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Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Car Holder and Charger - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled Samsung smartphone in the car with this wireless charging holder. Securely position your phone in either portrait or landscape all while enjoying convenient and efficient Qi wireless charging.
  • Mobile Fun ID 50468
$94.71 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 38 customers

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Not suitable for S8 Plus with Otterbox Symmetry
My S8 Plus cannot wirelessly charge through the Otterbox Symmetry case but it charges when using the genuine S8 wireless desktop charger. With the S8 Plus being a long phone, it sits disportionately high in the charger. Lastly this charger still has a micro USB connector, so if you want to charge your S8 with the wire, you will need a adapter.
Fantastic Qi Wireless Car Charger
I have the Samsung S8+ with Qi wireless supported case allowing charging my phone without having to remove case before putting in to car charger.

The Samsung Qi Wireless car charger/holder is brilliant. Easy to install, no fuss when it comes to placing phone into / and removing from cradle. Simply place phone into cradle and push the left and right sides of the cradle inward until your phone is locked in securely. To removed lush one button and the cradle opens up.


Fast wireless charging.
Great for travelling in car.
Moveable cradle to angle it to best suit your view.
Ive attached mine to the windscreen with the suction cup however does come with a sticky pad to secure it to a dashboard / flat surface if required.


When in cradle you can't connect your plug in headset if thats something you require for listening to music or calls due to the cradle covering the port.

* I use a bluetooth head set for calls so this doesnt concern me.*
It charges very well even through a gel back cover
Bought this as I got the S8+ and wife has S7. As the S8+ now has USB C this device saves using different leads or an adaptor. It charges very well even through a gel back cover and keeps full charge using TomTom navigation.
In my opinion it is a solid unit from glass suckered to body
But I find the clamp a little flimsy I could be wrong only time will tell the phone release button on is on the rear at the bottom induction charging does not keep the phone alive so display shuts down somthing to digest
In all I love it
Quick and easy
fast and safe, received my order within 7days
Best on the market
This charger is simply brilliant. I tried three different chargers from another company and their chargers were rubbish. So much FM radio interference upon charging made them unusable. I tested their chargers in three different cars with the same results.

Sure, these ones are more expensive but they are so worth it. Crystal clear reception on the radio again.

Just buy these ones and be happy with the result.
Expensive but good product
This is not an inexpensive option but it is a good one if for no other reason than it saves wear and tear on the micro USB socket on the phone.
It fits my Galaxy S7 Edge very neatly, holds it securely and is very stable.
The holder is quite short which may mean that the device ends up being a long way from you.
Ideally. a right-angled USB connector would be preferable as this would permit the holder to be placed lower down on the dashboard.
From the short length of time I have had the holder I can recommend it but do be aware of the lack of adjustability and shortness of the neck.
Yep product is awesome
Yea nah this product is wicked. Love it. Works perfect and the customer service is great, they really looked after me. The box was crumpled but with such a cool product at such a groovy price who really gives a damn. 5 stars.
Love the wireless charging.
Love the wireless charging abilities. Keeps my phone up and out of the way. (Used to set it in my cup holder) I use the window suction mount and it's exactly what I needed.
Convenient and safe
Convenient to have in my car and safer than having my phone plugged in below the dashboard all the time. I use Google Maps while driving so very easy to see the display.

Was a bit too scared to mount it on my dashboard using the adhesive but the charge pad swivels around quite a bit so you won't struggle to find a window to mount it on instead with the suction cup provided.

Cord is also a good length if the power source is a long way from where you're mounting the charger.
Excellent product
Excellent product.
The item was for my wife to use in her job.
She wasn't to happy with the item she said it charge to slow
Good Solid Kit
Arrived rapidly after ordering. Is easy to assemble and feels very solid. Followed instructions for attaching to windscreen and it sticks really well. The only problem I have had is with wireless charging. Not a fault of the charger but position of the induction receiver inside the phone. I have had to position phone slightly higher in the cradle for it to charge. It also doesn't work if you have a metallic cover on the phone. I have got round these issues by getting a proper S View wireless charging cover for the phone.
in my opinion the mount is worth the money. Would recommend.
Absolutely brilliant charger
I recommend this to anyone with an S7/ S7 edge. Brilliant charger, after installation, just pop phone on it when you get in car & it charges. It really is that easy. Not cheap but worth every penny.
Brilliant recommended
Excellent product. Worth every penny. Does everything it says it's going to do.
Works great
Received it on time, easy to install and use.
Easy to use
Works perfectly, easy to install in vehicle and holds phone securely.
Works with Lumia 950xl
Charges my phone conveniently whilst idle, not as fast when phone plugged in direct and unfortunately will not charge whilst using sat nav.
Looks and feels first class though.
Excellent product but expensive
This is an excellent product. I always struggling to charge my phone in the car as the charging micro point on the phone always came out. I would have given full marks but it's not cheap. However I'm very pleased with the product
This car holder is awesome! So convenient to just sit my phone on the nfc charger and close the side clamps. Shipping was very quick too. Always like purchasing from MobileZap.
Great device at a great price
Great device at a great price delivered quickly and securely would recommend this product 100%
Happy Customer
Very pleased with prompt delivery of a very good product.
Recommend !!
Great product A*****
Great service from mobilefun. Staff a pleasure to do buisness with.
Wireless and easy!
Just what I wanted! No fiddling with micro usb, to charge the phone, just lay it in the cradle, close the sides and we're off - Well built and stylish 10/10
Really pleased with this device
Really pleased with this device. I purchased also the QI internal charging adapter and the Adega leather flip case and it works brilliantly,even though the leather case.
My only issue has been, and this is also shared with the regular Samsung car holder is that on a particularly hot sunny day the vacuum suction holding the device to the windscreen gives way. Often have I returned to the car to find it on the floor in the footwell, though never driving. Maybe having the aircon on keeps it cool enough and when left without it falls. But it isn't a hassle to quickly re-affix it to the windscreen.
Okay but not great
I purchased this for my Samsung Galaxy S6 and although it works great at charging my phone wirelessly I am unable to use it if I want to plug in an aux cable to the bottom of my phone. The plastic feet at the bottom of the phone holder get in the way. Due to that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with an S6 who also needs to use the aux port on their phone.
Only had it for a short while
It feels and looks good. Does what it says only had it for a short time I will see how it stands up to more time
Pro: Good build quality, with strong hold to windscreen.

Con: Wire connector at bottom (for portrait orientation) requires windscreen installation 2 in. higher than otherwise needed. Unnecessarily blocking forward wiew. At this price the holder should have 2 plugs...one at bottom and second at one side.

Turning orientation to landscape not the best option for Note Edge functionality.
Great product
Wireless charging is so handy meaning you just take phone out of your pocket and put it in holder and squeeze the sides of holder onto phone. No messing with cables. To release phone, just press the button on back of holder. Very convenient. Only thing Is, you need the wireless charging case on the Galaxy Note4 (seperate item). Which in itself is great since it makes the camera flush with the body of phone since the back is slightly thicker than original case.
Brilliant - does what is says on the tin
No messing about plugging charger leads in and out - just place it in the cradle and close the side grips. Simples :)
good charger
it comes with a very strong charger that u cant find it alone

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