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Samsung Micro USB Charging Desktop Dock - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge any Samsung Galaxy or any Micro USB smartphone with ease using this official Samsung Desktop Dock in white.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37571
$40.58 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 81 customers

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Perfext, exactly what I needed.
Great product
Very happy with his little dock, does everything I wanted it too. Just a shame it wasn't available in black.
The size was perfect. The idea was perfect. This would have been exactly what i was lokking for except...
Two problems:as my phone is in a case, I have to remove the case in order for it to fit in the charging dock. And, for some reason my speaker, which works when plugged into the phone, does not work when plugged into the docking station. So for now it is just a phone stand :-( I have to rate it not very good as it didn't meet my needs or my expectations but..if your phone is not in a case and your speakers work wealth it, this would be an excellent product.
Fine device and works well for my use
Fine device and works well for my use. I only use this for charging my smartphone from the same brand and it even works with a smartphone from another brand. The device is from a shining black materiaal and it looks well. It's only a dock, so You need a separate charger and a USB-cabel but normaly this items are deliverd white a smartphone.
Not worth it.
I bought this product thinking it would be a nice way to have my phone charge and be able to see the screen while at work. Nothing about it works very well. First of all, It will not work with any type of case on it. Even with the case off it, doesn't dock very securely. As soon as you tap the screen, the phone shift and loses connection. Its ok as just a charger only, but that's what I already had. Save your money on this one and find something else, or just use the cable. Also, it does not include any cabling. Suggestions for improvement: Make the base heavier so it's more stable, have it "latch" into place so it's more secure, make it so it can dock in 'landscape', include cable.

Overall, it's poor quality, and not really usable outside of place to let the phone charge.
The item is good for the purchase. Looks very professional. But i was looking for something where i did not need to open my phone cover everytime i need to charge it. This product is only good for phone without a skin or cover. Anyways item is good and working very well. Only thing I have to open my cover everytime i use it.
Pretty decent
Good product. Pretty useful. But audio does not work for my Galaxy A5. Other than that, everything works fine.
Good Trader
Happy with trader and with the purchased product.
Good device
Excellent service good device
It is a solid unit
This dock seems to be well made, it is a solid unit. Charges my Galaxy Tab 4 well. Easy to set up and gives a good viewing angle. The problem with this dock is that it does not support data synchronisation while plugged into a PC.
It is a solid unit
This dock seems to be well made, it is a solid unit. Charges my Galaxy Tab 4 well. Easy to set up and gives a good viewing angle. The problem with this dock is that it does not support data synchronisation while plugged into a PC.
Does not work well with S6
I bought this thinking i could use it to charge the S6 and get audio out too.
Unfortunately because the S6 does not support usb out audio, it renders this dock as nothing more than a charger ! And you get that free with the phone !
Dont buy if you plan on using it as a desktop audio player....but if you need a fancy looking charger, fill your boots.
Should have known something was wrong when i saw the box said Galaxy S3 !
Guys at mobilefun...please do some research before you advertise something as being compatible with a device that it is clearly not.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steve

Sorry to hear the item didn't work as expected. Now we are aware of the issue we have updated the page and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us for a refund.
Great product, fits phone with protective cover on
I was apprehensive about this product as I didn't want to have to remove my protected cover every time I charged it, who would..& as everyone knows smartphones need a lot of charging, but I need not have worried, the item arrived promptly, I took it out of the box, plugged my wall charger into the back, inserted my phone and presto, no more farting about finding the adapter to fit in the phone, it looks smart and tidy on the kitchen shelf, may get another for the bedroom. Would encourage anyone with the Samsung 3 to purchase.
Does exactly what it's supposed to.
First one received was faulty and returned to supplier.
Replacement arrived approximately a week later and has worked fine ever since.
Excellent convenient S4 charging dock.
As per title, but first one received was found to have a faulty micro usb plug charge bar, so was returned for replacement, which arrived approximately one week later and is working fine, so far.
Sound not coming through the 3.5 mm output
Hi, the dock itself is nice and I like that it can be folded together, but when I connect the 3.5 mm line out to my speakers, nothing comes through. It just continues to play through the phone speaker. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this or have you experienced something like this??
Regard Jan
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jan

