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Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Google Nexus 7 2013 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Google Nexus 7 2013 wirelessly with this Qi Wireless Charging Dock. No Connector, no hassle, no compromise.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40566
$67.64 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 83 customers

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Great, works first off & we are in heaven :)
Only downside is that this came with a connection/plug that is only suitable for UK powerpoints. However the USB connector works just fine. Also delivery time was 1 week which is just amazing!! Well Done
Fantastic - Totally Worthwhile Purchase
This little beauty saved us from binning my son's nexus tablet, as no wire we purchased seemed to make a difference to getting the darned thing to charge. The connection port was totally goosed. Was really sceptical that it would work as well as it did, but am happy to report that the tablet now charges perfectly through bluetooth and although it takes a while to reach full battery we have no complaints what-so-ever!
Worked great
I have 3 Nexus 7 (2013) and two were no longer able to charge with the normal cord. I looked into replacing the plug but the part was $60 and I would need to solder. For $40 I got the wireless charger and it works GREAT. Charges in about 3 hours and you can use it while on the charger.
Works really well. My nexus wasn't getting charged with different chargers and this wireless charger is just awesome!
Great item
Ordered this charger at teatime and delivered 9am next day. Bought it as our nexus 7's charging points were not charging properly. Plugged it in and worked straight away. Brilliant!! Can't recommend it enough. Until i read a forum hadn't realised nexus could be charged wirelessly.
One less irrate husband!!!!
Solved an annoying problem with charging connection with nexus 7. Ordered at 5pm teatime and received at 9am next day. Fantastic service!!! Plugged straight in and worked. We both have nexus 7 tablets and were beginning to wonder for how much longer but problem solved thank goodness. One less irrate husband!!!! Thank you so much.
reliable Nexus 7 (2013) charger
This product has given new life to my Google Nexus 7. Whilst the Nexus 7 is a great tablet in many respects, it has a very significant problem. The charging socket is flimsy and the tablet frequently just refuses to accept a charge. I had given up on it and tried the Qi dock as a last resort. It works! The tablet charges quickly and reliably and this product has rescued my Nexus 7 from the dustbin. It is neat, although a little bit bulky for travelling. The price from Mobilefun was good and the delivery was very fast.
works great
The charging port of my wife's Nexus 7 was too loose to make a connection for charging. Using this Qi-type charger takes care of problem. She does not even have to remove the cover of the tablet. She just lays it against the tray, without the tablet actually descending into the lower slot, and the wifi charge still works! This model shows a blinking light while charging, otherwise a steady light if it's simply plugged in. It makes no noise while charging. We're very happy with it.
Fantastic gadget!
My daughter has a google nexus 7 2013 tablet. Recently it stopped charging properly (i.e. extremely slowly) and then last week it stopped charging all together (I think the problem was the charger port on the bottom of the tablet because no charger would work with it & the connection was extremely loose). I read online that most nexus 7s eventually have this problem. I was delighted to find this wireless charger and I have to say it works perfectly (to my relief!). I ordered it on 12th and it arrived today 18th to Ireland. I would definitely recommend it. My daughter is also delighted - having been without a tablet for over a week!!! It also looks very nice on her desk and holds the tablet securely. It was nicely packaged and I was very pleased with mobilefun - as this was the first time I have used them.
So happy with ,my wireless charger. So worth the $$ highly recommend it!!
Money saved!!
The charging port on my nexus 7 failed and I was despondent - how could I live without my connection to the world of celebrity and you tube cats? (Even more annoying is that this appears to be a very common fault and is no doubt a manufacturing defect which really should be rectified by Google - but I digress). I was tempted to buy a new tablet but the thought of living on beans on toast for a couple of months put me right off that idea. I've bought a couple of things from mobile fun so I checked out their website and after reading reviews decided on purchasing this charger. What a good decision. It's a brilliant piece of kit - just place the tablet in the stand and the sweet spot for charging is right there. It charges fast, and it charges fully which I don't really remember the cable charger doing. The charger can be used as a stand when watching movies or TV or even the cats on you tube. I'm absolutely delighted with this product and definitely recommend it.
Works great, delighted with it
My Google Nexus 7 stopped charging after 2 years. I searched the web and found that this dock was the only thing available other than getting a new Nexus to help the problem. I have had the dock a week and it works great. I would recommend it for people with charging issues. It can also be used as a stand for your Nexus if watching films etc.
Best Buy save wasting money on wired charger
After buying several wired chargers that seem to break easily I decided to give wireless charger a try. No regrets whatsoever not only does it charge well with no effort it's still possible to charge and watch films etc on tablet very useful stand meaning you don't have to even handle the device
Fantastic. Also works for Lumia.
