and the iPad 2 fits securely. Highly recommend this product. And what a great colour too!
Superb valueand top quality
I placed my order by phone and it arrived the next day.I was impressed with the quality. The iPad fits perfectly secured by a hidden Velcro strap. All the ports and switches align exactly with the cutouts. The inside of the folding top is lined with a faux suede to protect the screen. It closes with a discreet click as the encapsulated magnets shut the iPad off. Open up and instantly it's back on ---- magic, an essential convenience. When closed it looks and feels like a leather bound book, so it can safely be left on a desk or kept in a bookcase without revealing it's true identity. Marvellous.
Just what I wanted
I had been looking for an iPad 2 case in a bright colour but didn't want to spend a fortune. This case was just what I was after, a lovely bright colour and also does its job well. A very nice product. Just need an iPhone 4 case to match now!
A really lovely thing,
I bought this cover for my ipad 2 and was not disappointed. I love everything about it. The bright green colour is really nice, although it was a toss up between that and the red. The quality and finish is excellent. The stitching is all perfect and the holes for everything are spot on. I can't believe it was so cheap!
a really great product and fantastic value.
Brilliant service
Ipad2 case in funky green perfect protection. The only one I have found that does it all. Excellent delivery.
Secures my iPad 2
A great functional product that works well and looks good. Delivery was a fast overnight service .
I absolutely love this case, especially because it's in my favorite color. I love that it has the same function as the apple smart cover, it's great for typing landscape and watching movies, the cover has great cutouts for speakers, camera, side buttons and menu key. This is a great case for a great price!! Don't hesitate, buy it today!
Is it a case? Is it a stand? No its.... no wait it is both those
Firstly it looks cool, which if you are going to cover up a stylist apple product, you want it to. Secondly, it fits an ipad, nicely. Not 'sort of' but actually. It grips it tightly, with no movement, but could be adjusted by a little internal velcro strap if you wanted. As importantly the cut outs are usefull, you can plug everything in easily without ratching about, and press all the buttons no problem, and most importantly there is plent clearance around the cameras, so there will be no clipped edges of case in an of your shots or videos.

The magnetic cover acts just like the apple version, shutting of when you close it, and waking it when you open it fine. Finally the stand element, the cover folds back into a shallow of almost verticle stand. The flat one is fine, as was the apple versin we used to have, but where this stands out is the vertical stand, because the cover is divided into two, not three, and slots into a little tab on the back, the stand is firm, and more imporantly harder to knock over. We have had it a few weeks now of heavy use so, the leather has gone much softer, but it is still firm and sturdy, and doesn't go anywhere, and we have a two year old using and watching this.... Kids today eh?

All in all very pleased, a well made, durable, and quality product that did what I wanted it to do, which is becoming pretty tough to get these days.

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