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Samsung Google Nexus S Car Mount With Hands-Free Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The cradle is perfect for holding your Nexus S and charging your phone at the same time as talking hands-free.
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 4.1 stars from 10 customers

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Great buy
Sticks to windscreen or dash. No problem with socket for me (just rotated it 180 degrees). Speaker could be better but spare usb means second device can be chargex which stops any my phone your phone squabbles!
Product works pretty well and holds the phone securely, but the plug keeps sliding JUST far enough out of the cigarette lighter socket that it stops charging. Hasn't fallen out yet, and don't think it will, but it's annoying to keep having to check that the LED is still lit, and nudging it back fully into the socket.
Not very happy with it and i think i will return it.

My problems were
- very annoying sqeak when you change to landscape and back.
- the arm is to short
- forces me to use a 2.5 mm jack....i tried buying an coverter back to 3.5 but it got so long that i couln't change gears in my car anymore.
great features
Great Product! Suction mount is very good and the plastic material it's made from is quite sturdy.

The extra USB is great when you want to charge two phones at once.

I bought the mount as I use my phone for Navigation and the onboard speaker amplifies the sound from the phone, which is a must have when you're on a motorway and the phone speaker becomes inaudible, just ensure that if you do use the mount to answer calls, bump up the volume to max. The holder can also be rotated, if you do require your phone to be in landscape mode i.e. for navigation.

I would definitely recommend this product
Works a treat
I have a Navara pickup which isn't the quietest cab around. Once I'd got the ciagerette lighter socket-speaker far enough away from the cradle/phone to stop echo it work great. I've just cable tied the cradle directly to a dashboard vent. Gives good speech quality according to people I've spoken to, speaker could do to be a tad louder, but for the money it's great. Well worth having.

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