New lease of life on my Nexus 7 now that it has a great stand to sit. I can play music from it and see the album covers, and email notifications, now that it sits vertically. I was also tired of constantly reconnecting the USB to charge but now I never even think about charging. Also charges my Lumia mobile phone!
Happy user
I'm another frustrated Nexus 7 user. The charging port on the device no longer accepts the conventional charger. I needed to find something else and after considerable research decided to try the Qi wireless charging dock. The only frustration I experience is having to remove the device from its cover in order to fit it into the dock. I haven't used the charger many times yet but so far am very satisfied with the product. Simple to use, can still use the tablet in landscape whilst charging and it doesn't appear to get too hot as some people have suggested it might. Ideally suited to my Nexus 7 second generation tablet. Obviously not as transportable as the original charger, but, nevertheless, it does the job. I'm happy and that's important to me.
Amazing charger to get round problem with faulty charging port on Google nexus
This is a brilliant piece of Kit where you can just lie your Google Nexus tablet on its side in the slot and it charges beautifully without all the problem with the connection port and trying to get the charging wire to fit at the right angle. My son's Nexus would not charge and having looked up solutions on the internet re getting a new port put in etc etc I found this solution! It works a treat and avoids all the fuss just charges wirelessly - My son is so pleased - Just the problem of how to reduce his viewing hours again now!!
I am thrilled to bits
It arrived the next day. I am thrilled to bits with it as I was about to throw my tablet out of the window because I couldn't get it to charge. Thank you Mobilfun
Great Product
The product works great, was very affordable and shipped super fast!! Would definitely recommend
This dock is fantastic!
I was absolutely amazed at the next day delivery. The dock is fantastic, I thought I would have to buy another Nexus tablet. What does surprise me is that Nexus do not know about them, neither does an other retailer. Thank you so much Mobile Fun.
Great charger and vendor
Really like this charger... It's a good alternative to a micro USB charger. I love my Nexus 7, but the USB connector went out on it (apparently a problem that occurs a lot). I didn't have a way to charge it. Luckily I found this online and it works perfectly. The price was reasonable and the vendor was very quick in sending it out. I appreciated the service.
I am really delighted and can't thank you enough
I was very pleased to receive my charging dock the next day.Even more pleased that it worked an that I didn't have to discard my Nexus 7 tablet. I am really delighted and can't thank you enough.
Fantastic- eliminates teenage strops as well as charging!
This has been a Godsend. It seems to be a design fault with the nexus charger that it was temperamental and not very good at its job. However this is brilliant and what's even better is its stopped teenage tantrums in our house! Well as far as charging the tablet goes anyway.Also arrived the next day and excellent packaging.
I'm a big nexus 7 fan and when my charging port on it quit working a couple months ago I was upset that the only solution was was to change out the port. Then it dawned on me about the qi charging it came with and this was the main product that came up. I bought it before I even read the reviews. I got it in 2 days and it works perfectly. I have yet to here a sound from it so I don't know what people are talking about when they say it keeps beeping. The flashing isn't really an annoyance, no more than your phone or tablets notification lights. So definitely no need for removing a star for that. I also usually keep it in landscape mode so it not charging in portrait isn't a big deal. This thing is a life saver...
Good product, not quite big enough to charge in a case and it would've been nice if they made it a touch longer so it could charge portrait.
All round it does what you need it to do quickly and easily
Excellent Service and Quality
This Wireless charging device arrived the day after I had placed the order and has fully met my expectations both in performance and user friendliness. If you own a Nexus 7 then I can highly recommend getting this wireless charger, so much better than the standard USB charging method.
Perfect Solution
The charging port on my Nexus 7 broke, this is a perfect substitute to fix the problem. Charges right away. Takes a bit longer to charge than with a cord but that is to be expected.
Good and reliable shipping, got the charger within the time specified.
Recommend :)
Does the job
Purchased this charger for my Nexus 2013 and it works great. No need to depend on cords that you have to plug and unplug often.
Very handy
Does exactly what the blurb says it will. It looks good and it looks well made. If I could change one thing, I would add charging in portrait mode. Mobile fun service are up to their usual excellent levels of service, so overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase.
wireless charger for google nexus
My 2013 Google Nexus stopped charging. I went to computer repair store. I was told this was a common fault. The advice I was given was to get a wireless charger. I chose this one. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It works perfectly. I ordered it from Mobile Fun and received it the next day. Fabulous purchase from a professional company.
Beautiful package and it works perfectly. The only problem I had was the plug but luckily it was a USB and I could fix that right away. It took awhile to charge but that could only be that my tablet has been dead for so long. It is nice to finally be able to use my tablet again. This product works perfectly and is a must get. Keep up the good work Mobile Fun :D

