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Samsung HM5100 Bluetooth Stylus Pen - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Improving upon the design of the original Galaxy Note S Pen design, the HM5100 includes integrated Bluetooth functionality allowing it to be able to take and receive calls.
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 4.7 stars from 3 customers

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Un imaginary and extradinary service
The good and not-so-good of the Samsung HM5100 Bluetooth Pen
The Good:
1) Both the phone and S-pen work as described.
2) A good size to hold and use as an S-pen.
3) Very sensitive microphone although it can tend to pick up too much in noisy environments.
4) Speaker sounds fine.
5) Quite a reasonable bluetooth range.

The not-quite-so-good
1) The pen is a little too long to clip properly onto shallow pockets. It should be either shortened or have the pocket clip moved down the body of the pen.
2) It is very easy (especially if your SIM card is in a tablet) to unintentionally wander out of Bluetooth range. I couldn't make the pen automatically reconnect when I came back into range (had to turn the pen off then on again - IF I REMEMBERED). An audible or vibrating "out-of-range" warning would have been a good idea.
Great pen
i bought this as a spare to use with my Galaxy Note 3 - I had just invested in the power jacket and realised that the jacket covered the existing S Pen on the Note so access was impossible!

So, great pen, feels really nice in the hand, very natural

Just in case....... make sure you take the default S Pen out of the slot in the Note 3 else this pen will not work!!!!! i thought this new S Pen was faulty / not compatible until i removed the default one from the bottom of the phone!!

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