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Robox Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly stream your tunes through this funky Android, who will also let control your phone and handle your calls with the built-in handsfree.
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 4.7 stars from 127 customers

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I did not receive my purchase as yet. I am worried about its delivery. I hope Iget it soon. I will then write a rreview. Thanks
just what I needed
so small and so powerful,great speaker when I will go camping, thank you, very much
Uhmmm! some good points
Okay the good points
Sound quality fair. superb with Podcasts and TED etc.
Battery seems to last a fair amount of time
Easy to pair Bluetooth phone
Bad points
Liable to distort at high volume when music played
As a hands-free not so good sound is distorted and having to shout
Doesn't help
Last thing seemed to arrive as previously used i.e. not packed correctly
And antenna on top both broken off
Which isn't too much of a disappointment as I think
they are only aesthetically placed and as you have to tap the top
For some functions they are surely will break off anyway
Thought this a good idea
I'm in the kitchen a lot of my time and thought this was just what I was looking for. I love to play music while I'm busy so if the phone rang I'd have to dry my hands, hunt the remote or dive for the CD player, whichever was nearest, then I'd be able to answer, by which time the caller had more often than not gone. My little green robot arrived within a couple of working days and I was eager to unwrap it. Once unwrapped I was disappointed to discover that both his 'antenna's' had been snapped off, presumably ion transit. Although this doesn't take anything away from its performance it does spoil it's appearance. Putting that aside, I can honestly say that for such a small item, it's sound quality is amazing. I'm able to play my music whilst busy and still answer an incoming call just by pushing his head. I'm then able to hold a conversation hands free. Once the call has ended, the music continues to play. An amazing piece of little kit just a shame it was damaged in transit. Perhaps more supportive packaging or sturdier 'antenna'.
well what can i say
watched the vidio read the reveiws for this little speaker was impresssed by what i saw & read ,so much that i ordered an robox bluetooth speaker with hands - free .well its just brillant sound qaulity s good ,put it anywhere in range &listen to your music .don t even have to have it loud as its so clear .im very impressed with it so thanks .so easy to pair to my phone too .
Insufficient Packaging Has Ruined This Item
The device is supposed to sit in a cardboard recess inside the box. Mine had fallen out and I found it squashed on its side. Both antenna had snapped off and the head is wonky - this is really noticable when the power indicator light flashes. The head also feels loose, as though it may fall off at some stage.

Sound quality is good and it is loud enough for my needs. You can alter the acoustics by using it with or without the metal stand. I did notice some stuttering, but have not been able to tell if this was due to external RF interference, or lag caused by a low (phone/speaker) battery. I did not test the speakerphone functionality.

All status noises the device emits (powering up, down, pairing, etc) are VERY loud - too loud in fact. This is really annoying if you switch your bluetooth source off, or move out of range, as the speaker will emit loud and annoying reminder beeps every few seconds until it reconnects. There doesn't appear to be any way to reduce these using the volume control (unless that functionality was also damaged during transport). This severely limits where and when it can be used.

I would have given the device a 4 had it not been for the status noises and damage. I will re-rate a 3 if I manage to receive an un-damaged one.

The device isn't brilliant, but good enough to keep, so I will be returning mine for a replacement, rather than a refund.
Loud for a litte thing
this is a great little speaker and hands free kit, easy to use and surprisingly loud for such a small speaker. Very clear on calls too.
Excellent little android
The sound quality from this little android is amazing given it's size and price. The battery life is rathter impressive too. Very simple to set-up. Excellent value for money.
Great little speaker, handy and cute
A great little bluetooth speaker for my girlfriend. Easy to sync with my phones. Is very loud, and the bass is quite good too. Best to leave volume on max and control from the device, as you have to flick the head several times and cannot hold it to change it. One of the antenna was broke, so had to glue it with super glue - think packaging needs looking at! Using it though is great. Works fine, nice and loud and range is good for pottering about in the house etc.
Fun, fun, fun little accessory
Perfect small gift for my boyfriend this Christmas. It's cute appearance is appealing but it's the sound quality that's impressive. Very clear and crisp. Happy, happy, happy with this product.
Average device. Poor packing.
This android sound system was packed poorly. When I received the device, both antennas on the heads were broken.

Pros: Sound quality is reasonable for the size and prize.

