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Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Dual Charging Dock - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Galaxy S3 with this stylish white dock, that can also charge the spare battery.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35817
$25.88 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 11 customers

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time saver
Firstly I would like to thank you for the fast delivery of my cradle charger. 1 day fantastic! The charger is so quick. Took about an hour to charge up my phone as opposed to all night with the original charger. So easy to use and so good looking too. Only trouble is my son keeps pinching it to charge up his! Thank you. I will recommend this to everyone.
Just what I needed
fantastic, you can use it with your mobile cover or without!!!
Just what I have been looking for
This is just what I have been looking for. Great for the bedside, and charges to spare battrey at the same time
Very stylish looks great with the phone standing in it!
I ordered this dual charging dock for my wife.It did'nt arrive in the specified time but Mobile Fun e-mailed to say it was out of stock and kept me updated as to when it would arrive.
When it finally did WOW! it knocked us BANDY!
It was stunnig to say the least. Itcame in a clear hard plastic case how could something made and presented so well cost so little?
Oh yeah, works really well.


Doubly useful Galaxy S3 Stand
This purchase actually replaces a similar stand that 'went wrong' after about 3 months - but which I thought was so good, I'd buy another this time in white (the first one, black, is being returned under guarantee...). Why did I go for another if the first went wrong? Because it not only charges my S3 - with or without a case - it will also charge my spare battery, and in my op-pinion it is far superior to any other on the market - and I did look for an alternative. To charge S3 with a case fitted, the stand has a removable 'insert'. Charging is fast, too - and the charging circuit is protected. My first one was an unlucky situation - many thousands have been sold, only a few returned as faulty. In a way, I'm rather pleased it went wrong - to me the white one (not available when I first bought this type) is much smarter looking and goes well with my white Galaxy S3. It is well designed, robustly made and compared with others available on the market the price is good too. If you have a choice - this is the one to go for.
what i wanted
Product is brilliant. Love how it holds my phone and how great the battery charging section is too. I'm a little disappointed by the picture as it shows the phone charging with a case on, this however is not possible and is a little annoying having to take the case off each time. I however mainly use it for charging separate battery, just make sure you push the battery down fully so it sits sturdy and connects to the charging prongs, I didn't and wondered why it was not charging Lol. I would definitely tell you to get this as it is so convenient and looks great. Also ordered unit in the afternoon and was delivered the very next day superb service and would order from company again.

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