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Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The sleek, easy-to-use Samsung Bluetooth Headset HM1700 gives you the freedom of handsfree communication.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34702
$33.81 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 11 customers

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If you are trying to use every moment of your day, including the time you spend in your car driving - then this is for you. I love my Samsung Galaxy and now I have a perfect way of using when I need my hands for driving.
Simple, easy to use and very clear!
Very good
perfect product!
This bluetooth earpiece is exactly what it says.
I bought it because I use the S4 and thought it would be perfect.
It is! It has a decent range too.
An Excellent Earpiece
Excellent earpiece, had been searching for an earpiece that worked with a Nokia Luma since Christmas, as other earpiece's purchased only beeped and it was was difficult to hear the phone ringing. This works perfect. Def Recommend.
Samsung Bluetooth Headset
I needed to replace my Bluetooth headset, so rather than purchasing a generic headset, I thought I would go with the manufacturer of my mobile phone, a wise choice. The build quality is brilliant, the ease of functionality is excellent, the voice setup prompt also extremely good. Another product that Samsung have excelled in. Overall a superb blue tooth headset. Well done Mobile Fun for stocking this product.
glad i found this
excellent product, very easy to use and comfortable to wear, i would recommend it to anyone
Good for user, not for receiver
It is a great headset for many reasons, except for two - people who call you get to hear their own echo, and the answer/make call button is right where your finger presses when you adjust or take off the headset!.
As soon as I change headsets, it goes away, so it's definitely headset related.
On the positive side, It it easy to pair, is very clear to hear, has useful voice prompts and fantastic battery life.
Best Bluetooth headset I've ever owned!
This is by far the best Bluetooth headset I've ever bought. It was a doddle to pair (no code needed on my phone), can be easily renamed on the phone and is very comfortable to use. The clarity is excellent and controls easy to use. A good case for sticking with the same make, rather than using a "universal" headset.
Great quality for the price
Works really well with my phone. If I have any complaint it's that the earpeice hurts the ear even after short use. Maybe a better selection ear cushions would help.

However the service from the vendor was very quick.
brillant just what i needed
Easy to work. Fast connection and lasts up to 8 hours. Happy with this device.

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