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RoadWarrior Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Reviews

The RoadWarrior Car holder features an integrated Lightning charger, additional 1 Amp USB Car Charger and FM Transmitter enabling you to wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls through your car's stereo system.
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 3.7 stars from 218 customers

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Good but useless for me.
The Olixar RoadWarrior car holder, charger and FM transmitter is a nice bit of kit, well made and of sturdy construction - however, I have an HTC One m8 phone. The micro USB socket in the phone is the wrong way round for the micro USB plug in the unit. Additionally the headphone socket on the phone is too close to the USB socket to use.
This was frustrating because apart from this the unit worked very well (I inserted the phone backwards), the gooseneck support was nicely stiff and seemed to be able to hold everything steadily and securely.
I returned the unit and Mobile Fun have refunded me with no quibbles.
All I need is a mount like this that fits my phone - or a new phone.
Works great!
I just received the item and have had no problems. Works great!
First time I ordered it was furious as the olixar road warrior micro USB cable didn't charge my Samsung Galaxy S5 which mobilefun nicely exchanged for me and I can honestly say it does what it says and I'm very pleased.only downside is its on the large side so can be obstructive and the phone might swing a bit as you drive but I'm happy.thanks!
Terrible buy
Bought this because my new car does not have Bluetooth or an aux imput, and I just should have just bought a new stereo in the first place. Reception quality is poor at best, and it fell apart after about a week of use. Won't be purchasing another one to replace this one.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Agnus

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please contact us so we can assist you.
Do not charge anymore
Worked great when first used, then it would not charge my phone.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Love it!
I absolutely love this device. It does what it says. I only wished it lasted longer. This is my second device in a year.
It broke before it workd
I was excited for this product and quickly realized it wouldn't work with my iPhone 6 in it's case despite the case being one of the smallest on the market. When I took off the case from my phone (something I'd really rather not do on a regular basis!), the charger appeared to work. But after 5-30 seconds of driving it would stop charging and a message came on my phone saying the device wasn't compatible. After two days of trying, and buying a different and even smaller case to see if it would work, I realized it wouldn't work with my phone and that's when I noticed that the entire bottom of the device, just near the connection to the car cigarette lighter was cracked beyond repair and that was likely causing it to not work even when I didn't have my phone in the case. Pulling it out of the car resulting it in splitting in two pieces. Too bad I'd already thrown out the packaging or I'd have sent it in for a refund already.
The charger worked for three days. Now I plug it in, it charges for about ten seconds and the. Says the accessory is not supported and stops charging. The fm transmitter is a bit crackly so not the greatest quality of sound so I don't use it. disappointed in this product. It would be a higher review if it charged. But right now it is really just a very expensive holder for my phone.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Caitlin

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team and we will see what has gone wrong.
top quality kit
I used to use Belkin tunebase fm in car for few years with smaller iPhones but now because I'm upgrading to iPhone6splus it is too small and won't fit it. The Roadwarrior does exactly what it says, and I find the quality and sturdiness of the kit to be even better than Belkin's tunebase fm. I've got bluetooth in car so don't use the fm transmitter so can't comment on that. Very pleased, great in-car solution
Great device
Really pleased with this device. Exactly what I wanted after looking everywhere. Great how it charges as well as playing your music. I have recommended it to a few people since buying it.
Value for money product
The product is exactly what I wanted and does the job admirably.
Great Product
Works well every time
Not really suitable for Mercedes Viano
Obviously not designed for Mercedes Viano charger socket. All at wrong angle, so best if we leave it at that!
Works well but arm not long enough
Products works really well. The only drawback I had with my vehicle is the arm is not long enough and interferes with the transmission gear in my 4wd.

I have to have my car in drive mode before I can put the unit on and take it off before I park which is an a massive hassle. The bendy arm needed to be about 4 inches longer.

