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Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 3 & 4 Smart HDMI Dock - EDD-S20EWEG Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This genuine Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & 3 / S3 / S4 Smart Dock allows you to connect your phone to an HD display, connect a USB keyboard and mouse, connect external storage devices and plug in 3.5mm audio components.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36945
$81.17 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 48 customers

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Samsung stores fails - mobile fun impresses
When the Galaxy Note 3 appeared so too did a range of accessories at the local Samsung (Carphone Warehouse in disguise) store. When I replaced it with Note 4 I was amazed there were so few accessories readily on sale. Week after week I checked out to see if the dock was available but in joy, there was nothing. The staff offered no suggestions either as to why there was nothing available in the shop, which specialises in Samsung products. Compared with Apple I have to admit staff seemed clueless. Eventually I looked at Mobile Fun and there it was . The dock for the Note 4 was the same as that for Note 2. My search was over. Thank you Mobile Fun for coming to the rescue, you were able to do something the so called Samsung specialists failed to do.
HDMI works with Note 4 (Vodafone UK), OTG USB ports do not.
I bought this for my Note 2 phone a while ago. All functionality worked with the Note 2 i.e. HDMI output and USB OTG ports. Sadly with my Note 4 (locked to Vodafone UK) only the HDMI output and power input work. The USB ports are dead and non-responsive.
Time saving dock
I have just changed from a Nokia E7 to a Galaxy Note 3 and wanted the ability to type long text messages quickly. Nokia Suite allowed you to do this very easily but Samsung's Kies 3 software is a poor substitute with very few features. This dock allows a mouse and keyboard to be connected to the Note 3 and this enables quick inputs. It also allows charging and data transfer to your computer (but the mouse and keyboard will not work when this connection is made). The dock looks neat and tidy on your desk and the spring loaded connector at the base allows some tolerance for larger after market cases.
my opinion
It was smaller than I expected and I have to wiggle my phone around a bit before it charges but other than that I like it.
Good Piece of Kit
At first I was a tad sceptical as to the quoted functions of this device following research on the internet and the wild variation in prices .Itherefore decided to play safe and buy from alocal trusted company ie Mobile Fun .The unit is genuine Samsung ,very compact ,well constructed and does every thing it says on the box Iamvery pleased.
Effective and good value
When my PC crashed I turned to my Note 2 to keep working. While writing emails and navigating files and web pages on its screen is doable, for full time use it is a pain. So I bought the dock to connect to a USB keyboard, USB mouse and my big LaCie monitor.

Keyboard and mouse worked straight away. But I could not find a way to satisfactorily convert from the HDMI output to DVI or VGA for the LaCie, so bought a 14 inch HDMI monitor. It worked fine plugged into the dock's HDMI port.

Given the problems I had with HDMI conversion I wonder about the HDMI implementation on the dock but could not find any detailed technical specification. Nor could I find a detailed specification of the USB ports. I think they are only USB 2.0 but don't know.

With external storage the dock will interface with only FAT32 devices up to 32GB so I copied my working files from my NTFS backup to a USB memory stick.

The dock also works with a powered USB hub to provide, in effect, more than three ports.

In summary, the dock is very neat and works well.
Doesn't work with S3
I bought the dock and tried everything to finally get an answer from Samsung that the dock is not compatible with the Galaxy S3. So please, correct the description.
samsung smart dock
Excellent service from mobile fun and product got delivered on time. The HDMI didn't work for the first time but later I figured out going through some of the website that we need to have the case removed from phone to make it work. All in all great product and does what it says.
Wanted to use this to play Sky now and Netflix through my 3g connection as my broadband is slow where I live and when the kids are on their ps3,my youveiw box will not work.
Once connected to the dock my NOTE 3 works like a dream.PIcture is fantastic and I've also connected my keyboard and mouse and it works as good as my home computer.
Sound through hdmi into my Jbl sb400 soundbar is also great.
The note 3 works a dream and I don't have to run about looking for a charger.FANTASTIC
Excellent Accessory
An extremely useful accessory for my new Galaxy S4 mobile, although a little on the pricey side. But I wanted the official Samsung dock rather than an inferior third party one. The dock is recognised automatically by the phone, so no setting up. It has been a boon to be able to plug in a wireless keyboard and mouse while I was setting up my new S4, adding contacts, etc. The S4 fits perfectly, even while still in its case. Although you have to make sure the phone is sitting exactly square on the contacts. I found that the front cover/flap on the case was pushing the phone off-centre and it was not connecting, but once you are aware of that, it is fine. I have tried the HDMI connection to my TV. All worked fine, but not something I would use very often. A few very minor drawbacks: 1) I use an alternative keyboard app (A.I.Keyboard-very good!), but this has to be de-activated when you use the dock. But as the main benefit of the dock is to connect an external keyboard, then this is not an issue. 2) The dock puts the phone on permanent charge. When the phone is fully charged, I get reminders to un-plug my charger. 3)The dock displays its own Home Page with calendar and clock, but if you don't like this, it is easily cancelled with the (X) button. All things considered, I would rate this item at 95%.
Excellent - almost
Fully compaatible with the S4. Mirrors phone screen on HDTV in full 1080 res. Allows you to view movies and phone content on the TV. Plugged an X-box 360 controller into mine and also played afew compatible games. A truly marvelous device. I did however experience some downsides. Delivered with 2 pin euro plug and therefore requires a plug adapter. Wouldn't scale to a 720 TV so was cropped on all sides. Phone interface stays in portrait mode. Hence 4 stars
Europlug, not US plug; 30 fps video only
Received Europlug version of the charger, not a US plug. This wasn't clear from the description. Since the charger accepts all voltages, however, only a simple plug adapter is needed.

