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Samsung HS3000 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth Headset lets you enjoy your music and audio entertainment wirelessly between your device and the headset with rich stereo sound while also featuring hands-free calling.
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 4.4 stars from 32 customers

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Awesome device
I am a type of person who don't like to have his head covered, I have tried many head phones which either don't last long or don't fit in with my request. I finally decided to go for something original and I must admit I am liking my perchase, I will be bying another for my son as well.i like everything about it, great sound and easy to use.
Samsung HS3000
Bought a replacement headset that the wife lost. It works really well. Small easy to use, talks to you to tell you the status.

Love it. (love my old one before the wife lost it). The fact that I have now bought 2 must count for something!!
Samsung HS3000 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
The Samsung HS3000 Stereo Bluetooth Headset works well.
Range is very good. When used with our simple, low end Samsung Gusto flip phone, conversation was fine at 20ft, had a small amount of noise but usable at 30 ft through a wall with a metal door. the call was still connected, though quite choppy, when headset was at 100 ft away outside the house! (Range is rated at 33ft.)
Since it uses aptX codex, there is no visible delay in the audio while watching video from a source that also supports the aptX codex. I have tested that on a Macbook Air and my TV using a TosBlue transmitter. (Mac iOS devices to do support aptX, so those to have noticeable audio delay - Apple needs to fix that!!!) The voice prompts to alert you when On, Off, Paired, etc are very nice.

I don't understand why Samsung pulled this product from the US market first introduced in 2011. Since I bought from UK, it comes with a UK wall charger, but my Samsung phone charger works (very similar specs) so that is not a problem for me.
As good as it ever was
I had purchased this Samsung HS3000 a year ago and paired it with some TDK BA100's (due to their quality and cable length). I absolutely loved this setup. The sound was amazing and the HS3000 performed flawlessly. This really is the best option (to me) for a personal bluetooth media setup. Clipping the HS3000 to my lapel instead of hanging a unit on my neck allowed me the ability to be far more active and mobile, and having the ability to choose which earbud/monitor setup I prefer really made my decision to purchase a second HS3000 (after my first pair was stolen) a no-brainer. My only complaint is that the battery life is good but not great, and the earbuds that come with the unit are also good but not great... although like I said, you can use any headphones you like with the HS3000.

Shame that these are not being made any longer.
Just what I needed for watching TV
My wife and I like different sound levels while watching TV.
I couple this with the Telme2 Toslink to Bluetooth and I am set.
Now I can enjoy the high quality stereo and it does not disturb my wife or the neighbors.
It really enhances the TV watching experience.
Wow! work great! Can be charge by USB or in the wall. The sound is good and connect well with an Iphone. Never use the voice option in communication.
Two weeks for delivery; shipped with European AC adaptor.
Very pleased with the performance of my Samsung stereo bluetooth unit. It took a bit of time to take delivery, since it shipped from England; it also shipped with an incompatible European AC charge unit, so I needed to acquire a separate charge unit. Consequently, a mixed review.
Great Product
This is a great Bluetooth Headset Adapter. I like that I can have Bluetooth without having the receiving unit right next to my head/ brain.
I also like I can use any headset.

The company offered great customer service fixing an issue I had promptly.

I recommend this unit for anyone wanting Bluetooth mobile capability for phone calls or listening to music without having the bluetooth receiver up against your head.
Samsung Bluetooth HS3000
Works as advertised. Can't say anything better than that. Recommended.
Better than expected
Firstly was very impressed with the sales advice and next day delivery.

As I required a bluetooth headset, only to listen to traffic prompts on a motor bike, the only choices available in the motorbike shops/sites were the ones that had a microphone, plus all the other extras. These cost around £150 for a good set.

Being a version 3, the connection to the sat nav was easy. Tested it on a 400 mile trip, and even at motorway speeds, the prompts were clear. With the two 'in-the-ear' ear buds, it also blocked the other
road noises, but not to the point of total block.

The length of the cable is adequate, as it just clips onto the inside collar of your shirt, and does not get in the way at all.

Apart from the above, it can also be connected to your phone too; But I never use my phone whilst riding/driving.

