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Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover - Lizard- SAMGNLFC Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note and its screen safe from harm with the slim with a lizard skin effect.
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 4.7 stars from 122 customers

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fits perfect
wanted to protect phone from accidental touching flip cover fitted perfect to stop this also very easy to use as well very pleased with purchase
Suberb cover !
I was very impressed wth the Samsung Flip cover which arrived promptly and very well packaged . . It's orange colour was not as bright as I expected and weirdly matched the trim on a bag I'd just bought . . Bonus !!
The cover Is superb it fits fits snugly into the back of the phone and has a very good finish to it with Samsung written in silver at the bottom giving it a very classy and expensive look . It hasn't got a slot inside like some covers but I never found much use for it on my old cover so no big deal .
I was very impressed with the quick response to my order and the quality of the goods and would defiantly use Mobile Fun again in the future :-)
Once more a very handy item sold by Mobilefun
Excellent item. Makes my phone thinner and lighter
Flip cover for Samsung Galaxy note
I'm very impressed with the overall service. The flip cover
is exactly as described on the web-site. It clips on to the back of the phone in seconds. Nothing technical about it.
It is in my opinion, very expensive however. Since there is nothing else on the market for the galaxy note we have no choice but to pay the high price for protecting the phone.

A minor negative would be that there is no choice of nice
bright colours, but hey, that's just nit-picking.

The product does the job it was designed to do and I'm very happy with it.
Loud 'n Proud, U wont lose it!
Didn't want subdued/boring black & this cover certainly isn't that. Well made Samsung product, easy to fit- a clever touch replacing the phones original back cover so not adding any noticable thickness, fits easily into shirt or jacket pocket. A felt style inner coating on front cover offers screen protection. Drop protection not sure about & I dont intend to find out! An excellent case.
Fabulous case
Perfect seem less fit that allows total functionality when off. Soft cover to protect screen whilst back cover clips directly into back of device. Phone is still beautifully thin and light with cover on. A beautiful design.
Perfect addition to phone
good quality, fits exactly and protects the phone. Like the colour too
Wear and tear
This is the perfect cover for this phone! The way it just seems like it was meant to be there the whole time is amazing.... Well, that's what I was saying for the first month or so.. Now the edging on the flap has turned to a sticky paste in places and has even come off on 3 of the corners. I find myself spending more time rubbing this off the screen then I do using the phone... >.<
Samsung.... Fix this please as there isn't another cover I found that is better.
Ultra thin
The Note is a big device, but has the advantage that it is very thin. I wanted to avoid any cases that made the note too chunky. This fits the bill. As its from Samsung the cover works by giving you a replacement back for the note with a flip cover attached. It folds right back on itself for easy use of the note. Works well to protect the screen. Downsides are a) no way to lock down the cover. b) its not there to protect the phone from being dropped - just damage to the face. c) it seems to scratch easier than I thought it would. Overall though I do like it as it adds only 2mm or so to the thickness.
Bad Quality !!!!!!
Good design, but NOT WELL MADE
it is starting to fray, on the front cover,around the edges after a couple of weeks, SHAME for Sumsung brand.

Good service from Mobilefun - speedy delivery

Let me know when it will be made with better quality?!!!
Good protection at a good price
Not as strong as the stilgut case to protect screen but a great case with a stronger back
Samasung Galaxy Note Flip Cover
Purchased this to protect my note and very pleased that it replaces the back making it very snug.

Only criticism if Samsung revise the design in the future would be to leave a hole for the camera lens when you have the flap all the way open so that you can still take photos with the flap folded around.

Must say very impressed with Mobile Fun's service.
Best Case
This Samsung case is a superb fit and the quality of the product is fantastic. It looks like it could be a Mulberry case. The only thing that is anoying with any case is that you have to take it off to fit the device into your charger or car kit and when the new case replaces the back of the phone it can be a pain. This case is the best of its type however and certainly worth every penny for giving your Note a classy look.
Great Case
Very good case. Replaces the back cover and is therefore nicely integrated into the device. I just wish it would magnet lock when closed and switch the phone to standby like the Apple iPad does with its case. Highly recommended though!
Works for me...
As the Galaxy Note is a large device, I was looking for some sort of protectionwhich did not add to the overall bulk. This fits the bill exactly. The cover snaps on and the flip cover over the front protects the touch screen without being too big. Very good. Recommended.
It's big, it's expensive, and now it's bright orange.
So you've bought an expensive phone that's the size of a paving slab. Why even bother to attempt to hide it? Get a bright orange cover for it and announce to the world you have technology you're not afraid to use.

Also helps distinguish your phone from a paving slab, should you set your phone on the floor.

The cover replaces the back cover of the phone (in orange), and wraps around the front over the Volume buttons. Inside front cover is semi-furry and helps remove finger-print smudges from the screen.

Has "SAMSUNG" in silver on the back, and is embossed with "GALAXY NOTE" on the front, in case anything thinks you're holding a paving slab.
Samsung case the best
Well made, gives good protection, but still keeps the phone very slim in the pocket. I would definately recommend it. Also good value for money.
Great case for Galaxy Note
This is a lovely, stylish, protective cover for my new Note. It fits in place of the normal phone back and is extremely slim, taking up little more room that the phone, itself. Fitting is really easy. Looks good, feels great, and protects the phone. Highly recomeded!!!
Slim and elegant
I've been looking for just the right cover for my Galaxy Note since it came out. I've had five or six and whilst they were nice they were also bulky!

The Samsung Galaxy Note Flip cover is so slim, I really didn't believe the pictures. Needless to say the pictures are spot on. What makes this cover different is th back replaces theclip in plastic back and the flip can't add more that a few mm to the phone!

Absolutely loving it!
Neat and effective
Very good cover. Provides great screen protection. Does not add much thickness to phone. Be aware though - it is not a slip over cover. You have to remove the back of the phone and replace it with this. So you cannot keep sliding it on and off. This means it is /not/ compatible with the official Samsung dock for the Galaxy Note - phone with cover is too big to fit in
samsung galaxy note case
WOW fantastic case,well worth the money,because of the design it does not add hardly any thickness to the phone,and fantastic service from mobilefun,look no further folks.
Excellent case
Probably the best phone case i've had. Cleans the screen for every time im ready to use the phone and the unique design is a new back cover so pretty much all the phone is protected. Brilliant delivery too.
Good product but not well made
I love this cover but it is starting to fray around the edges after a couple of weeks, Shame.

good service from Mobilefun - speedy delivery
perfect protection
This flip cover is so convenient to use and it does not increase the thickness of my Galaxy Note by more thsn a miilmetre or so.
Excellent service from mobile fun-- ordered at 16.30; arrived next morning!
Slim profile, good for the screen but poor for the
Quite simply it is a replacement for the back cover with the front screen case integrated to the side of it.

Once applied it becomes one with the chassis of the phone, its clever and the protection to the screen is excellent whilst keeping the overall profile slim.

The fault of the product is that it literally does not protect anything else (edges, back) other than the screen which makes it pretty pointless! This is of course unless you dont care about the rest of the phone.

Other than being a good screen cover, it serves pretty well as a makeshift landscape stand, just fold the front cover under the phone and et voila, you have a stand.

Overall its a good informal protector especially good for protecting the screen, but as for the rest of the phone, look elsewhere.
Juat what I nedded
The item is perfect,it protects the screen from getting scratched or damaged in anyway,it is firm and ridged so do's not bend when it is open or closed.
so easy to attatch to your phone.
The perfect partner for your phone.
The cover is brilliant. it provides all round protection for the device and its sleek.
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