1) Antennas gets broken easily.
2) Volume control didnt work as explained in iPod and Xperia Android phone.
Great Product
Really easy to set up and it also sounds great for such a tiny speaker. It's cute too...lol
Handy and useful
brought this for my brother inlaws birthday present and he loved it so much that even his wife wants one to so gonna have to buy another for his wife to for her birthday can't blame them has theses are so cute and useful to have in your car and in anywhere in your home even in the basket in front of your bike to defernity worth the price for such and tiny object with such power to it thank you mobilefun.co.uk I will defernity shop with you again hope my review helped.

p.s. very fast delivery to took only two days to arrive fantastic.
Andy Auto Bot
Bought this item as needed a bluetooth speaker for different rooms. Excellent sound and controls, pairing with phone was instantaneous and pairs automatically everytime I use it without having to search or enter passcode again. Would recommend to everyone with a need for extra sound in a quirky robot.
Great little thing
Think is great, easy to set up and sounds good as well.
Nice little desktop speaker,easy set up. Very good sound and volume.
Every mobile should have one if travelling or away from home.
small but mighty
An awesome speaker, sound is impressive from such a small unit. Pairing is quick and easy. Battery life stated at 3 1/2 hours, yet after 3 weeks of regular use, still on first charge! Definitely recommended.
Very popular guy
My new Andy Android speaker gets a lot of attention. He looks so cute but can belt out a song. Fantastic range and so loud I have to turn it down when in the garden. I love the fact that around the house or gardening I can listen to all my music without needing headphones. Yet when a call comes thro- the music cuts out and 'Andy' becomes a speaker phone. So easy to use-I love it.
I love it- it does exactly what it says-I wanted a Bluethood speaker so I can listen to music in the garden without taking my phone outside.Really loud-good sound. I liked a few different models-really sophisticated looking ones- but I have an Android phone and I couldn't resist-So I have Andy Android- it is so cute and a talking point-my grandson's love it as well
Definitely Recommended.
This is really good value. I am using it mainly for playing podcasts from my (android of course) phone. I haven't played much music through it but am impressed by its quality for both speech and music - especially considering its size and price.

Pros: It is amazingly loud. Battery life is excellent. I am not sure how long the battery is supposed to last - but I have had it now for nearly 2 weeks and last nigh used it solidly for 10 hours (medium volume)and it is still going. It has impressive quality. It is very cute to look at it and easy to use.

Cons: These are minor gripes. I play it at night and I have to cover it up because it emits a flashing light - it would be nice if it were possible to turn the pretty lights off! The instructions are written in a hybrid of English and something else - possibly Klingon - but as it is easy to use, this is not a major problem.

