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Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your device wirelessly for an easy charging solution that also includes a functional desk stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38173

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 4.5 stars from 28 customers

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Works perfectly with Nexus 4
Takes up very little space on my desk, charges almost as fast as a wired charger and is not too picky about precise placement which had been a worry before I tried it.

Minor issues to be aware of, although none detract from the product in my opinion:
The phone does get a little warm after a long period of charging, although this happens on a cable as well. The mains cable does stick out of the left side of the dock a little bit, this is not an issue for me but if you are heavily focused on the asthetic you may not like this.
problem solved!
I wanted a desk top charger for my galaxy s3 but mostly all the desk top docking chargers wouldn't allow my galaxy s3 to charge in the cradle while still in its case. and as I have a lifeproof case,removing the phone from the case everytime it needs to be charged seemed pointless. with the qi wireless charging pad/stand all my problems are solved in one go. it accommodates any phone or case and looks smart while sitting on my desk,no more wires for me!!
Induction charging pad
This is a really great product.i use it in conjunction with the battery adaptor (separate purchase). Which fits well in the battery case with a barely discernible bump. I was a little concerned if it would charge through my opened S View case but it works fine. I must say i found the picture in the ad a little misleading. It looks like you get both the charger and the adaptor but obviously not. That apart, really very pleased.
Does what it says
As always with Mobile Fun, my order arrived super fast and contained all the right things.

The charger works with my Samsung Galaxy S4 (although only when upright) and even better it works in spite of being in a Sonivo slim case.

The charger also works with my Nokia Lumia 920 although only when lying flat and in a very specific position. It too works through quite a thick Nokia leather/rubber case.

Overall I'm very pleased with this.
Does exactly what I want
I bought this after reading the reviews , it is just the job . I use it with my nexus 4 and have it beside my bed in the upright position . As I work shifts when I come in no more trying to plug in the charger in the dark trying not to disturb my husband . Just stand it in wait a couple of seconds an away we go. I also have a plastic case on with a rubber back and it still charges through that . While charging I can see the clock but once charged the clock disappears . But I'm not too worried about that . A nice piece of kit . I did try it with the leather cover on but it didn't charge , but I rarely use that cover so not a problem for me. Also no set up required.
Not for phablets
The stand is pretty good, but in stand mode in can charge only my S3 and not my Note2. The alignment area is pretty small and you have to place the mobile just right to start charging.
Not compatible with Droid Maxx
The device came with a EU power adapter so I had to acquire an EU to US adapter. The Customer Service team was very helpful with correcting this issue.