Can you contact our customer services team and we will do our best to assist.
stylish excellent desktop chager
This desk top charger is the best small sleek charge well even take phone in case to charge use it to have phone on coffee table and ordering another to hold phone on bed side table
Sleak docking station
to shabby for a desktop docking station, my only negative comment, if you have a cover to protect your phone then you MAY have to remove it to use this charger, that aside it is a nice stylish unit that closes when not in use and as a bedside charger it has your phone in the upright position if like me you use your phone for bedside clock and alarm.
Faulty after two days
Item worked fine on arrival, but proved faulty shortly after. Still awaiting replacement.
Great accompanyment to the S6
Nice little charger looks sleek and works well
USB Dock
This is not really a dock. It is just an overpriced USB charger. No interface whatsoever with your PC.

Extremely disappointing.
USB Dock
This is not really a dock. It is just an overpriced USB charger. No interface whatsoever with your PC.

Extremely disappointing.
Just what I wanted
This docking station is just what I wanted.
Samsung charging dock
Delighted with the information received prior to buying and with the speedy arrival of the device, which was next day if my memory is correct. At last my wife knows precisely where she has left her phone, which was the object of the exercise. No more,"have you seen my phone conversations." For any husbands out there with absent minded wives, this is the phone device you've been looking for, not only does it charge the mobile phone, your wife will actually know where she left it.....
dock charger
I love it! Perfect size! Would definitely recomnend it!!!
phone dock
I love this phone dock that i ordered!! Love the size and quality of it! It is perfectand holds my ssamsng galaxy s4mini very nicely! Would definitely recommend it yo others looking for a phone dock! Is compatible with alot of different samsung phones.
Exactly what I wanted and expected
This is a great quality item that will do exactly what you want. I have no hesitation in recommending it and hey, it looks cool too which is always a bonus.
Samsung Desktop Dock for Galaxy Phones
This is an excellent product. Even with a backcase added, the phone fits in securely.
Brilliant Product
Quality product - works perfectly for my wife's Galaxy S2. Includes app which displays time on phone whilst docked
fab little docking station
It's perfect with it's size, can take it anywhere. Lighy as a feather, just need your charger cable to power this wee device. Only downside I've found is that there isn't a speaker as such, more just makes the volume on your phone louder. I still think it's been a good purchase
Comments on The Holder
Very Good it seems as if the phone is not sitting firmly on the Base. When you charge the phone, The charge goes down quicker an Calendar application is applied.
Other than that it works well as it is neat and Tidy
High quality product
I recently bought a GN3 and wanted a desk stand/charger for it. This particular model is very high quality and has a usefly 'fold down' flap for when it's not in use. Unlike many others from other websites, the connecting plug is very solidly built - and that's a bonus given that it is the part that gets the most use. Excellent. One minor niggle. The device sits off-centre on the charger because the connecting SOCKET on the GN3 is USB *3* whilst the plug is USB 2. It doesn't affect the charging though.
Samsung Desktop Dock for Galaxy Phones
A useful gadget for those who seek in hooking up there Samsung to an amplifier and turning their mobile into a sound system. (especially if you have a rather large SD card)
Customer support was very quick and precise in response to my questions.

I’ll recommend this product. 10/10
Just the job
Just what you would expect from a Samsung product, easy to get the phone in and out,holds the phone at just the right angle, folds down so it can easily be popped in a bag for travelling.
We ordered the charger as a convenient way to charge up the Samsung 'Mega' and it is all that ..... the mega sits in the charging stand just fine no problems. It does require you to use the Samsung charging cord which comes with your phone as the charging stand does not include a cord. Very happy!!
A Very Fine Product
I've had this dock for a few weeks now and am very impressed with it. It's well thought out, smart and unobtrusive. I particularly like the fold down device tray as it prevents dust and such like entering the connector.

