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Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Desktop Charging Cradle Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Synchronise and charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 and a spare second battery with this stylish desktop cradle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38737
$25.69 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 7 customers

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Very Satisfied
This product & service is first class, and does exactly what is required
Spot on!
Totally what I needed. High quality item and fast sustained charging of both phone and spare battery
Well recommended
Solid build, smart looking Kidigi dock
I've had a few Kidigi docks for phones, and always been happy with them. This one is no exception.

Has removable lining to allow for phones with some skins / cases. However it does depend on the case - my Itskins Zero.3 is too thin, so the phone wobbles in the stand. I could add padding to make the case a better fit in the dock. I don't like the skin, so am using the dock with the dock lining installed.

Slot at the back takes a spare battery, and can charge the phone and spare battery at the same time. As the spare battery can be inserted in any direction, you do need to know which way to insert it.

A good dock overall, but not perfect.
Even better than expected
This product has a tray to hold the phone securely. What makes this so good is that you can use the charger without the tray, so if you have a thinish case on the phone, you can still use the charger easily. Also My partner has an S3 with a case on, it will also charge the phone without problem. Well made and fast delivery

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