It is an excellent product.
Love the easy setup
I purchased the Samsung HS3000 stereo headset. I love the easy setup of the bluetooth headset so that it connects to 2 devices. The range of the headset is also very good. I can go any where in the house and continue a conversation on the phone or listen to my music.
charger wrong
you sent me wrong charger does not work in usa pl send me right one thank you otherwise everything very good
Cable Free...Hassle Free
I ordered this from Mobilefun and it arrived in less than 24hrs...How impressive is that !

The unit is compact and can be used with your own headphones if you want. If you cycle/hike etc It allows you to keep your phone safe and dry in a bag/rucksak without the headphone cable connecting you to it or you having to keep your phone in a pocket that could potentially get exposed to the elements. It has the volume/play/pause buttons on it so operating your music is easy. The buttons are quite low profile on both sides of the device so you do end up pressing buttons inadvertently if you have clumsy fingers. Saying that though,they don't stick out enough to get accidentally pressed either.

If you have a decent set of headphones, the sound is very good. There is the occassional droput in sound but I don't know if that is the phones fault or not. This does only seem to be when you are moving about so it could be signal interference. It doesn't happen enough for it to be a problem though. If you receive a call in the great outdoors and the speaker is not close to your voice, the mic does have a tendency to pick up clothes rustling or wind...and callers mention that they have difficulty hearing you (but hey...what did we do before mobile phones and we wanted to go for a walk ?).

This is worth the money for what it does. I use mine for cycling. I also use it plugged into the AUX IN cable on my stereo.

It has a good standby battery life and if you keep it topped up with the included charger you can't go wrong. Four stars due to the occasional sound drop out. Hope this helps
Samsung HS3000 Stereo Bluetooth Headset 
Great device, very easy to use....over 6hrs in battery life..great headset for my Samsung Gs4 phone.
Nail tech
I think one the best bluetooth that i have.
Samsung HS3000
-Very good sound quality even in noisy places.
-The voice prompts that let you know when the device is on, off, connected, etc. are great, much better than beeps and tones!
-The button controls are raised so they're easy to find and use.
-The clip is very sturdy, holds in place even with heavy movements.
-The battery life is better than average, so it still last more than one day under heavy use (I listen to music stored on my phone continueosly).
-Connected quickly and easily to my Samsung Galaxy S4, plus they both use the same usb charger so less stuff to carry around.
-The only downside so far is that the call audio and the media audio are seperate functions on the Galaxy S4 and the headset keeps disconnecting from the media audio, so every so often I need to reconnect it.
-No FM tuner like the Sony WM600. :(
-So one minor annoyance and several great qualities = good product that I recommend getting!
Great BT Receiver
This thing is perfect! I got 2 so I always have a charged backup.

Nicest thing is that it will still work while charging. That makes it great in the car ... play tunes from my phone, via this, into the car's AUX input. Phone call? just touch the button and talk.

The only issue is that the Volume and Track buttons on the sides are awkward to use without inadvertently pushing one on the other side. Takes some getting used to.

Oh, and the included headphones are total crap. But that's why there is a jack, so you can use your own really good headphones.
Samsung HS3000
So far this has been a nice unit. Being able to plug my own headset set gives a much better sound than the provided ear plugs. This also means I can plug it into other devices such as the aux input on the car stereo and sound system.
The provided ear plugs were quite comfortable to wear thanks to the soft surrounds but they lack bottom end.
It paired very easily to my Galaxy S2 and needed very little fiddling to be up and running.
Good sound but poor build
This is a short review. The device works well and sounds good but the clip broke within 2 weeks of normal use. Cant recommend it for this reason
Great headset - wrong power adapter
Firstly, this is a great little headset. It paired with my Nexus 4 without a problem, and played music beautifully. The audio controls work as advertised.

However there was an unpleasant surprise when I first opened the box. The power adapter will not fit an Australian wall socket. This wasn't mentioned on the website, and would have been nice to know.

Since I ordered through an Australian website (mobilezap.com.au) I had expected an adapter I could actually use.

Thankfully you can also charge it with a standard Micro USB cable. (Not included in box).
very good
very good dealing
Works out of the box
Got this because my Sony Ericsson Bluetooth wouldn't pair with phone or iPad.
This works great, and pairs with no problem at all.

Sound quality is great.

Only minor problem is its easy to catch the button & redial the last number called but it is only a minor issue.

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