Also with mentioning, I did not buy it for its hands free functions, but based on limited testing, these appear to work well and the microphone is good.
Very Impressed.
Very sorry to admitt I wasnt expecting the sound quality to be so good but still wanted to try but I was very impressed with. I took it on a ten day holiday fully charged and was again impressed as the battery lasted the full holiday :-D very easy to set up and very easy to conect when I want to use it. The sound quality is amazing for such a small and very cute gadget. I have no faults with the android speaker even though I accidentally broke one of his antennies off wich was ny own fault. Thank you for my android man :-D
Hi, I'm not sure what it is .. this object would be a laptop case? that connects via bluteooth? Thank you.
great item
decent sound and looks really good!
And really easy to pair.
great speakers good sound for such a small item
Love it great speakers very good sound handy for throwing in your bag .
Excellent piece of kit
Compact yet loud Bluetooth speaker unit
What an amazing little product!
I received the android soundbox 5 hours ago in the post. Ordered very late monday/tuesday overnight, received it wednesday. Took it out of the packet, switched it on, paired it with my smartphone & played my music. Very easy to set up (I'm a 64 year old woman & I had no problem apart from the"mfb" instruction but easily worked it out). Can't play it full volume-its too loud! But the sound quality is good. I just want to buy them for all my family now, luv it! Just go for it, can't recommend it highly enough. Would give it 10 stars if I could.
Brilliant product
Awesome room filling sound charges with usb so no messing about with batteries. Came really fast too. Don't waste time just buy it!
Very Natty
Graet anroid speaker. Looks the part & sounds the part. Great for in the kitchen or conservatory. Highly recommended.
These bluetooth sound boxs are fantastic, when i play mi music my neighbour puts his hi-fi system on and turns the volume up to compete with mi. I'm sure he would be embarrassed if he knew what my system was lol. I've played it for 6 hours on one charge.
Bath time has never been so much fun
This compact bluetooth speaker is a true gem . A doddle to set up and work, perfect after a hard graft at the office.
Would highly reccommend this for value, ease of use and overall good sound reproduction . Five stars.
Words cant explain how good this is
Don't bother reading rewiews just buy one, I promis u won't be dissapointed. For extra sound quality place him on the working top in the corner and you will experience the NiCE Bass :)
Wow! Very Impressive Speaker.
Can't believe how good this little thing is, its nice and clear, looks great and it is basically everything you could look for in a speaker - very good value for money.
One happy daughter!
Bought this for my daughter for her birthday. Wow, what a great little gadget. I didn't think anything this small could pack such a punch, but what a great sound. My daughter loves it, as do her friends. Don't get me wrong, it's not a stereo system, but much better than a mobile's speaker by a long way.
love it! !
Really loved this product. Very easy to set up and then use. Plays alot louder/clearer than expected. Delivery was very fast. Definitly a bargain!
Fantastic gadget!!!!!!!
I must admit I mainly ordered this cause it is cute but I have been so impressed with it I would recommend it to everyone. It produces clear sound and is so loud for it's size. Easy to use, just pair with mobile and away you go. Would be better if it came with a charger as it is a mini usb that is required but apart from that no complaints whatsoever. I love it!!!!!!!
Bought this on the back of other reviews about sound, boy is it loud!. I cant even have it up full in my home. So easy to connect great sound and looks brilliant. Cant believe the quality, crisp sound it produce and for the price, this is a defo buy., i would not hesitate it reccomending you buy it.
Ideal companion for my iPhone
This is the third Android Bluetooth Soundbox I have bought. For such a small unit the sound quality is superb, so I have bought others as gifts. The Bluetooth pairing with the iPhone was a cinch and the unit site nicely in the drinks holder of my Mini. I would recommend this as a handsfree (as I am using it) but be prepared to be astounded by the sound quality in a room when using it as a speaker....you WILL be amazed.
Funky little Droid
It's an amazing piece, price/quality relation couldn't be better, very ghappy with it. Easy to pair and use.
One thing bad, it's announced that you'll be able to change tracks, but no, turning the head left or right will increase/decrease the volume. Otherwise than that... it's perfect! And cool... Absolutely recomended!
very happy
Simple to use, connects first time and gives excellent sound quality for the price. Very pleased.
Great little gaget for what it is, seems to last ages on a charge,but dont expect HiFi sound quality. I use it for listening to pod casts but wouldn't recomend it for music.
android sound box
It's awsome. It's size is compact and so easy to cary it with you where ever you go. Best suted when you are hanging out with friends at the park. I have not stoped using it since I got it and the sound quality is realy greath for it's one speaker. I was actualy stund when I heard the maximum volume of the sound box. Defenetly did not expected to be so loud for a small speaker and for such a low price. And i think that the best part of it is that the girls think it is realy cute. :D
Wow it's loud
Good sound quality and volume. Volume control a little insensitive on device but easily controlled via connected device
Not only is the Bluetooth Robot cute as anything, it's got a top quality sound due to the speaker being in the base of him, I looked at similar versions on eBay and noticed they had the sound coming out of the head via fine holes meaning you'll get what you pay for and this chap is as good as it gets. It does everything on the tin!! Keep Calm and Buy One Today.....
Brilliant speaker really good sound quality and volume for such small thing.
connects to phone instant once paired and stored as a device.
Instructions a little misleading and kinda dont make sense the mfb buttons it refers to is basically the push down head of the android
it also has no indication of when the speaker is fully charged just a guide of no more than 2 hours.
Finally doesnt come with a mains charger plug only usb cable .an additional converter plug can be bought that the usb cable plugs into and can be charged through a socket for sub £6.
All in all 10/10.
Do The Robot!!
This speaker is excellent. I initially purchased this as a present for a friend who is a real Android fanatic - but since I heard the quality of the speaker I have purchased one for myself as well.

I really did not expect the quality of the speaker to be this great - they really are room filler! Great things really do come in small packages!
blue tooth robot sound box
when i saw this its a must have you got to get one its brilliant!!
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