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PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Paper Plane for iOS and Android - Twin Pack

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Take to the skies with this ingenious app-controlled paper airplane, complete with rechargeable motor and rudder. Aerobatic greatness and unlimited fun awaits with this twin pack, allowing you to 'dog fight' with friends or even build a twin engine plane.

  • "'s the dingo's kidneys...recommended."
  • "Paper fun"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

James O'Neil
Wallington and Orlando
Galaxy J5
20th January 2017's the dingo's kidneys...recommended.
A bit cautious before buying..items arrived on time and well packaged. However, flying a remote-controlled PAPER 'plane is just brilliant! Need to sort my manual dexterity...never was much good at such t things, even Jumping Flea. Totally recommended. Regards, James

Hugh Webber
PowerUp 3.0
11th November 2016
Paper fun
Made paper airoplanes as a kid and thought this would be fun. Queried wheteher it would work with my tablet and they are right, it does. Makes others flying standard indoor models look on in amazement that this can fly. Great fun trimming and flying.

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Why Buy?

  • Up, up and away!
  • Twin pack for twice the fun
  • The only limit is your imagination
  • Recharge your motor's battery via USB cable
  • Works on iOS and Android


PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane for iOS and Android

Twin pack for extra value and convenience

This pack features not one, but two of these fabulously popular and effective PowerUp App controlled paper planes. You can't have enough of them, so why not buy two at the same time, have twice the fun and save money too? The twin pack makes it perfect to 'dog fight' with friends, fly one while the other charges or even build a twin engine plane!

Up, up and away!

Look, up there. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, yes - it is a plane. A paper airplane in fact, and it's yours to command via your smartphone or tablet. This ingenious aerobatic marvel is the ultimate evolution of what started every aeronautical engineering genius on their path - the paper airplane! Did you ever make them when you were little? Maybe you still do? Tweaking away to get an extra few feet out of that monster glide. Well this one will glide, climb, turn and dive at your command. Just download the app, power up the motor, assemble your airplane, and get to it, pilot!

PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane for iOS and Android

The only limit is your imagination

The world is your oyster and the sky your playground. The only limit is your imagination. There are several designs included in the box and plenty more available online. But you can also experiment and tweak to your hearts content. Find an open space and have at it. Why not get a friend or family member involved too while you're at it for aerobatic displays and mock dogfights? The more the merrier. There is suitable paper in the box but most stiff lightweight card will suffice. And if you happen to crash, no problem. All the materials involved are designed to take the punishment of frequent trips to terra firma. Dust it off, and reach for the sky again and again.

Recharge your motor's battery via USB cable

When your battery is running low, bring the old kite down and plug her in. It couldn't be simpler. The included charging cable can be plugged into a PC, laptop or mains charger. Or if you're out and about, you could use a power bank or portable charger. Please search for our power banks and portable chargers if this is of interest to you.

PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane for iOS and Android    PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane for iOS and Android


Works on iOS and Android

Connects to iOS (iPhone 4S or later) or Android devices (4.3 or later). These are basic requirements, optimisation and results may vary. The app is very intuitive and comprehensive allowing full control. It will take some practice before you're an ace, but that's all part of the fun, right? Here's an example of what you can do:

PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane for iOS and Android

Not suitable for children under 14 years

While this is a fantastic and unique toy for the big kids, its really not suitable for those under 14. Adult supervision is recommended at all times.

What's In the Box?

  • 2 x PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module
  • 2 x Mounting display and storage box
  • 2 x Micro USB cable for charging
  • 2 x Spare rudder
  • 2 x Spare propeller
  • 4 x Invader templates (for beginner pilots)
  • 4 x Nakamura templates (for advanced pilots)
  • 2 x Dupont® waterproof template
  • PowerUp 3.0 Guide

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