When I'm off roading it's a case of take take it off and chuck it in the back seat.
Average at best
Not very happy with this purchase. It's Biggest problem is that it does not charge your phone. Also, the stem from the base to the cradle is not long enough, which makes it hard to get it to position in a safe place and not get in the way of the gear shift lever. I wouldn't recommend solely on the fact it dosnt charge phone!
Does what it says
Bought as a present it seems good to me as it does what it says it will.
Really good
Holds the phone well, all the features i need, great call quality, good music quality
Mr NG Sutton
Goose neck to be a bit longer, and in some cars make it easier to be accessible.
When I received it - all well and good but after a month of use one minor irritation is that it doesn't have the soft pad of rubber / plastic that goes behind the top edge of the phone to stop it slipping from side to side like the Belkin one does (but who don't make one that takes an iPhone6)

The more major problem is that, on occasion, I get a warning saying the accessory is not supported & the phone stops charging. I've checked its firmly in place but the only thing you can do it to take the phone out of the holder & re-insert it, but then it can happen again from immediately to after a short while. Either my unit has an intermittent fault or those crafty sods at Apple only want you to use their own chargers!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andrew

Please contact our customer services team, sounds like it may be faulty.
Performed well but broke easily
After only 4 months of use, the piece that fits into the cigarette lighter broke off.
Device Works OKAY
The device in principle works fine. However the area where I change the channel for my FM radio station doesn't light up, it's just 0's. So I have to guess which radio station I'm clicking to. However once I get there everything seems to work fine.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jonathan

Sounds like you have a faulty item there, please contact us so we can replace it for you.
Not overly pleased, if i'm honest
I bought this transmitter after querying another similar product as i had been having issues with chargers not being certified (since a recent ios update). Customer services at Mobile fun recommended this one and i bought it. it started working just fine but a couple of days before my drive to Austria the same 'not certified' error came up and i could no longer charge the phone. I had to go out and buy an apple certified charger and connect the fm transmitter separately. This of course ends up taking up quite a lot of space and I've had to also buy a dual extension so that i can plug both in to the car.

The fm transmitter does work, although the i often had to keep unplugging it and starting again every time i switched the engine on.

All in all, it does function, but I've had to buy other products to make sure it works, which isn't ideal and i could have probably brought a much smaller transmitter in the first place if i had known the charger would fail.
Road Warrior
I bought one of the earlier Road Warriors which didn't work properly. Mobile Fun replaced it without question and very quickly, it now works perfectly. Only flaw, cradle to small as it doesn't take the phone and a case together.
Not fully compatible with iphone 6
The device works 50% of the time.

At other times my iphone says the device is not compatible and won't charge. At other times while playing music in my car, the phone a mind of its own and either stops playing, speeds up the track or fast forwards automatically.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Matthew

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. If your phone has a case on it, can you please try charging without it on to see if this helps just so we can see where the problem may reside.

Also ensure the phone is connected
Doesn't Work
I bought the cradle for my iPhone 6+, it worked for one day then wouldn't charge the phone the next. It's a worthless piece of trash!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Dean

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item, please contact us.
Not compatible 6 plus
It does not work with iPhone 6pluse, very hard to set up as far as flexibility, hard to plug in and out , the base not flexible.. I used it in a rental Nissan Altima for trip and in my Toyota Tundra daily since purchased.. I will be returning.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alex

I can assure you the iPhone 6 Plus does fit, if you have a case on this may be problematic though.
Thumbs up
Product as described, love that I can play my music through radio with the charger. Very happy with the product and prompt, hassle free delivery.
Good quality sound, charger fails quickly
Quality of the FM transmitter is great, the universal clamp is convenient. However, like many others after just a couple weeks it fails to charge with the message 'this accessory may not be supported'. It's too bad since we paid a higher cost for the combination, looks like a separate mount and FM transmitter would have been the way to go. Now it's just a bulky FM transmitter that doesn't charge.
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear that Joey.

Please contact us so we can assist.
I bought this less than a month ago as my iPhone 6 didn't fit the Belkin TuneBase Hands-Free FM which I was very pleased with. First impressions were good, the phone charged & fitted however it was a bit wobbly as it doesn't have the little rubber cushion the Belkin does. However, as of last week it has developed a fault whereby, after placing the phone in the cradle, it starts to charge but after a few seconds the phone displays the message "This Accessory May Not Be Supported" at which point it stops charging. I'd guess its a software issue that Apple have installed to stop non Apple chargers being used but, as its sold as an in car charger and now it doesn't, it's not of fit purpose so, unless Mobile Fun have a solution I will have to wait for Belkin to bring out a revised TuneBase Hands-Free kit that can accommodate an iPhone 6 - shame!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andrew

Please ensure nothing is charging via the built-in USB port while you are charging your iPhone, could cause some issues.