>Works perfectly
>Came early
>Charges fast
>The Foreign plug but I fixed that problem right away

Rate 9.5/10
Would have been perfect except for a minor mistake
The charger is perfect as was price and shipping.

Mobile Fun USA included an AC adapter with UK rather than US prongs. I have other AC adapters to use with it but the original has a higher wattage which would speed up charging.
I bought this charger to place my Nexus 7 on my night table. It works great to charge the tablet and make the tablet easy to access. I use it as my high tech clock radio by night, tablet by day. Note this charger does not work with the after market tablet cover I purchased, but it is easy to pop it out so not a big deal.
Doesn't charge in portrait orientation
For some reason, I thought I had seen that this KiDiGi charger would charge the Nexus 7 in portrait orientation. It does not. It works great in landscape mode, but I was really wanting something that would hold the tablet upright on my desk.
Straight out of the box, plug it in, stick nexus 7 (2013) on it and away she goes! Perfect - does all it should. Delivery was quick, service first class and product is perfect. Highly recommended.
Really nice but adapter issue
Very nice, very simple product. Looks very nice. Plug a powered microusb cable (included) in back and you have a wireless charging dock that firmly and easily holds your Nexus 7 in place. I have mine on bedside table. I did put a piece of tape over the LED standby/charging light.

Only issue is that the AC adapter that comes with it is for UK and I didn't notice that at a bottom of description. This is a 2 amp adapter. If you use the one from google, you only have a 1.2 amp so takes longer to charge. If you don't have a 2 amp, mobilefun has a UK to US adapter for $4 (see bottom of item description)
Convenient dock
Kidigi's device adds a whole lot of class to the otherwise boring task of charging the tablet. Especially, when I'm going to bed, plugging in a charger can be somewhat irritating. Nexus 7 also has an inverted micro USB port, so it is even more irritating... LoL!
I love the angle of the dock and the dual modes - portrait and landscape that are on offer.
I also think it will be a great way to cast my screen or use my bluetooth keyboard with. Too bad it is not usable with Nexus 5.
Great addition!
This wireless charger is a fab item to add to your home cache of gadgetry! Really easy to use. Set up once and leave in an easily accessible corner. Pop your tablet in overnight and voila! good to go for another couple of days!
Love it.
MobileFun - great seller. Easy to deal with and very attentive customer service.
Very Good
Just what the doctor ordered. I love it. Works a treat.
A life saver!
I was just about to throw my much loved Nexus 7 in the bin - it wouldn't charge - or turn on. This seems to be a known problem which,for some reason, hasn't been resolved. After a bit of Googling I realised the latest model has the capability for wire-less charging.I ordered this charging dock hoping it would solve my problem. It came the next day - great service - and as soon as I placed my tablet on the dock it started charging. It also acts as a stand which is great for watching movies and when using as an alarm clock. I'm really pleased - so much so that I've bought another one for my son.
Did what it said on the box. wish i had known about this product sooner as i nearly had to think about a new nexus. it charges slower than with the lead but it does charge fully
Works great, I love it!
Recharge Convenience
The Qi Wireless Charging Dock is highly convenient to use. Just drop the tablet into the groove and it rests there securely.

This model does not emit any sound signals on starting the charge. It does have a white led light which some may find inconvenient but it is easy to mask it from view.

The device carries the Qi certification which is important if you wish to avoid dangerous overheating and other effects.
It's exactly what you think it is.
The product works just as you'd probably anticipate. If you dock the Nexus 7 in landscape mode, it charges seemingly as fast as if plugged in. It makes for a nice little dock on a bedside table for sure. I feel like I got my money's worth.

I have two small grips about this product. First, I never could get it to charge right while leaving it in portrait mode (the product pictures suggest this works). This is not a huge deal to me. Second, that blinking notification light is way, way too bright. I've since covered it up, but it's quite annoying.

