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Samsung Galaxy S5 Bike Mount Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for navigation and listening to your music, this bike mount kit offers an easy to install and secure mounting solution for your Galaxy S5 on a bike.
  • Mobile Fun ID 45611
$20.28 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 11 customers

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This is pricey but does the job very well, no rattling on my mountain bike which is saying something
Safe as houses
I have had this handlebar mount a few weeks now and it's standing up to the testing bumpy roads on my daily commute to and from work. I find it does rattle slightly but I've inspected it to see if it's going to come away, and it looks fine. My S5 is a perfect fit and, despite only having 2 corner and one side clip, it's held in place very well. There's a cut out so the camera can still be used. It's easy enough to to detach the holder along a ride for some pics. Or, as there's only one side clip, it's quick and easy to remove the phone from the holder.
Overall I would definitely recommend this product.
slimline holder
This is a slim but firm and capable cycling phone holder. I was looking for something that wasn't cumbersome, that would hold the phone without overlapping its edges and was tight enough to hold phone to handle bars over bumpy trails and this did the trick...very happy with it. you can even detach phone with out taking the whole grip off.
Works a treat!
This is a great product. I didn't expect it to be as good as it is and felt a little bit nervous on the 1st use. But, I was very surprised at how sturdy it is. I've been using it for over a week and haven't had any issues. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get their phone on their handlebars.
easy to fit and very secure
Superb simple design easy to put on a bike and fits multiple diameter bars. Used it a few weeks now and phone never comes loose under all vibrations. You can also set at any angle for perfect viewing for looking at phone sat nav or cycling apps. Great product great price
The Samsung Galaxy S5 Bike Mount Kit is great. The product was received promptly by the supplier, within a few days of me placing the order. It was easy to install. I would recommend Mobile Fun to my friends if they need accessories for bikes, phones etc
Clean and Simple to use No Fuss
I've bought these phone holders before, for my other phones, an S2 and S4 and now the S5. The mount is simplicity itself to fit.

Separate the two halves, place either side of the handle bar and do up the finger twist lock. Clip the holder onto the clamp and slot your phone in, adjust for preferred angle and tighten again. Off you go. The release you can take the whole holder and phone in one go when you lock up your bike making getting back on even simpler.

They have survived numerous bike crashes, many hundreds of wet muddy and grimy rides.

It might look flimsy but its not.

Enjoy a product that does what it says for once.
grips the phone but not my bike!
This bike mount fits the S5 securely but will not allow for any cover such as the flip soft cover. The drawback is that it has an inflexible sized clamp for the handlebars Which was far too small for my new touring bike. I managed to fix it go my bike lock which I hand round my neck and can hear Google map gps guide with it in this position. I suggest they develop more than one handle bar clamp.
Only used this a few times but so far seems very strong and sturdy phone feels save in it have bumped up few kirbs and been on some rough paths and so far so good.
S5 Bike Mount ideal
delivery was next day even though didn't order till 4pm on Friday. V easy to fix and have used off road and holds phone strongly but still easy to get out. Highly recommended

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