If you are still having problems you may have a faulty unit, so please contact us.
Not ready for prime time
I'm on my second one of these RoadWarrior chargers/transmitters, and I have to say I'm disappointed.

In theory, and for the first few weeks, they work great, although one could use a little more traverse on the clamping mechanism to better accommodate the 6 Plus in a case, and a longer gooseneck model would also be nice for some cars. The transmitter is good, and it's very convenient.

But after a few weeks, a message consistently begins to come up on the phone "This Accessory May Not Be Supported", and it fails to charge. At the same time, the base seems to begin to come loose.

The transmitter continues to work fine, but the inability to charge the phone makes this a deal breaker.

Nice idea, good form factor, good transmitter, but needs some work before it's ready.

If the next version of this were more robust, I'd eagerly give it a 5-star rating, but I regret that I can only give the current version 2 stars.
Bad device
Initially looks good but the lighthing base is to weak and broked after 3 days of use. I do not reccommend it
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear you are having problems, please contact us.
Great way to listen and charge your phone in the car!
I had looked around for a while for something like this. I originally bought another make but that didn't even last a month! After years of using a Belkin i think this is as good as. You can charge your phone and plug in another device at the same time. The hands free feature is of a very good quality. I bought this to listen to my music in the car and it does exactly that! Would definately recommend!
Excellent product
This device work just fine. The design, sound quality and connectors, everything is well crafted and compact. Very satisfied .
Very poor quality product
This product is not good. The goose neck was too short and stiff to find a suitable position, if you try and use it as shown in the photograph it moves too much to be useful and it wouldn't charge my phone either. I found it completely useless and quickly discarded it for an alternative.
A pice of junk
Used carefully and broke after 3 days. The lightning base of this divice is bad designed and after only 3 days of use it get broke rendering this car holder useless. Do not buy is a money waste
Poor Quality
The first one I received didn't work.
I returned it at my postage cost.
The second one worked, but the casing on the end of the cord came apart after a week.
Does not fit
Two things. 1) I have a, thin, protective case on my phone and I have to remove the case before it will fit into the holder.
2. On a Landrover Freelander it sits between the seats in a position where it's impossible to see while driving. In short I wish I had not bought it.
Car fm transmitter
Great item! The quality of this fm transmitter is very good compared to another one i recently bought. I can answer calls whilst in the car! I use this mainly to listen to songs and the quality is fantastic. Great advantage is that it charges your phone at the same time and comes with another usb port and cable So you can charge another Apple phone!!!
Would definately recommend this as i have used a belkin in the past and this is a good replacement!
Iphone 6 Plus holder
Excellent device. Very practical.
Great product, especially for the price
Initially it wouldn't charge, but I didn't have the latest iOS operating system. Once I'd got this sorted it worked well. Customer service was quick and helpful when I enquired. FM transmitter seems good quality as well. Working exactly as I had hoped so far, although have not tried other USB charger with it yet as have not had a need to.
Would be great with some improvements
I have an Android phone so this review will be strictly for the microUSB version. My main intention was holding my phone while it charges without using any additional cables. The FM transmitter would just be icing on the cake.

However it fails at both. To just charge the phone you need to plug in the headphone/mic cable even if you're not going to use it. Another hassle to plug, unplug when you only need to charge. Secondly the SQ from the FM transmitter is very poor. I'm getting static, fading in and out, and pops/cracks no matter which frequency is selected. Might be ok for calls but unacceptable for music.

