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Samsung Galaxy Note Clear Screen Protector - SAMGNSP2 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the front of your Samsung Galaxy Note from scratches and scrapes with this official screen protector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34248

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 3 stars from 5 customers

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Not what it says on the box!
The delivery service was as always from Mobilefun excellent, however the product was not. There was no wet cleaner as indicated on the packackage and the dry cloth left dust particles. Having managed to clean the surface of my Note I applied the protector and however much I tried I could not get rid of air bubbles. The protector did fit the screen with all the necessary cut outs, but I would not recommend this product.
Screen Protector for Galaxy Note
I bought this product after a long search for screen protectors for the Galaxy Note as I hate scratches and screen damage.
There are cheaper alternatives but I wanted something Samsung were happy to approve themselves as I've been disappointed previously with cheaper alternatives.
It comes pre-cut-out to perfectly fit the Note, so no fiddly cutting and measuring with scissors around the home button, camera and earpieces which are precisely left clear.
As it's Samsung's own I also had no fear with this was to whether or not it would interfere with the SPen or swype functions due to the thickness.
As for strength & scratch resistance, I've been using this for a couple of weeks now & it remains intact & in perfect condition with excellent visibility of the screen with resolution & quality not impeded.
Regarding applying it, I found to be a short process which took about 10-15 minutes, but that is because I'm a perfectionist who in detail cleaned the screen beforehand with a microfibre cloth, then the alcohol wipe provided, then the protector before slowly squeezing out all air bubbles.
In short this is the screen protector you want.
Adults Only
Title to my review is because although this is a brilliant phone l would not recommend this phone for someone who is active,it will not take many knocks,l would reccomend a good quality case too,part from that very good.I payed £147 and £20 a month with '3'with all you can eat data,very impressive.
Worst product I have ever bought. Did not stick to the screen very well and there were liquid marks under the protector that could not be removed even after an hour of trying!!!! Very dissapointed.

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