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QI Wireless Charging Orb - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This QI Wireless Charging Orb in black provides an elegant yet quirky charging dock for your smartphone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39839

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 3.7 stars from 9 customers

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Have been using it for a while and can recommend it. I haven't gone to any specifics of measuring how long it takes to charge versus a regular wired charger, but it certainly suits my needs. Uses a regular charging cable, which is also useful.

It's a little tricky if you want to use your phone while it's on the charger, but that doesn't really matter as the beauty of wireless charging is you just pick the phone up, do what you need to do, then just put the phone back down without needing to fiddle around with cables.
Simple & effective.
Having just installed a wireless charger in my phone, I am setting up systems to work with it.

This unit is perfect for my desk at work - it's at the right angle to see easily by my laptop, although it is difficult to swipe the fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen when the bottom edge is on, or just above, the desk. However with power going in whilst on the stand, I would just leave the screen on. It's neat and unobtrusive but weighs enough (140g - about as much as a full pot of youghurt) to be very stable. It has a non-slip ring on the top surface to prevent the phone slipping - it works fine, even with my phone's silicon case.

The charger works off both mains and USB output (charger & USB cable supplied, but see below). I checked it charging via USB from my laptop. The phone started at 90% and took ~40mins to reach 100%, i.e. charging at about 1% every 4 mins (I graphed it and it was pretty linear through this range). N.B. I had set the display to stay on throughout; presumably it would have been quicker with the display off, but I wanted to check that the charge power was enough to keep it on AND charging. It was!

It's not the cheapest stand or charger, but it's stylish, unobtrusive, simple and effective.
Brilliant - charges through my case - just make sure you place the phone in the centre & the light turns green. Great value.
Takes a little getting used too.
It works as described, but it's angle can make the phone difficult to use if it's vibrating, it tends to slide off the charger.

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