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PowerSkin Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5S / 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep working, keep playing, keep moving with the 1500mAh PowerSkin extended battery case for the iPhone 5S / 5
  • Mobile Fun ID 37754
$67.65 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 8 customers

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Only charging 10%
Ive had the case for 3 days now and its a nice fit, not too heavy but when ive come to charge my phone with the case it only charges approx 10%, the lights on the back still have 4 blue lights, ive even tried charging the case again and trying today but it only charged the phone from 90% to 98%. im going to continue to try the case before i get in touch with Mobile Fun. hope it works!
A Wonderful Product
It has been such a pain healer till now !
Hope, it would continue that way !
Amazing!! Can use phone all day long on one charge!!
Powerskin for iPhone 5 is an amazing product, fits iPhone 5 perfectly without adding bulk or any noticeable extra weight. But the main reason for buying this case is the extended battery life throughout one day and using the iPhone with this case you will not be dissapointed!! I recently upgraded to unlimited Internet package with my network and in the first week I used 3G constantly and my phone only lasted till 7pm before the battery drained. Now using my iphone with the powerskin case, take today for example, I unplugged charger about 10am and now it's 8:20pm and I've still got 86% of my battery left to use. And I've been on 3G for most of the day surfing and youtubing.

The way the battery case works is it uses the battery on the case first then once that's run down it starts using your iPhones own battery. The other great thing about this case is you can charge the phone and case at same time with one cable. Basically leave the phone in the case and use the supplied cable fitted into your apple plug and charge them both at same time. Had this case for a week now and I never have to worry about when to use my phone in case I waste battery. I think in total it adds almost 60-70% extra battery life for the day. Overall totally recommended product.
Great product, Delivered on time in good condition
Great product. A little thick but very premium feel. Was delivered from UK to India in less than 10 days. Good price on this website. Excellent service.
Will definitely increase the bulk of your super slim iphone5 but very useful for travellers who may not be able to charge the phone all the time and can easily get 2 days of charge or more
Excellent case for getting more time from the fantastic iPhone 5 before re charging. Great shape for a reassuring grip when using as a camera but still a sleek package. Impact protection seems immense
So far so good working well
Had the powerskin for iPhone 5 a few weeks now and working well, only little thing bit annoying is having to hold button for three seconds to turn on and off the powerskin.Sometimes i have to have few attempts to turn the powerskin off after charging as the button so small and holding for three seconds does not always seem to work,there is no problem turning case on though.

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