MHL 1.0, not 2.0, so only 30 fps is supported, as opposed to 60. Interaction with the phone seems to lag noticeably when forcing landscape mode and outputting to a (Samsung) TV as opposed to portrait mode. The Smart Dock seems to have issues displaying at full resolution when using many computer monitors. There are a few other reports of this on forums.

If you can't get the dock to recognize keyboard/mouse, try restarting the phone.

It's good for using your phone as a quick low-power consumption desktop computer. The Tasker app can probably be used to implement keyboard shortcuts to make navigating more efficient.
Note 3 works with Smart Dock

Just wanted to let everyone know that despite some comments to the contrary, the smart dock does indeed work with the Note 3. Please see video here:


MobileFun Reply
Thanks Kung! We have featured your video on the product page!
Will not work with Note3
This docking station works great with the Note 2. But when I upgraded to the Note 3 today, I sadly found that the Note 3 uses a USB 3.0 connector which made the docking station unusable for the Note 3. The Note 2 of course uses a micro b connector. I cannot find any type of adapter yet.
So, bottom line, this site advertises that it will work for the Note 3...... It will NOT!
cannot "sit" my s4mini on the docking station
i cannot "sit" my s4 mini on the docking station.
i can connect the micro usb cable to the s4mini but the device of the docking station has not the same shape as the micro usb.
how can i fix this problem?
Great place to get your items
Great fast and efficient service. Great product which works brilliantly and fulfill my needs. Great place to find products that is not available locally
what I wanted
Got it 16 hours after ordering it . Wanted it to watch movie's on my HDtv. It works great to . Its that good am thinking o getting it for my daughter for her Samsung Galaxy S4 mini . Yeah it works on that to . If you purchase this item you'll love it . I do :-)
Great item for charging
Superb for charging viewing my files on TV and speakers a little bit over priced but great fun.
Works with Galaxy Note 8
I needed this for Galaxy Note 8 , and works.
Good Device, Great Price
Considering the price of the multimedia dock everywhere else, MobileFun has the best price available. I was able to purchase the device as well as expedited shipping all for the same price as what other websites sell the dock for. Just a heads up for US shoppers - the dock comes with a UK power plug-in, so make sure you have a simple power-to-USB adapter for your dock.
i was waiting for this for a long time
According to the reviews I find it's quiet useful but I am still waiting for my packet to come
Have tried many items for s3 and I am happy pretty sure will be happy with new product from mobilefun uk
No good for S4 Zoom
I have both a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and more recently an S4 Zoom . This docking product is listed on Mobilefun's website as compatible with both. Sadly it isn't. The S4 Zoom is just too obese to fit properly. That said it works perfectly with my Note 2 (for which it was originally designed). I can finally connect a standard USB memory stick reliably. Previously I used a small adaptor cable that fitted the Note 2 at one end and accepted a USB stick at the other. It proved pretty unreliable as some of the contacts at the USB stick end kept disconnecting.

As usual Mobilefun's service is first class. They have to be one of the best internet retailers around.
Excellent Service
Service was excellent and delivery of the product were made well before ti
media dock
just received in post fast delivery not had a chance to try out is a tidy product
Good... but....

I'll not dwell into the product in this review but on the service provided by mobile fun.

After enough searching I found that the dock was available for the lowest price here in INR.

I had ordered this item from the India site. The item was shipped the very next day by Royal International mail and I received the item in India within a week. I was worried all the while since there is no tracking availability. However the item reached well within expected time.

