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Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi Display AllShare Cast Hub - EAD-T10UDEGXEU Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly stream music, movies and games to big screens with the Wi-Fi Display Receiver for the Samsung Galaxy devices including S3 / S4 / S5 / Note 2 and 3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35120

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 4.6 stars from 13 customers

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The guys are very helpful will use them again.
View it on the BIG Screen!
This is a lovely small device that connects to your TV using the HDMI cable supplied. Once connected you are able to connect your phone wirelessly to it using the All-Share feature, this mirrors your phone screen onto the TV allowing you to view movies etc. on the big screen. Saves all the faffing about with cables and once you've connected once the device remembers the details and connects quickly on future occasions. I use to stream content from my media server via my phone to the TV. Great item.
Exellent with s4
Good Product
I purchased the Samsung All share cast dongle from mobile fun as it was not available via any other online or market in India.
They sent the product in the promised and without any damage. the packaging was very good.
The price was reasonable than any other online store.
I have used the product and it very useful.. by attaching the HDTV with this dongle.. all my phones content now streams directly to my tv
It has replaced 50% functionality of my laptop.
The dongle connection sometimes break or gets slow.. but overall its a useful product.
Crazy but very cool device !
Having had the S3 since it came out, I like others had been waiting a good while for this device to come out. Setup is simple, with a button on the back to help you pair with mobile phone for the first time, once you're done you don't need to add it again. Connecting the box via HDMI, the actual instructions of what to do appear on the screen of your telly, which is a great idea by Samsung.
Connecting can take 10 to 15 seconds, but once you're connected thats it, your telly reflects what you see on your phone, it's awesome.
Youtube and 'Video Player' videos go full screen without you having to do anything, and of course the sound gets pumped over to your telly as well.
The cool thing that works that I didn't expect is the camera, in either camera or video mode, relaying what the camera can see to the telly too, a very cool feature to show your friends.
I quite happily wondered round my house with my phone in the pocket with youtube videos on, and the connection was very stable, quite impressed. However there were a few disconnects over the few hours I used it for, but a quick one button reconnect gets you back on track. I have a million and 1 wifi devices in my house, so I'm putting that down to interference rather than a problem with the dongle. The dongle itself is very small, and I've already stuffed it in my suitcase and taken it abroad to use in my hotel room, so I don't have to watch the hotels choice of videos :)

All in all a great product that was well worth waiting for, and will certainly impress your friends when they see the HD quality videos being beamed to your telly !
To share or not to share
At the beginning something good about this device so it can stream ie movies other data like games.Unfortunatelly Allshare Cast does not stream subtitles. I was using MX Pro player.Sometimes some lags appears but generally it is ok. The problem with this device is that it can only works if on the phone is option Allshare Cast. Because of that I have access to two units of S3 I would say not each Galaxy S3 has Allshare Cast feature.If the phone does not has Allshare Cast you can forget that you will see anything on your Tv. "Great" Samsung Support suggested to upgrade any apps in the Samsung Apps no mattet what it was about. Those two units which ai have are working in the same network (Three).There are no available upgrades. I give three stars because of lack of the feature Allshare Cast in some units and impossibility of streaming subtitles.

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