One important thing to note is the direction the microUSB plug faces on your phone and not mentioned in the descriptions. The shorter edge must face the same direction as your phone screen. If not then the phone will be facing away from you when docked making this useless. Check the photos on the product description to make sure.
Great product
Good sound, easy to install product, I am very satisfied.
Don't waste your money
Not only does this device not charge my iPhone 6 Plus the phone constantly tells me I have connected an unauthorised device. I can't believe a product so shoddy is marketed by the normally excellent and reliable Mobile Fun. A complete waste of money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alastair

You may get the message if you have another device charging at the same time, so just unplug the USB port connected device if this is causing issues. If nothing else is connected, please contact us so you can return the item as it may be fa
Didn't last long. Too much static signal is horrible. Didn't fit my iPhone plus cause I would have to remove my case before installing.
Easy to operate, good workmanship, clear voice.
I ordered a mobile charger mount with radio trans for iPhone 5 with a usb to lightning additional charging cord. I received a USB to Android cord instead. I contacted MF through PayPal. MF promptly responded wanting to communicate outside of PP. Being my first time using PP's system, I didn't know that there would be no evidence for PP claim. They sent a replacement, a new iPhone 6 unit. I questioned this and was reassured. It was the same model as the first time.I contacted them again and received no reply. I have 2 units and no cords. I spent a few hours on this, which is my biggest complaint. Yes, the 2nd unit is worth more than the cord I needed in the first place, but I am frustrated at how much extra time it will take me to get what I need. I like the unit, it works well, but I doubt it will last long because it's very hard to disconnect my phone from the unit. The button to adjust the grip is under the phone, so you must carefully bend the unit to remove it. This is putting pressure on the Lightning jack I'm sure.
Not compatible with iPhone
This product is useless for charging the iPhone 6 which is what it's advertised for. It doesn't have a recognised lightening connector by apple so it will NOT charge and therefore you get the message pop up on your phone 'This accessory may not be supported'
MobileFun Reply

You may get the message if you have another device charging at the same time, so just unplug the USB port connected device if this is causing issues.

If nothing else is connected, please contact us so you can return the item as it may be fault
Good quality and service
I ordered a car charger/holder/music transmitter for my iPhone 6. It works really well, was very reasonably priced, and arrived the next day! Does what it says on the tin! Very efficient service.
'Accessory Not Supported'
iPhone does not charge after 'not supported' message on screen.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Please ensure that there are no devices plugged in to charge via the USB port of the RoadWarrior as this can cause issues when charging an iPhone 6 / 6 Plus at the same time.

Hope this helps.
Great Idea but
I had it for three weeks and then it stopped charging (a faulty batch I understand). However in that time it did work well except that it wasn't always easy to find a free FM channel for the transmitter and because I have an iPhone 6+ it was a bit of an effort to squeeze it into the holder. *This doesn't fit the new BMW 1 series*. Overall though a good product.
Great product
Works really well with the fm transmitter and Bluetooth, however have to take my phone out of my case to charge. For the price, it is well worth it
Just what I needed.
This device is just what I needed. It charges my phone and plays the music I love. It's slim design allows me to use the cup holders beneath!
Does not fit IPhone 6 plus with case
This broke after only one week, the whole thing does not work for an IPhone 6 plus, especially with the case on
Great Idea for Older Vehicles
The first one I received had a charging problem but Mobile Fun quickly replaced it. Kudos to their customer service!
I love the device. I have an older Honda that, of course, doesn't have Bluetooth so having this is a great leap forward. I can't hear navigation steps through the phone's speaker, but coming through the speakers in the car, it's loud and clear! Plus now I can listen to my phone's stored music or my Spotify account while I'm driving. Fantastic idea and works very well for me.
Great product !
Very good product and very quick delivery. Easy to install and use, even for me. It fits a bit awkwardly in my car but that's just because of where my cigarette lighter is.. Love it wish I would have got one earlier.
Not Good
Sound quality very poor; FM transmitter does not seem to tune in properly with the radio system; I have a high quality Bose System which has worked very well with previous transmitters; unfortunately had to get a new dock/transmitter due to iPhone size changes.
item is excellent in the right car
The road warrior is all I wanted it to be except because of where the auxiliary socket is in a mini the device does not fit :(, great device in the right car
Awesome Product
I was searching for such a product for my iPhone 6. I have used a similar one from Belkin for the last 4 years, but they don't make one for iPhone 6. This one is better than the Belkin. The quality and feel is good.
Case or no case
I'm giving this three stars only because this device don't hold the iPhone 6 plus with a case on it. Other than that it works like a charm.
Does what it says it does. Very good
Generally a great product. I can make hands free calls, listen to the music on my phone, or have car related apps running all whilst charging up another device. The unit keeps my phone stable and the sound is clear.
The only downside is that it can get in the way. The phone covers up the heater controls in my car and as the support is short there aren't many options on placement. It depends on where your socket is for this part but it's a small problem and if the support was longer the phone wouldn't be as stable.

