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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
With the Galaxy Gear smartwatch you can make and take calls, as well as checking out texts and emails. The Galaxy Gear also has a megapixel camera built into the strap.
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 5 stars from 1 customers

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Brilliant product
I must be honest I waz nervous getting this watch because of all of the negative reviews I have read in the media. I am glad I ignored them. Regadless of the extras this watch adds, the fact it is a chargeable watch is brilliant. Gone are the times I get the town only to remember my watch is on the side with a dead battery. No more setting the time and remembering to "turn the clocks back" all done through the phone link.

I am not a very heavy user but I am also not a light user and other than one day, I am usually at around 80% battery by 11pm after taking it off charge at 7am. Not bad considering I just charge it every night next to my phone.

If you are worried about the price, how much would you pay for a good chronograph? £300? £400? More? Well this does the same and more so the price is very good.

If you like gadgets, or just want a watch that ypu never need to replace the battery on or set then this HAS to be on your christmas list.

There are only a few apps at the moment but with the product just launching it is not suprising. I was happy to see that all but a couple were free anyway so I have dabbled with a few. I love the fact I can change the watch face so once I am bored and "want a new watch" I can just change the face a bang new watch feel :-)

Oh please do note though, Samsung have never claimed this watch to be water proof, mainly because it isn't as one poor reviewer found out. To be honest I have never used my waterproof watches in water anyway so no loss for me.

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