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Qi Internal Wireless Charging Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enable wireless charging for your Samsung Galaxy S4 without replacing your back cover or case with this Qi Internal Wireless Charging Adapter.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39518
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 26 customers

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eash chrger
The internal adapter to wirelessly charge my phone works great and does not cause the original case to bulge as one other review says. Would recommend this or the full charger back piece from this company.
Works great, fits better than I thought
Product is great fits under stock back cover with little bulge and no gaps around edge. Charges almost as fast as with cable and is much more convenient. If you get it spring for expedited shipping though. I had thought Pony Express was used but found it came from Great Britain and probably was the Mayflower.
It worked 1 time. Then nothing.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can see what the problem is.
I was hoping that this would work and be awesome but I was shutdown. I installed it and placed on the pad to see the light come on then immediately turn off. I tried replacing it multiple times and it was not working. I thought that it might be the pad but I went to a store that had one working on the display and still nothing. So I am disappointed to say the least.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can see what the problem is and issue a replacement if needed.
Brilliant wireless charging
I had no idea that my S4 could do this by adding this accessory. My work phone already has wireless charging and I have a station on my desk.

So simple to install had I have known that I could have done that I would have fitted one years ago.
This is a great device
This is a great device works immediately on the Galaxy s6 and with an internal charger pad bought separately with my old s4 which I use as a mi-fi unit. Was supplied promptly in good packing, well pleased.
Works Well
It's a good piece. It charges well with my Nookia wireless charger that I bought to use with My Nokia Lumia 930.
The only Cons that I had was to put it above the battery. I expect that the wireless charger adapter fixes firmly in two contacts upper left of phone, but it don0t stay here. I had to put the flipcover with screen faced down and then when the door is closed it stays in place and charges very well.
Works great
Fits really tight and at first felt like the back was bulging and ready to pop off but it stayed put and works like a charm. No complaints.
Actually works
I have tried other Qi wireless chargers, but this is the only one that works! It is a little thicker than other one's I have tired, which is mostly what I was after (aside from functionality of course), so there is a noticeable bump in the case with this unit installed. I am thinking of doing some modifications to this such that it will be thinner and not produce as large of a bump.
works flawlessly
I have tried another insert but it broke after a couple of weeks so bought this one under recommendations. it works really well with both my qi chargers.
I read a lot about different wireless plug in for the s4 and this one is faultless!

Original cover fits fine, and even with the super thick element case it still has a good 5 odd mm of distance and charges brilliantly! Using it with a Nokia 900 wireless charger and works flawlesslesy. No heating up, doesn't even get warm actually! And stays charging with none of the constant pinging noise of cycling on off when it hits full charge.

Don't risk going for cheaper ones that don't fit and have issues... This is cheap as chips and works brilliantly!

Time to craft some cunningly hidden wireless charging furniture now!
Exactly what it says on the tin
The adapter itself is great, easy to fit, although it is quite snug when you put the phone's back cover back on. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact I hadn't realised that you didn't get a charging plate with it. After looking for a charging plate on its own, I realised you can get the full kit for not much more than the adapter itself, I could have saved myself a bit of money if I had looked elsewhere first. I now have the charging plate and it works great, although it does get the phone a little on the toasty side, so if you lift it from the plate to make a call, don't be surprised if your ear gets a little warm.
Excellent Product
Amazing next day delivery and fits my Galaxy S4 perfectly using the original cover. Works with my Nokia 920 charging base even though I use a leather case. I love wireless charging and pop my phone on it overnight - see it as a great accessory.

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