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Scosche Magic Mount Window Universal Car Holder System - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Create the perfect viewing angle for your device in the car and conveniently mount your smartphone quickly even with a case attached with the Scosche Magic Mount Window Universal Car Holder System.
  • Mobile Fun ID 46043
$31.11 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 18 customers

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Works really well. Be careful to read instructions carefully and not just try follow 3 easy steps on front of packaging. Also, metal plates stick hard and fast so be careful to position carefully. Bit unstable at times of very unsteady roads. Overall great buy and would highly recommend.
Pleased with the purchase
Good service and pleased with the purchase.
Superb - quality Scosche Magic Mount
Superb - quality Scosche Magic Mount Windows Car Holder holds my iphone5s and ipad2 to my table, Great, and fast delivery. too.
Fantastic Phone Holder
I ordered this and was a bit scepticle as to how well it would work. The magnets are really strong and it works through a double thicknesson of my wallet phone case. Really pleased with this purchase.
Superb - quality Magic Mount
Superb - quality Magic Mount Window holds my iphone5s and ipad2 to my table, Great, and fast delivery. too
Scosche Magic Mount Window Universal Car Holder System - Black
Tried several car mount systems. For the first time I have found one that mounts firmly and adjusts accurately to the best viewing angle. The phone is held steady on even the roughest rides. Could not recommend this product more highly.
Strength and Security
I've had a plethora of similar items and am pleased to have come across this mobile phone/tablet holder. The arm is pretty firm but will flex to my desired position, with the strong magnet and optional non/adhesive plates. What I like most is the STRONG suction on the base. I'm confident it will stay in place until I NEED to move it (when I a buy another car!).
After a lot of deliberation
So I spent a while trying to work out whether this product would work as it said it did. I'd struggled to find another holder I liked the look of but wasn't sold on the magnetic idea, as I thought it would hold for a while but then drop off as soon as you hit any kind of bump or it had been on too long, or maybe it would even mess with the phone. I watched the videos, read all the reviews (on 2 different sites) and eventually decided to go for it.

You should too.

I only use the smaller, thinner of the 2 metal slips you get, and it's placed in between my iPhone 5 and it's case, and it still sticks like glue (even though my phone case has no grip on it at all). No slipping or shaking, it performs exactly as it does in the video and also comes off really easily when you need it to. The arm is ridiculously simple to attach to your windscreen too, and hasn't shown any signs of falling off yet. Literally could not be happier with it. Spend the extra few quid, it's worth it.
I wanted to find out is how strong is the magic mount,after I've had it delivered I tested it with the tablet 7" driving over speed bumps it holds the tablet securely it dodn't fall off.
Great item, Just wish magnet was stronger
This is indeed a great item, but I would like to make people aware: I have a Galaxy Note 4 with the Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case. The weight of the phone, case and magnet add up to a fairly hefty weight. The magnet still hold the phone well in place but a little knock dislodge the phone very easily and it falls to the floor. Great item as I said, I just wished the magnet was even stronger.
Great Product!
I received my Scosche Magic Mount Car Holder a couple of weeks ago and for someone who is in and out of the car 50+ times a day, it's a fantastic product. I've had the same phone holder for over 6 years but now having moved to the iPhone 6, my current holder was too narrow to accommodate the extra width. I went searching and narrowed it down to 2 choices and decided on the Scoshe. I'm so glad I chose it! No more 2 handed juggling needed and all I have to do is pull it off the mount or hold it near the mount and it holds fast. It couldn't be simpler and it suits any phone too.
I've shown my colleagues the Scoshe and they love it too. I have the metal piece sitting in between my phone and the skin as I didn't want to stick it directly to the phone and it still does the job very well. There's no reason anyone should be fined for holding a phone whilst driving.... not if you have a Scoshe Mount!
Thanks MobileZap, for offering a great product!
brilliant item!!!!!
Excellent holder works really good and NY phone is quite heavy holds perfect and easy to attach and detatch simply put near and it is attracted via magnets! Grab and go no buttons to push!! Highly recommended!!!!!!
A great mount, don't bother with the cheaper ones
I bought this mount after using a few types of 'springy clamp' mounts. They were all useless. This mount is really good, the metal plate should sit between your phone and back cover or phone and case and this then sticks to the mount via magnet.

The mount is secure and looks a lot neater in the car as there is nothing in front of the phone.

Highly recommended and great service from Mobile Fun. Cheaper than other sites.

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