Overall, I recommend this product, and wouldn't trade it for any other Nexus dock that I've seen yet.
A great buy for cable free charging
After having problems with traditional wired charging of my tablet the wireless charging device has been a revelation.

Just leave it on charge overnight and I have a days worth of operation from the fully charged battery and the docking device provides a handy and convenient place to store my tablet when not in use.

There's also no longer any problems with the adapter and USB charge cable not powering up the device overnight due to a loose connection.
Qi charger
Good for my needs
This is a must have charger
OMG Why have I not known about this charger before now, my daughter's charger broke and after many purchases from other stores and returns of chargers that either didn't work or simply weren't suitable I discovered MobileFun.co.uk and this fantastic charger. Not only is this wireless charger fast, efficient, stylish and exactly what I needed it also prevents teenage tantrums which is a very welcome added bonus. This charger has changed my life, I have inner peace again LOL basically because my daughter's tablet in back in action. Worth every penny. She also uses it as a stand when she's not charging, so it's a two in one product. I'd definitely recommend this charger.
Just the job
Awesome charger.
-Simple qi dock, just plug in the cable, then pop your nexus 7 on it and away it charges. Light blinks when charging and then goes solid when it's fully charged.
-Sits comfortably in the stand, easy to put in without much fiddling about.
-Looks simple, compact and stylish.

-Only real downside is that this does not work or fit with any cases on (KIDIGI do sell a model which works with the official android case but this isn't offered here).

Extra note:
I haven't had the issue which other reviewers have complained about saying that it constantly beeped when fully charged, for me the light has just gone solid.
nexus 7 desk top charger
very happy with product, promptness of delivery and price. Am thinking of upgrading mobile phone will look to buying some accessories from you.
It is great to charge, but it is limited in usage
It's great for charging in Landscape, but not portrait as in the item listing. It also struggles to charge if you have a cover on the tablet as well. It still charges, but it charges slower.
So close...
The only one of it's type that turns the Nexus 7 into the perfect night stand. However that bl*$*y beep... I don't mind it going off at the start, but once the device is fully charged it will go off again, and again, and again... a shocking design fault. I'm considering buying a soldering iron just to remove the beeper.
Quick delivery and product works well.
Looks good, but doesn't work perfectly
Dock appears good quality and holds the Nexus well in upright or landscape position. Wireless charging works in landscape mode. Problem is that after the battery is full, and Nexus 7 is operating in daydream mode, it shuts down - possibly as a result of overheating. Works fine if charging lead plugged in normally.
Completely solved the problem
We had a problem with intermittent charging with the lead and mini usb connector not making perfect contact - maybe a broken lead or connector, who knows. We purchased the Charging Dock to overcome this problem and it works perfectly. It fully recharges the Nexus 7 battery from flat overnight and probably a lot quicker than that. Highly recommended.
Nexus 7 2013 Wireless charging station
Product as advertised with some shortcomings:
1. The Blinking lamp is annoying and provides no useful information
2. The Beep is annoying and provides no useful information to the user.
3. Failure to charge at sitting up in the cradle is a drawback Charger should be able to charge both Horizontal and Vertical not just Horizontal.
4. Cost is very high (about 1/3 the cost of the tablet) for an accessory.
Still recommend if you need wireless charging feature.
Works well but with a few oversights
They're well made and work brilliantly if you're using the tablet in landscape, and whilst wireless charging is a lot slower than charging via USB, it's about as convenient as it gets. It's great to have my N7 charged up and easily accessible whilst I'm working. The packaging is quite nice which adds something to it.

There are a couple of oversights though. The first one is a minor annoyance, which is that the power light blinks whilst the device is charging. This is irritating, and I don't really need an indicator that the Nexus is charging - it'll make a loud noise when it docks anyway.

The second one is that whilst I can understand why the dock won't charge the tablet in portrait, it doesn't actually sit straight unless it's upside down. The USB port at the bottom gets in the way, and the tablet can rock from side to side as it's not quite flush enough to sit in the groove. This could easily be solved with a small cutout for the USB port, and would make a bit more sense. It's just a bit silly to have to turn the tablet upside down to dock in portrait.