One important thing to note is that the package may be opened by customs in India before it reaches you. You may notice the Indian Post tape which they will use while resealing.
S4 Dock
The docking hub that I bought for my wife is a great product! We have enjoyed using the HDMI port as well as other functions of the hub. I wish it came in black to match my phone.
Awesome Service !! Awesome Product !!
Got the product I was expecting for a long time !! Service was perfect as mentioned in the order (Delivery, Packaging..)
Cool accessory for Note 2
does what it promises, genuine
Ordered this product on Friday evening and it arrived on Tuesday morning.

Impressive when you considered I now live in New Zealand! I can only imagine that as soon as I had hit the purchase button that a massive logistic exercise must have kicked in.

The dock actually accepts the S4 with ease without appearing flimsy (a concern of one review I had read).

I haven't checked the ports on the dock yet but as a bedside docking station then I meets my requirements
A few minor issues but great overall
The smart dock is amazing and it has alot of features especially when connecting it to the HDMI Screen.

I was expecting the Dock to be delivered with the North American plug but to my surprise it came as European version with a travel adapter. I don't like to use the adapter when connecting the devices.

The docking of the Galaxy S4 feels a bit flimsy and the phone is not stable, any small hit or shaking might let the phone fall. Maybe with a cover things would be better but haven't tried that yet.

Overall, it is a great device, but I would appreciate if the description was more accurate on this website regarding the plug.
Like having my netbook back
I sold my netbook shortly after getting my note 2. After a while I found I missed it. This dock has covered that. It also makes a great charging stand at night. Definitely recommend it!
Great price & extremely fast shipping, from the UK to New Jersey in less than a week! Wasn't expecting it to arrive as soon as it did because it was back ordered for at least 2 weeks, very nice surprise getting it 2 weeks earlier than expected! Customer Service is top notch also!
Do what it promises
Some problems with the stock but in the end everything was ok.
The product is good and everything works as promised.
samsung smart dock for Note 2-excellent gadget
the best accessory for samsung Note 2.just received it today . i am unable to connect to TV and view on TV and i suspect my HDMI cable to be faulty. rest all the ports are working . this is very useful accessory and i recommend this to all who are gadget savvy.
was very happy with the service provided by Mobilefun during my last shipment but with this shipment it took more than 10 days for the goods to be delivered mainly because the invoice with the shipment was not clear and inspite of my repeated request through mail there was delay and only after i telephonically contacted mobilefun in UK from india i got the invoice and forwarded to DHL and then i had to request again for DDP delivery the same problem which i had with my first shipment. overall i am disappointed with the service as i wasnt getting reply to my mail sent to mobilefun .still feel mobilefun is the best sellers of mobile accessories.i still wish to buy from mobilefun if they give some attention to delivery duty problems which they have to mention on the parcel when sending the shipment
A few small niggles but a good device
The Smart Dock came with a 2-pin to USB plug ("Travel Adapter") and USB cable. I expected a Euro 2-pin plug but it appears to be a shaving socket plug. It is certainly very loose in my Euro 2-pin to UK 3-pin adapter. It has the same output rating as the plug which came with the phone (5v 2amp) so might be more useful than a second 3-pin plug.
I noticed that hot-swapping a memory stick didn't seem to work. I needed to disconnect and reconnect the cable to the Smart Dock before a new USB stick was recognised. Attaching an SD card in a USB adapter seemed to require a powered hub.
I had thought that as both dock and phone accept micro-usb then I should be able to attach the phone to the dock via a micro-USB extension cable so I could use the phone off-cradle and still use HDMI etc. Unfortunately the part that connects the dock to the phone appears to be non-standard and I couldn't get it to fit a female micro-USB.

In spite of the minor gripes listed above it is amazing that it does what it says on the tin! I highly recommend it.
multi media dock for Samsung Galaxy 2
I think the device is fine. Seems very expensive but I haven't checked on docks since I received it. It does what you said it would.
does exactly what it says on the box
After a long wait it was worth waiting for it works with wireless keyboard and mouse and multimedia software it works very well and is worth the wait and price
Does everything its supposed to do perfectly
Been waiting for this for a while, they have been on backorder. Well worth the wait, in the meantime I got an MHL cable, OTG cable, and an AUX out USB/charger cable. This does everything those cables do in one unit and has 3 USB ports. You can use all the functions at the same time too which you cant do with any 3rd party cables on the market now. I may well ditch the tablet and run a HDMI screen, keyboard and mouse to make my note 2 a laptop/tablet replacement. Charger is an EU one so you need an adapter for the UK but it charges at the full 1.8A the note2 can take.

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