Overall a great product I have recommended to others.
Only worked a week
It worked great for a week then my phone kept saying that the device is not supported. Now it won't charge.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jason

Make sure nothing is plugged into the USB port charging as this can disrupt the charging of the iPhone.

Hope this helps.
Easy to Use for Iphone 6
Great addition to my 2005 car with no blue-tooth capability. This device is very ease to setup and start using.
Great product. Great customer service
I bought the Road Warrior FM transmitter and loved it so much I bought a second for my girlfriend. Hers does not charge her phone like it's supposed to. I emailed the company and they are shipping me a replacement. Now that's great service. Highly recommended. Great product and equally great service.
Not impressed
Not impressed by the strength of the radio transmitter and the audio quality.
Works well
Works very well as a combined car holder & charger. The wireless capability is a bonus!
Good Product
I've been In love with this product. The hook ups are easy to find and the quality of sound is great. No complaints from me!
Great product
I absolutely love this product! And I recommend it but a few things I have a very slim case and it will go in the holder with it on but it won't charge with the case on. And sometimes the charger part doesn't always work even with the case off. I'm always getting a message poping up saying "this accessory may not be supported" it still works just annoying to close that message out to get back to your music playing.
Instant Solution and terrific value with maybe a slight reservation
Wanting a fully integrated mobile 'phone cradle with a charger,that connects to my radio but doesn't cost £450! (Mercedes) I bought this bit of kit. Ease of purchase etc excellent ordered over 'phone delivered 2 days and instant plug & play. Good points- transmission through radio speakers is fantastic- it also plays all my I phone music through the FM channel which is also excellent although may need retuning on a long journey and of course charges the phone. It's a little fiddly to insert and connect and the fixing point of course relies on the position of your cigarette lighter socket, which might not always be convenient. Also relying soley on the socket for support can mean it's not totally securly fixed- a second fixing metheod would have been usueful ( a lump of blu-tac maybe) but for the money-it's got to be woth a pop.
Does exactly as it says! I can actually talk normally re hands free and be heard without shouting like past ones I have had. Great product
It is exactly what is says it is. Stereo doesn't have an aux cable insert, so I was looking for an alternative to prevent from having to buy a new car stereo. Works like a charm. Shipping took a little longer than expected, but I'm happy with my purchase. Recommend!!
Not very good
It seemed practical however the charge pin broke which seemed flimsy and the aux lead did not work. Shame.
MobileFun Reply

Sounds like you may have a faulty item, please return it to us for a replacement.
In car iPhone 6 phone holder/charger
I was looking for a Belkin 3-in-1 iPhone gadget, but could not find one for the iPhone 6plus, so I decided to try out the Road Warrior version. I previously had the iPhone 4s 3-in-1 gadget, which is very similar to the one that i have purchased. On the plus side, it is smaller and has a more professional finish to it, however, only drawback is that I need to always open my iPhone 6plus case to use it, as the jaws do not extend enough to accommodate my phone with the case on.
Great place to shop with quick results
Very useful!
Very useful! Contains everything what you need while driving. Charging your phone while playing music from it and on the other hand, you don't need to put into your pocket it will hold your phone just front of you.
Discreet and Practical
Very good product and very discreet and practical. Would recommend
Road Warrior - Not so tough
I purchased the Road Warrior iPhone 6 Carrier, Charger & FM transmitter. The second time I hooked my phone up to it the iPhone 6 connector/plug snapped off.
The problem lies in the fact that the tiny iPhone six connector/plug is required to support the entire weight of the phone. There is not enough support from the rest of the hands free casing to keep the phone still and in place.
Total waste of money!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Emily