Still, the Kidigi dock is the best option for wireless charging if you want to save some desk space or have the N7 at a readable angle whilst charging. I'd definitely recommend it.
A good and convenient device
The wireless charging dock is indeed a useful companion of my Nexus 7. It allows wireless charging with the tablet resting on the cradle, and working on the tablet at the same time.
Does the job
The QI dock fits the nexus 7 2013 edition perfectly. Good for using daydream and an ideal position for watching movies in bed whilst its on the bedside table. The downside is the annoying light in the middle of the dock that flashes when charging - I've had to place a piece of tape over it. Also,it appears well made but the dock feels cheap and hollow to the touch.
Excellant Companion
The Qi Wireless Charging Dock is a great convenience charger that holds my Nexus in a convenient position in its case, Well made with a feeling of quality construction. As others have mentioned the charge indicator white light is too bright for night time, nothing a bit of insulating tape won't sort. Don't let this put you off this must have product. I have not experienced any audible charged tones from the charger purchased Dec 2013. All in all I am extremally pleased with my purchase that I am happy to highley recomend.
makes life easy
Nexus 7 2013 so much easier to use off & on when it is charging at rest. Like that it beeps when set to charge. Wish it also charged in portrait mode, but the it would also be taller & maybe more costly, so really I'd give 4.5 stars if I could. Expect this will pay for itself in extending the life of the micro USB port, giving it a rest.
Great dock&charger
I use this dock with my Nexus 7 2013 and it is really great. I don't mind the beep sound when it starts the charge and I find it very hitech. Very well built and the design is perfect. :)
Great Product!
This is a great product i only have a few problems with it.
1st it came with a European Plug-in. lucky i had an extra usa plug-in laying around for it.
2nd the beep that the dock makes is a bit loud but not as loud as some described. its nothing that would make your ears hurt as some reviewers have stated, its a very nice level of sound but a bit less or a switch on the back to turn it off would be great!
the answer to my woes
Got a nexus 7? Check. Loving it and can't live without it? Check. Spending hours bending the usb lead into weird shapes so that it'll take a charge? Check. This gadget takes away that pain. Plonk it on top and it starts charging away merrily. Also a nice stand for watching films/TV. Makes an annoying beep when it starts charging - at least it does to my sleeping girlfriend. To me, it just means all is going to be well with my current "must have" gadget come the start of the next day. Also, mobile fun got it to me next day, no probs. Thx guys!
Great wireless charger AFTER a couple of mods
I was excited to get the wireless charger for my Nexus 7 (2013) tablet. I was less excited to find out that the unit beeps every time you put the tablet on the charger. It is not possible to turn off and it is not a setting on the tablet itself. Also, the light on the front is very bright. I use the charger in my bedroom on my nightstand so it was WAY too bright.

I was about to return the unit, but I found that the base could be unscrewed. I found a single circuit board. I pulled out my soldering iron and removed the beeper and disconnected the wiring to the light. Screwed back on the base and suddenly I had a perfect wireless charger instead of a horrible one. Took 15 minutes.

Don't buy this unit unless you are willing to pull it apart and make those changes.
nexus wireless charger
Great device. Would recommend to anyone. Will by another for other areas. Wish I could turn the sound and led off.
Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Google Nexus 7 2013.
I have had the charging dock for my Nexus 7 for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with it. The dock is also very useful as a stand when listening to music or watching a TV clip.
The only slight quibble I have is the beep it emits, intermittemtly, when charging. If it was totally silent, when charging, I would have given it 5 stars
Works as expected
Hold the new Nexus 7 2013 perfectly in the cradle in landscape orientation which is what I needed, while charging using wireless Qi.

Only tow minor issues, was that I ordered via the Canadian site and got a UK plug, not a major issue since I'm using the plug that came with the Nexus 7. Second issue is there is a beep on every docking and light flashing when charging that you can't disable. I would have liked a silent and dark mode.
Almost Perfect
I bought the KiDiGi charging dock for my Nexus 7 (2013) so that I can leave it running (with DayDream) for instant use. It does exactly what I wanted. The Nexus will return to the last-used activity as soon as I touch the screen and I can either use it on the dock or pick it up.

The wireless charging works very well but only when the Nexus is placed on the dock in landscape format.

There are only two things that spoil an otherwise perfect device: It makes a very loud beep when you place the Nexus on it and it has an annoying flashing white light to show that it is charging.

Despite these imperfections, I am happy with the look and functionality of this device.
Very good.
It is a very good Qi Wireless Charging Dock.
It is necessary to use with the supplied PSU Google Nexus 7 2013.
Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Google Nexus 7 2013
Great product at a good price, easy to use, works well.
Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Google Nexus 7 2013
I am pleased with the device at a good price. It was delayed for some time but mobilefun kept me informed and did not charge until shipped.

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