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Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Dual Charging Dock Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Galaxy S3 with this stylish dock, that can also charge the spare battery.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35464
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 37 customers

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Perfect GS3 desktop companion
This item is just PERFECT as I have both a shallow protective case fitted to the phone and I also have a spare battery. If you pull out the small inner plastic adapter and it allows the phone to slide into the holder perfectly still with the case fitted, and at the same time you can re-charge your spare GS3 battery. (Oh and the spare battery can also be re-charge even without any phone installed). Simple, good fit, easy to use, well made . . . . . and all this at a great price and fast delivery from what is my favourite mobile accessory supplier.
poor connection, slow charge
mobile failed to connect each time to dock tried 2 mobiles but had same problem. very slow charge when it did connect. Replacement requested.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alan
Sorry to hear that you are having problems with this product. Please contact our customer service team for a replacement.
it works for me
just hoping the phone fits and it would'nt wobble or slide about,it works perfect for me being a bit heavy handed.
Works fine but don't throw away the box.
Works fine, charges both phone and spare battery and transfers data fine. I don't know about those that experienced only 90% charge or even 60% charge; I got my spare to 95%, but of course to check the level of charge I had to put it back in the phone and reboot, so it's bound to use some charge doing that. As a test I took a fully charged battery out of the phone, reinserted, rebooted and it showed 97% charge, so it lost 3% removing, replacing and rebooting. So this charging dock is more or less getting there.
What I would say to those who are not getting a decent charge or getting a slow charge on the spare battery, make sure you have a sound connection. The battery is a very slack fit in the slot and the spring loaded pins in the dock push the battery up, resulting in a very intermittent connection. The cardboard box it came in is part of the kit; rip a piece of cardboard off and stuff it into the slot alongside the battery!
More convenient than a charging lead
Of course you can make do with a charging lead that comes with the phone but you can't charge your phone plus a spare battery together.
A well made unit that is very efficient and stylish.
Samsung Galaxy S3 case compatible Dual Charging Dock
Handy piece of kit. Enables charging of S3 & S4 while still in most case types. Additionally has a slot for spare battery charging & here is a problem. Is advertised as suitable for S3 & S4 which is true for phone charging slot. However spare battery slot is only compatible with S3 batteries.
Works great and mega quick delivery
The items looks, good, solid build. Does the job as stated.

The delivery was really quick. i ordered in the afternoon and it literally turned up before I work up the next morning!!

Good job!
Really useful piece of equipment
I find this charger very efficient. Charges battery,phone or both together. Charges very quickly.
The price is very reasonable and delivery was within a couple of days.
No negatives so far
Very slow charge
I bought this charger recently & used it for the first time last night. I had it pluged in for nearly 6hr's & when i took it out this morning for work it only had 60% charged. Can anybody else tell me if they're having the same problem.
Great charging stand for the price.
I wasn't sure what to expect with the charging stand as i hadn't heard of Kidigi before, the stand itself feels and looks quality, it fits the Samsung S3 like a glove.

I havn't given it a proper test yet but i charged my phone on it this afternoon and that was fine and pretty quick, ive got a spare battery which was the reason i bought this stand so being able to charge both at the same time is great.

Great service from Mobile Fun as well, i ordered it yesterday on a standard delivery and it arrived this morning, you can't beat that for service.
The best docking station for my mobile
The best "Duel Charging Dock" station for the mobile. It sit firmly in table and easy to setup. It fits with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Mobile fun delivered on time.
Excellent Docking Cradle
A smart desktop crade with a good positive fit. I use a belt pouch so not disadvantaged by having to take it out of a case.
Fantastic Purchase
Already purchased a spare battery for my phone from you guys. Got it the next day. Thought i would purchase this dual Charger as it sounded great. Very pleased with it, so far so good. It,s small and compact and looks very stylish.
Perfect fit
This item is great quality and fits perfectly, also the service great...
Samsung Galaxy SIII docking stationcharger
Excellent product, charges phone and spare battery in slleek docking station whilst remaining operable as it is docked.
Just what I needed
I can charge both my phone & spare battery at the same time.
Good item, works very well, the phone is a good fit, not too loose, not to hard to release. Does what it says in the tin!
Charging Dock
Good solid product and turned out to be as described. Delivery ahead of estimate - Excellent!, Price great - Excellent, Kept up to date of Progress - Excellent....

What more can I say - Excellent!!!
Not charging fully
Have the same problem as Andy, back slot for extra battery is only charging to 90%, pretty annoying! Other than that it's a pretty nice dock, my s3 with the official flip cover fits perfectly when you remove the insert.
Unfortunately it only charges the battery to 90%
As the title suggests this unit has a big drawback in that if a battery is charged in the rear slot the charging stops when it reaches 90% capacity. Not much use having a separate charger if you then have to top the charge up by swapping it into the phone.
Just what I needed, but I got lucky
The cradle looks nice and works. It's exactly hat I needed. Oddly, they sent me adapters for both Europe and Australia, but not one for the US. Luckily, I had plenty I could use so it was not a big deal.
Love it!
Really nice product & works well - the front is gloss whereas the back is matt black (didn't pick that up from the picture). Only haven't given it a 5 because the connection doesn't automatically line up with the connection (but I guess that allows for a cover).
Very Nice Dock For The Money !!!
Had this now for 2 weeks, been very happy with the dock , fits great with cover on which is very handy (Samsung Galaxy S3 TPU Case - Clear - SAMGSVTPUCL ) .Charges spare battery easily .Has inbuilt protection too which is nice to know .
Comes with mains adaptor and lead plus a USB cable which is a lot more than i expected for the money ..well worth getting and seems to be better than the genuine samsung dock which is a lot more money !!! Cannot fault it !!
One catch..
This is great, although I thought it was going to be white. One problem though is that although it says you can put the phone on to charge with the case flap (which is a combo back&cover for it) on; you can't. I will have to dig my old back for the S3 up to use this charger. Other than that, VERY happy with it.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Dual Charging Dock
This is a very useful product. I've been using it for a few days now and it does the job very well.
Worth the purchase price to keep a phone and battery charged !

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