Sounds like you had a faulty item, please send it back to us for a replacement.
Well Built Product
It was such a pleasant experience dealing with this company. Every issue was addressed in a timely manner. Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase of Iphone 6Plus car holder, charger and fm transmitter with extra compatible usb cable.
iphone6 charger/holder
The charger works. it is a little wobbly and I have had to cut out the bottom off my iphone cover to be able to get the charger in far enough to work - minor inconvenience but all seems to be working well.
Great item
Just received RoadWarrior and could not be happier. This device does it all. This is the best Iphone 6 car holder on the market. It takes a while to get ( 6 weeks) but that must be due to its popularity. Order one today!
roadwarrior for iphone6 - good
in general, i like this product. usually the radio tuner works pretty well, it's impressive. the only issue i have w/ it is sometimes the charger doesn't always work -- especially when my phone battery is only at 10% (haha)!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Scott

Sounds like you may have a faulty item, please consider returning it to us.
Nicely Built Product
I like this a lot because it's nicely built and sturdy, exactly what I'm looking for not to mention its reasonable price. I have an iPhone 6+ with a thin leather case and it barely fits the extended holder and the aux cable didn't have a reasonable slack when plugged into the phone, I just hope that due to this it doesn't strain itself to breakage. An additional quarter of an inch for both the length of the holder to fit the 6+ easily and the aux cable for a slack would have been perfect as in perfect. The company that sold this was very good in updating the customer about the status of the order and trustworthy, I high recommend this company, I will order again sometime from them.
Review of Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter
Product works well. However the micro USB could be facing the wrong way for your phone. My phone screen is facing into the bracket in order to charge; thereby I can see the screen while charging phone. Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter
Great Product
I wanted to use my product in my 07 Toyota Tacoma for a good month through various types of commuting prior to reviewing on-line.

I am very pleased with the product on my daily 22 mile commute as the FM transmission is excellent for listening to streaming news. On longer commutes where FM stations tend to come and go it is a bit more challenging to find and keep a good station all the while driving.

Using it to talk on the phone has been great.

The only minor negative is the lightning connector will not engage my phone as I use a Incipio case which is a little too thick. This is not an inconvenience to me as I would rather have my phone protected and to slip it out of the case when I need it to charge not an issue.

Overall, I highly recommend this product if you own a late model vehicle without Bluetooth capability.
Initially great, now not so
The RoadWarrior worked very well initially, even though it displayed a message saying this accessory may not be compatible. It still charged my phone quickly and with no issues. Now only 2 months after I bought it, it still displays the message about non compatibility, but now it will not charge my phone. Very frustrating, as I use it a lot for my sat nav. The software on my iPhone 5s is bang up to date so I'm not sure why it's suddenly stopped charging, although I have had issues with other non Apple products before in the same way.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Matthew

Please ensure you are using the latest version of iOS and that the contacts of your phone are dust free.

If this doesn't work, please consider sending it back to us for a replacement.

Hope this helps.
The Road Warrior Unit is great , regretabbly the unit does not allow for manual searches to find a better radio station for a clearer reception.
Does not charge iPhone 6+
This product is so close to being a perfect solution. Unfortunately my iPhone 6+ says "this device may not be compatible with this phone" after about 10 seconds of being plugged in. Once the notice is displayed, the phone stops charging. This is very frustrating because if the phone is not being charged, the "hey Siri" function is disabled.

Pros: Stability of mount and function of swivel are spot on! Microphone works great!

Cons: does not charge iPhone and because of this it is not capable of hands free calling. FM Modulator does not work well while driving. It does well when parked but you get a lot of static while driving. The lowest frequency is 88.1 (87.7 is completely open in my area)
MobileFun Reply
Hi Karl