Unfortunately, the new Droid Maxx QI coil is located such that the device must be placed in the stand upside-down (if the phone isn't placed horizontally). This defeats the purpose of the stand for my use. I did find that I if I stick a rare earth magnet to the charger in the correct location the Droid Maxx will switch to car dock mode and rotate the display accordingly. Even so, I don't recommend this for use with the new Motorola Droid Maxx as a QI stand charger. As a flat charger it works well.
Easy wireless option
Nexus4 has a less than solid mini USB connection. This product is the answer-easy to use and nice quality.
Thanks for fast delivery and device works properly, I needed only reduction for AC cable, but I fully satisfied.
Bought this to use with my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Samsung wireless rear case, and it works just great!!
Fully charged from flat in 4 hours,no heat either!
Only critism is the led is a bit pathetic but minor detail. 4.5 Stars really
Handy piece of kit
I started by choosing the Nexus 4 as I liked the idea of the wireless charging. Then I searched for a charger. Without doubt the best sounding and most trustworthy seller was the Qi from Mobilefun! I have the charger on my night stand and, as I start work early, not having to mess with connecting wires is a major bonus! Pick up and go is so much easier when you are half asleep! I have no worries about recommending both the Qi and Mobilefun!
Works OK
Works OK. However, I will not be purchasing this item again because:
1. The range is not as good as other models. It won't charge my Galaxy Note 2 with the (genuine Samsung) protective case. By comparison, my Qi BMCPB wireless charging unit will charge with the protective case on
2. The slot which locates the phone on the unit doesn't work so great with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The curved back of the Note 2 causes it to "rock" if you try to operate the phone while it's on charge.
Perfect for the Nexus 4
Sits on my desk and holds my Nexus 4 at an angle so that I can see daydream notifications. Charges well, easy to line up and no negatives at all. Does the job.
Does what it is supposed to do
So ordered this item as the Nokia equivalent device was much more expensive.
Comes boxed complete with all the necessary cables, for some reason MobileFun included an additional power adapter, not sure why perhaps they thought it contained an EU/US adapter but it's actually a UK one.
It's easy to set up, just plug it in and put the phone on it, message pops up that you have placed the phone in range of a wireless charger.
Little light on the front flashes, it's not very bright but I guess in low light it's much more visible.
Sits on my desk at work and now allows me to see the screen when texts and calls come in and I don't have to keep unplugging it.
I could have had a normal wire dock for the desk but preferred this as can simply pick up the phone without having to drag it out of a dock.
The only thing I would say is that while the phone sits quite happily in the dock it's easy to knock it off the charger but you can't have everything, I'm wondering if they could not have it lightly magnetised to hold the phone in place a little.
I would also say that every now and then the phone pops up with the wireless charging message but I think that's because it reaches fully charged and then drains down a bit and then starts charging again, not really a big deal.
Overall it does exactly what it's supposed to and it's cheaper than the Nokia one.
Wireless charger works perfectly on Nexus 4
I wanted a wireless charger that also allowed easy viewing of the screen. Not much choice out there yet, but this worked perfectly. Just drop on stand and within 1 second it is charging, no placement issues or configuration. Device charges to full then stop charging, if it falls below 90 or 95% (cant remember which), the charger reactivates. It sits beside my bed and there are no annoying beeps overnight. The charger light is not too bright and can be easily covered with tape if necessary. Mine came with two wall wart chargers, not sure why... It is a pity one can't use standard micro USB chargers, but not a big deal.
Solid device with a few things to watch out for
This will not work if your wireless charge capable phone has a think case like the armor cases.

This also ships with the UK charger so you'll need an adapter for aussie sockets

Great use as a desktop dock
good value
i purchase this item for my note 2 and it work pretty well,I am very happy with it. The stand mode is very usefull.
If you are looking for a QI charger not too expensive go for this one.
also Mobilefun is a good compagny to buy stuff,serious and fast
thank you
Good little charger.
I like the fact that this is a stand. My estimate is it will be about 2hrs30 to do a full charge from nothing with the charger, but I use on my desk so tend to just drop on to top-up during the day.
Good angle for bedside if flashing light not a problem
Does the job. The angle makes it ideal for viewing the phone while in bed to read the time or alarm.

The light flashes green while charging then goes steady green when fully charged for a while before going out. This may be distracting if you are trying to sleep though it is not bright enough to pierce my eyelids.

Seems to charge more fully than the Nokia charging plug that came with the phone as the battery stats app displays a putative 100% for a couple of hours before it starts to count down.
Works great with nexus 4
Just make sure you have a slim case. Wouldn't charge with my full leather case on.
Great charger
Really pleased with this charger. Faster than another Qi charger I have and works well with the Nexus 4. Particularly like the fact that it is a stand as well so I can see alerts etc. while charging. Will probably get another one. Excellent service from mobilefun as well, arrived the next day.
Easy to use
My wireless charger arrived this morning.Was posted yesterday and arrived first thing this morning.Quick delivery :)
Put my Nexus4 on the cradle with the attached leather case I keep on it at all times(was a bit worried that I would have to keep removing case to charge)
After about 5 seconds it showed as charging :D
Seems faster than my stock charger took about 1 hour to charge from 45% to 100%
The stand was chosen by me as i can now see the clock function while charging over night

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