It's primary function is to allow me to use the phone to try out new music via Spotify before committing to a purchase and also listen to internet radio while I have a well earned lie on weekends off. I don't know whether the dock influences the quality of the music but there's is no doubt that listening via the phones micro USB connection has moved the enjoyment factor up by a good few notches. The dock connected to my TEAC AURB Mini which is itself a good audio reproducer but since using the dock it all sounds so much better than it did via the Headphone out connection.

The phone fits well on the dock and is stable. It's rubberised base prevents slipping and the view angle of the phone is good. Not that there's much to see or needs to be seen for my purposes.

I am now considering purchasing a second one for the lounge so I don't have to move the dock from room to room

All in all, an excellent product and a happy owner.
Samsung desk top charger
Excellent buy now just sit my samsung in too charge well made & really sturdy small as well and doesn't take up much room by my pc
Desktop Dock
Fits my phone perfectly not only charges it but displays time and weather in your area.
Great but phone doesn't feel held firmly
This is a great product and does everything it's supposed to.
My little niggle i that when putting the phone in, it feels very loose.
When you place the phone in, it feels like its held in place with the power connector only.
Just bear in mind that because i is able to fit various cases if you have a thin case it can feel loose.
That said I am getting used to it now and have had no problems.
This is a perfect charger for your Note 2. It charges quickly even with the flip case on (most chargers can't do that) . Even folds up for travel.

The white charger looks great with the white phone and doubles for an alarm clock in the bedroom

ps. Mobile Fun ships quickly to Canada
This is all you need
Just got it today. Mobile Fun ships very quickly

Beautifully designed and built. Don't bother with those cheap knock offs chargers. This looks great on my desk and charges rapidly. It charges even with the Samsung OEM protective case on

Highly Recommend
perfect choice
excellent choice of product, elegant and do not need much space on your desk
Samsung galaxy s3 & s4 Dock
Excellent! For docking phone with the flip cover open or closed. Excellent service, quick delivery.
Very user friendly docking station and nice looling also.
Samsung dock disappointing
Had a previous Samsung dock for my note 1 an it was superb. This dock will work with any Samsung and I feel this is the problem. I found it difficult to locate my note 2 onto the dock and it doesn't always charge unless pressed very firmly in place which defeats the objective of having it. Have sent it back. Otherwise very good build quality and looks superb.
Bloody expensive charging stand
For the price I would have expected this to pass through USB connections to the computer and come with a USB cable. Especially as the item page says as much.

Pretty, yes. Pretty damned expensive for what it is, too. If you only want a pretty charging stand then fine, avoid otherwise.
It works !!
Great as desk stand/bedside clock.
What a useful bit of kit!
This is every bit as good as an iPhone dock, but without the disadvantages of being "locked in" to Apple. It features an audio output via 3.5mm jack; also, when the phone is in the dock, it changes the screen display to show a calendar, the time and the outside temperature. It will also charge my Galaxy MP3 player. A good investment!
Glad I bought it
Previous reviews I read about this item were either untrue or in complete. I accept you cannot use the dock to sync your phone with your computer or laptop (didn't want that) but it does do what I wanted A goodlooking bedside charger and automatically turns your Galaxy into a bedside clock and weather station (previous reviews omitted this useful function). Despite other reviewers claims- it is quite stable in its dock and is compatable with the Samsung Flip over case. One reviewer wanted to use it as a charger mounted on a car dash board - NOT SUITABLE .
Overall Just what I wanted but a little expensive
Not quite what he wanted
The dock was good for charging my husbands phone and because it has a usb point he thought plugging it into his computer his Samsung galaxy s3 would 'talk' to it and be able to transfer data etc, but it doesn't ...it only charges it.

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