Please check you have the latest version of iOS installed and that your phone's connector is free for any dust or debris.
Ok for the price
This item does what it says on the tin and is easy to use. Audio quality is not great though and is well below an FM radio station's quality let alone a CD.
The holder took quite a while to get to me but the most irritating thing is its actually to small for a IPHONE 6 PLUS
I tried to use it a few times at full extension but you have to force you phone into the holder it should have had at least another couple of centimetres to adjust.
iPhone charger and FM transmitter
I'm really happy with my purchase. I have a 03 BMW 5 series with limited space. This was the answer to my charging and music needs. Good communication after purchase and fast shipping.
Excellent item - nearly faultless
Needed a good FM transmitter/car charger/handsfree device for my new iPhone 6 Plus and this item is excellent! Music transmission through your car radio is great but the voice call quality is superb, better than all other similar devices I've had before (incl Belkin, Gear4,etc). The other great feature which is missing on other devices is that you can leave the device plugged in to your car charger and just switch off the device through its 'on/off' switch. It doesn't have freq. scanning but once you've found an appropriate frequency to tune to, that function is pretty pointless most of the time, so no big loss here. The only small gripe I have is that it can move around slightly when turning corners etc (although the neck stays rigid) but if you can 'lean' it against your dash panel, shouldn't be an issue. It also just about fits the 6+ with a thin case, but other phones shouldn't be a problem. Brilliant, good quality item and definitely worth the money - 5 stars!
great product, great service, good price.
This was a little more expensive than i would normally spend on a car charger, but it keeps everything in one neat piece of kit. bought 2 of these for our company when we upgraded 2 of our phones. cant fault it yet other than the gripping mechanism. the fault is that the grip is very tight when in and so you have to convince yourself that you aren't going to break the phone when you release it (you arent but it can seem a bit disconcerting at first). service and delivery were brilliant, paid for the express delivery and it arrived as planned well packed and was very quick and simple. would definitely recommend mobilefun.co.uk to others.
Great piece of kit
I bought the RoadWarrior so that my sixteen year old niece could listen to her music stored on her iphone. The installation was simple and the sound quality excellent. Result - one happy niece!
Initially very impressed, then...
On opening the box, the Roadwarrier felt well made and sturdy. I put it staight in my vehicle and tested the FM transmittor - it work ed like a dream. Call quality was great and so simple to set up. My main reason for buying was the in-built Lightening connector as I use the SatNav on my phone quite a lot.

All seemed well for the first few days. My phone was held solidly in place even with a protective case. Then after a week I noticed it was not charging. I checked the Roadwarrier to find the Lightening connector had come apart. Will be seeking a replacement.
Good value - could do with a frequency scanner to find dead spots
I used a Belkin device for over 5 years, this is a good replacement but I miss the Belkins ability to scan for dead spots frequency where there are not any stations to cause interference.
Works Great
I actually ended up giving it to my daughter because the power outlet in my car was just too low for me to use this, but it works great.
Works well
Fits well in my old Merc C180 coupe. I bought it so that I could use the Waze sat nav app on my iphone. Hands free works well, charges the phone quickly, music plays through the speakers (whistles a bit at times).
Not the perfect position for a satnav as I have to look down by the gear stick.
Very good value item.
excellent customer service
Received item which was faulty. Emailed seller asking about returns policy. Reply very helpful and problem sorted with no hassle. As for faulty item i can't blame the seller, sometimes these things happen but so impressed with after sale service that I have no problem rating my experience as 5 star. Very impressed and will use this website again in future.
excellent customer service
Received item which was faulty. Emailed seller asking about returns policy. Reply very helpful and problem sorted with no hassle. As for faulty item i can't blame the seller, sometimes these things happen but so impressed with after sale service that I have no problem rating my experience as 5 star. Very impressed and will use this website again in future.
A very useful item
After jumping from iPhone to Android earlier this year, I've constantly been on the hunt for a decent FM Transmitter to play my music in my car. iPhone had many such offerings, there didn't seem to be any sort of selection for Android at all. I then came across this item quite by accident - read about it and decided to take a chance. I'm very well pleased with it - maybe just a couple of minor issues I've noticed with it so far. Whilst it does hold my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it's a little bit of a squeeze to get it into the holder, I'd say that the physical size of the Note 3 would definitely be the top limit for this holder. However, once in place it's very secure. My car has a forward facing power socket, this item would definitely be better suited to an upward facing power socket. Again, the item fits in the power socket, but you have to really bend the goose neck on the item to get the phone in a usable position. Again, this is acheivable with a bit of effort. Apart form those 2 minor issues, I'm well impressed! FM Transmitter works well, handsfree option is very clear - several people have commented on how clear my voice sounds. A great item! Only reason I'm not awarding it 5 stars is because of the 2 issues as mentioned above.
Fantastic device
I am very pleased with the product. I can now either listen to the contents of my iPhone, or tune into internet radio with ease. No need to install an expensive stereo / Bluetooth system. It also charges my phone at the same time.
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