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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Case Compatible Desktop Sync and Charge Cradle Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Desktop cradle for charging and synchronising your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with or without its case on.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34080

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 4.1 stars from 10 customers

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Great product..... Delivery brill.... Great value..... But your phone doesn't fit with a case on but hey take it off.....
doesnt fit with case
Hi. I bought this because I thought I could use it and leave my case on but it doesn't fit. Have to take the case off to fit charger
I had purchased a dock for my Galaxy Nexus from a well known online bookseller but was not overly satisfied. When I purchased my new Galaxy S3 I bought this dock for my new phone from MF and I was so pleased that I ordered another for my Nexus. The best two features are firstly that you only need one USB cable to dock the phone and charge the spare battery, and secondly the viewing angle is perfect and the dock wont slide on my glass desktop when interacting and typing with my phone. Also comes with the USB cable and charges the spare battery in optimum time.EXCELLENT value for money. 5 STARS. One little trick to remember, you wont see any of your phones data on your laptop if the phone is locked!
Convenient devie
Very practical and conveniant device. Nice quick delivery. Very satisfied.
All smartphones struggle in one department and that is battery life. As phones become more and more powerful the amount of time we get out of them has become considerably less as a result. At the end of each day i simpy dock my phone into this brilliant desktop charger and let it juice up. The Docks party peice realy is the ability to charge a second spare battery at the same time as your Galaxy Nexus which you can take with you and in the event you do run out of battery you will have that second spare battery ready to go to give you many hours of continued use. Essential accessory for the frequent user!

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