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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Compatible HDMI Charging Dock Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Galaxy Note 3 and also play videos from your phone onto your TV with the HDMI out port.
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 3.8 stars from 10 customers

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2nd time doesn't work.
This is the second one I received that doesn't work. I took the first one back to Surry Hills and now the new one doesn't work. The phone, a Samsung galaxy note 3 indicates it is charging but nothing happens.. Now what? Wasted my time and money . In regards to your service. Excellent. Product. Very bad.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Helen

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this dock. Please contact our Customer Services team and they will do their very best to help you.
Excelent service and products
Excelent service and products
Very Satified
I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Compatible HDMI Charging Dock and I love it. It was delivered in short time and works perfect.
Expected more....
While this device does transfer picture and sound from the mobile handset to a TV, and charge at the same time, it's less than ideal and I would say it's probably overpriced. In order for the TV screen to show a full screen (rather than a thin section in the middle) the docking station has to be rested on it's side, and this often causes the phone to loose connection meaning your constantly having to repostion the phone in order to restore the picture. Having seen other reviews, my advice would be to go for the wireless version over this any day, and at a very similar price it highlights the overpricing of this device.
Excellent value!
If you want you galaxy Note 3 on the big screen, this is the dock for you for. Just plug all the leads in where there go and it is there instinct on the big TV and charging as well. I have used my dock with Netflix though my data allowance and displays fantastic!, also bbc iplayer and sync a bluetooth controller with the note and big tv gaming as well, easy to pack in the suit case and take on holiday with you, all in all great product. Recommended!
Does not function as advertised
The item I purchased does not project a clear picture.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Britney.

We're sorry to hear you're having problems.
Obviously this shouldn't be happening. The picture should be in clear 1080p high definition. I presume you have a 1080p TV.

If there's any way you could try using a different cable, that migh
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Compatible HDMI Charging Dock
I received the package less than 24 hours from ordering. My paypal payment had not yet cleared.

I opened the box and was disheartened to discover that the plug in attachment for the usb power connector was British and would not be useable.

Then I quickly discovered that my existing usb phone charger plugs served the purposes.

The product works beautifully. Even when I have to lay it on its side to watch a film.

Great service. Excellent product.

Crazy expensive shipping, thank you Canada Post.
I love this little thing !
This little thing is awesome! I don't think I can see myself without one in my life again, it really is that good.
With one thing or another I find myself traveling around a bit and stuck in hotel rooms longing to catch up with the latest episodes of my favorite programs or wanting to pass time by watching a movie or something. I bought the note 3 for the screen size to do just that but coupled with this product I get to watch everything on the big screen. I just launch whatever app I want whether it be sky go, Netflix, YouTube or films rented through the app stores and boom it's there on the TV.
I was looking at the official Samsung connector at first but went for this as it charges my phone at the same time. The product does state that it can accommodate phones with cases, I have A UAG case fitted on my phone which I don't consider to be an overly big case and it does not fit with it fitted. It also states it has a flexible connector, I'd consider it to be more of a wobbly connector then a flexible one.
Having said that it is a great little addition to my bag of tricks and works fantasticly well. I would recommend this in a heartbeat.

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