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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pouch EFC-1J9LDEGSTD - Dark Brown Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in fantastic condition with this officially licensed Samsung slimline pouch case in dark brown.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36382

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 4.4 stars from 23 customers

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nice pouch
nice pouch . keeps the phone neat and smart
I like the way it protects my note2 from scratches.
perfect, fits like a glove but easy to get out
The case fits my device perfectly, as it should, as it was designed for it. The holes have been cut out great and align where they should, which means that you can in effect answer a call with the phone in the case. There is a cut out for the mic and speaker.

The case is made of good quality and has the Samsung name and Note 2 name on it, but they dont stand out and look ugly.

The inside of the case is soft and it slightly grips the handset. The case is a perfect fit and while it is easy to get the handset in and out, the device will not fall out thanks to it being too loose.

Would recommend the case and Mobile Fun to anyone as they delivered fast.
Value for money!!!
This is good value for money! Does the job very well! The official Flip Cover was very annoying and did not serve its purpose completely. I preferred a slide-in type pouch case. This product is well made. But a little expensive. It could be offered at least 300-400 rupees lesser (with shipping cost). That would benefit many Note II users.
Superb Pouch for Note 2
This pouch is excellent value for money. It fits the Note 2 perfectly and looks / feels top quality.
I would definitely recommend this pouch.
Orange Case
I like the case and the color, but it doesn't fit my phone. I am returning it.
Not very good
This original Samsung case does not fit the Note II well. The cut out on the back for the rear speaker is placed to far down, wich means the speaker is half covered by the case. Also, no matter how hard you push the phone into the case, the top of the phone still is not protected since the top stands out from the case.

In other words, the case is to short. Do not buy.
Fits perfectly and the colour is really striking.
Nice case, nice price.
I was looking for a protective case for the Note 2 and came across this whilst browsing. I prefer the pouch type cases where I can simply slide the phone in and out and I wasn't disappointed with this one. It's well made (I wouldn't expect anything less from Samsung) and the dark brown colour makes it look like real quality. I've been using for around a week and it's good that it keeps my phone clean and I don't have to worry about scratching the screen when its in my pocket as I carry around a lot of loose change. All in all I'm very impressed and the fact that arrived the day after ordering only added to that.
Superb Quality
The quality of this case is really good, perfect fit for the Note 2. The first time I put it in it was a bit tight but I guess that's what you get with a leather product. It loosened up nicely after that and is now ideal for keeping my Note 2 safe.
Does the job
This pouch does what it's supposed to. It's reasonably good quality and had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 branding.

I was disappointed at how thin it is - it might not offer as much padding/protection if dropped, but it's soft on the inside and good enough to prevent scratches.

The pouch has holes for the speaker, mic and earpiece so the phone can be used while inside, but the design does not allow you to charge the phone and have headphones plugged in at the same time. Which sucks.

Otherwise thoroughly pleased with my purchase. Good protection for my phone and none of that stupid flip pouch nonsense.

Don't be fooled by the photos, this is not leather.
Samsung galaxy note 2 pouch dark blue
This item is superb quality material fits phone perfect
Does exactly what you'd expect
I would say this case is more of a dark tan colour than chocolate brown. It gives the phone a slightly executive look, which I like, and it does look like real leather.

As you would expect from a genuine Samsung product, it fits the phone like a glove. I have had none of the staining problems on my marble white phone that others have described with the original Note, but that could be because they have moved away from real leather to this leather effect version.

Calls can be answered from within the case (I have set up the home key as an answer key and the power as the reject in order to do this). Call quality from within the case is surprisingly good; you can hardly tell that you are talking through it. You may look slightly strange talking to a large piece of brown pleather, but that is up to you!

My only real gripe is that there are no cutouts for the led notification light, or the mini usb for charging. I put the phone in upside down in order to charge it, and I can see that making an actual hole may have made the case more flimsy. But it is that slight annoyance that has made me award this 4 stars insteead of 5.

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