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Power Support Crystal Film Set - iPhone 5S / 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Power Support’s revolutionary crystal film is what every iPhone 5S / 5 needs to be equipped with.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36254
$23.34 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 19 customers

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Quality as always
One word "Perfect" seems a little pricey,but you honestly get what you pay for. Perfect fit,brilliant quality and def no bubbles I've used power support for years on different phones and will not but any other brand. Top marks and 5 stars
Perfect quality as always
Having used these protectors for years, this purchase again cemented my belief in the quality and ease of fit of these films. They are incredibly forgiving to fit and last ages with no bubbles or dust thanks to the dust removal sticker.

Would recommend them every time.
Best screen protectors by far
I have used many makes of screen protectors on many gadgets over the years and the Power Support range are the best I have used by a long way. They are slightly thicker and smoother than cheaper protectors which means that they last longer and I have found it easier to get a good application with these than with the cheaper versions. I find that it is really easy to get air bubbles under the thinner protectors and then you can't easily fix that without creasing the protector and making it worse. The Power Support protectors are strong enough that you can lift them and re-apply to remove air bubbles. I go for them every time!!!
easy application
fitted within seconds. crystal clear and does the job. the best you can get...don't waste your time on cheap imitations!
Great screen protectors
Have used these since having an iPhone 4(which still looks perfect)great screen protectors,easy to put on,no bubbles and they stay there.you get what you pay for.usual excellent service from mobile fun.
Good product with niggling flaws..
The product on the whole works really well. It fits perfectly with the 5S fingerprint scanner so no problems there. The 2 minor flaws are the fact the instructions are in Japanese (as mentioned in description) and that there seems to be 2 extra holes cut out where the front facing camera is. Otherwise, it seems to be protecting my screen just fine!
Excellent quality screen protector
Bought these previously for my iPhone 4s and have been extremely impressed with the quality of the fit, durability and clarity. Bought the same protectors again for my new 5S and once again I am delighted. They fit easily, are beautifully clear and provide unobtrusive protection to the screen.
Good purchase
I always find these things tricky to put on but I watched a video and tried it myself. Although they are expensive, they have a fantastic feel under your fingers. I do have a couple of dust bubbles but I don't think you can see them. I didn't think it was bad enough that I needed to try it again with the 2nd one so I still have that as a spare. Having bought a cheap one in the past, I would really recommend buying an expensive one. You can tell the difference. THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE - WATCH A VIDEO FOR TIPS.
Very disappointed :(
Usually I have no complaints but for an expensive product this shouldn't have contained Japanese instructions on how to apply. Fortunately it contains two in the pack, as I had ruined one in the 1st attempt. once I had applied the 2nd perfectly it is like all the other reviews state....quality
best screen protector possible
SO easy to apply: duster/cloth, sticky film to remove any possible extra 'fluff', then beautiful to place.
As it says: crystal clear and perfectly smooth: feels like the glass screen itself, with perfect optical clarity. You also get two in the pack.
Have tried other protectors: nothing comes close.
Best available
I used PWS anti-glare on an iPhone4 and it was still pristine 2 years later (including pulling the screen off a water-damaged phone,washing it, and using it on the replacement. This time, I opted for the Crystal, and it is just as good and virtually undetectable. Despite the Chinese instructions, it is easy to apply intuitively (tip - put it on in a steamy bathroom to avoid trapped dust)
Power support for iPhone 5
Don't waste your time with any other cheap film protection. This is the only one your'll ever need. had one on my iPhone 4 which is still on it and looks like it did the first time I put it on these are simply the best screen protectors out there they don't bubble and stay put they can't be seen and do not effect the screen quality at all. Slapped a new one on my iPhone 5 and fitted like a dream with no bubbles they give you 2 aswell but I'm assuming that's If you scratch one up but my last one never did. Enjoy
Had these for my iPhone 4 and now iPhone 5
Tad expensive,but best,you wouldn't know it was there.
(No air bubbles)
Brilliant just Brilliant
I reluctantly bought a Power Support film set for my iPhone 4S due to the cost,but it was simple to fit and was just brilliant.The time and money you waste on cheaper products soon adds up due to replacing them time and time again due to poor quality.With the Power support film set its a one time purchase .So I then bought a set for my iPad and again simple to fit and just brilliant,So I now have received a set for my new iPhone 5.Well worth the money
Simply the best!
I had a Power Support Crystal Film screen protector on my old iPhone 4 for more than a year and it didn't peel or scratch in that time. When I took it off to sell when I replaced it, the screen underneath was perfect, just like new, so when I upgraded to the iPhone 5, there was only one screen protector I was interested in getting - the Power Support Crystal Film.

The version sold by MobileFun.co.uk is the Japanese rather than US version, so the packaging and fitting instructions are all in Japanese, but the instruction diagrams are quite clear, and there are plenty of demonstrations if you search YouTube, so it's easy to fit, even if you don't know your "Oshiri" from your "Hiji"! (try translating the words at http://www.animelab.com/anime.manga/translate)!

The best things about this product are that it's easy to apply - if you do get a bit of dust trapped underneath you can remove it by slightly peeling back one edge (use a rolled up piece of Sellotape to lift it and then another to dab away the dust), and you can even remove it and have another go if it's not quite straight. Once fitted perfectly, it looks like glass, so you really wouldn't know there's a screen protector fitted to your lovely new iPhone. As I said at the start, I can vouch for its longevity as I've tried other cheaper screen protectors and they're nowhere near as tough or resistant to scratching. On my old iPhone, it really did look just like new after a year, and I just chuck my phone in the same jeans pocket as my keys and coins, so it's really quite remarkable how good it is at protecting the iPhone screen.

Overall, a fantastic product, well worth the extra money over cheaper, inferior screen protectors.
Perfect fit and easy to apply without any bubbles.

My previous screen protector from Power Support has lasted over two years on my iPhone4 and is still going strong.

A great product.

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